Pythagorean Numerology: The Ancient Science of Number Meanings

The modern way of analyzing shapes, analyzing, and calculating various equations can all be traced back to Pythagoras. He was the originator of many significant theorems still used today.

The most notable theorem is the Pythagorean Theorem which is used exclusively for right-angled triangles. This theorem is used today in architecture, woodworking, and other construction-related projects.

Pythagorean Numerology dictates that there is a divine relationship between numbers and events. Pythagoras designated numbers 1 to 9 in a sequence similar to the alphabet’s use of letters A to Z.

Pythagorean Numerology is an exciting way to learn about the world around you and the role you play. Pythagoras was able to predict natural events through his understanding of numbers.

His belief system was taught to his students, and he expanded the function of a number and its various qualities. They expressed both positive and negative qualities of numbers. There are fascinating elements of his Numerology that are still applicable today.

Who was Pythagoras?

Pythagoras was an astrologer, numerologist, musician, and spiritually enlightened guru from ancient Greece. Pythagoras was a scholar and philosopher who believed in the link between numbers and letters. His favorite form of research was learning about a person by calculating the Numerology of their name.

Pythagoras believed every letter could correspond with a number, which reveals a psychological trait of the person. He also taught his students the hidden qualities behind numbers, directly or indirectly expressed. How each number can have many qualities that, include:

  • Masculine and Feminine Qualities
  • Introverted and Extroverted
  • Beautiful or Ugly
  • Karma or past actions

There are five core numbers that Pythagoras’ system revolves around. The numbers are the Life Path Number, Expression Number, Heart’s Desire Number, Personality Number, and Birthday Number. Each number represents a different aspect of someone’s personality. By analyzing these numbers, you learn more about each person.

What Does Each Number Represent?

Pythagoras taught each of his students the value and significance of numbers. He expressed the relationship between your actions and personalities is all connected to numbers.

He had specific personality traits and characteristics that corresponded to each number. Pythagoras believed all numbers were vital to your spiritual life and helped foster your connection to God. His number characteristics include:

  • 1
    • Origin of all things
  • 2
    • All matter represented
  • 3
    • Your ideal number
  • 4
    • Represents all four seasons and four elements
  • 5
    • Marriage
  • 7
    • Sacred number
  • 10
    • The perfect number

Pythagorean Numerology

What are the benefits of Numerology?

Pythagoras assign each number to each alphabet naturally, from 1 to 9. Apart from 1 to 9 digits, he considers 11 and 22 master numbers. He views 11 and 22 as representatives of past actions that indicate the failure or success of an individual throughout their life.

He also believed each number has both positive and negative qualities. An example is number 1. The number 1 can show initiative and leadership but can also be selfish, lazy, or aggressive. This applies to the personal qualities of people based on their birth order.

When people are first, they typically exude leadership qualities because they have to take care of and guide their siblings. As your birth order descends, personality traits change and morph depending on which birth order they call in.

According to Pythagoras, a person’s entire destiny is decided by the numbers involved with their birth date. This applies to when in the seasons you are born and what date during the month. This is the modern-day zodiac calendar.

What are a Life Path Number and Birth Day Number?

This life path number represents the inner talents and abilities of the person. This number gives you the most information about yourself, your life, and the lessons to be learned. It provides an outline of your roadmap for life. You can determine your life path number by using your birthday. Using the date, month, and year you were born.

A birthday number shows your specific personality traits, abilities, and talents that you can utilize throughout your lifetime. This is how others see you, but you should never negate your other attributes that others do not recognize. They are just more hidden that need more time to develop and mature.

What is a Destiny Number?

A destiny number explains the natural strengths and weaknesses you have from birth. This allows specific goals to be met based on your strengths and highlights what you need to overcome to face and survive any challenge.

This can be calculated by adding the numbers of each word in your name and reducing it to one single number or master number. You should use your full name on your birth certificate for the best result. This number helps guide you in reaching your goals in life.

What is a Heart’s Desire Number?

A soul number you can determine in Numerology taught by Pythagoras, represents a person’s inner desire and motivation. This number is what you want most from your life that may not be seen but is felt. This number represents the “why” behind everything you do in life.

You can calculate this by the vowels of a person and adding the numbers to their corresponding letter. This number represents the goals and personal ideals that are not easily identified and can be deeply hidden within your mind or heart. This number helps you discover aspects of yourself you may not know.

What is the Personality Number?

A personality number represents how others think of you as a person. Others see this when meeting you in public and what you reveal to the world. This can be the mask you put on in public to protect others from seeing your genuine self.

This does not include aspects of your personality that are not readily available. You can calculate this number by adding the numbers corresponding to your name’s consonants. This number is the rough outline of you as a person. It never reveals your true self.

What are the Positive and Negative Energy Numbers?

This number system explains how you can work with others. How can certain energies bring harmony, unlike others, where they are constantly combating each other?

Certain people are unable to work together. This energy number analysis provides a logical answer as to why certain personalities bump heads too often.

Each number has both positive and negative energy associated with it based on Pythagorean Numerology. You may bring out negative energy when interacting with another person because their energy differs from your expectations. The positive and negative energy numerology analysis determines who you are compatible with and who you need to monitor your behavior around.

Why Does Numerology Matter?

Numerology provides an excellent tool kit to understand your personality, goals, and hidden ambitions. You are a complex individual that is often hiding from the public. The study of numbers and how it corresponds to letters forces you to become introspective about your life and what direction you want to take it.

You can only choose which road to travel when you have the most accurate information. Studying Numerology provides an understanding and explanation of yourself that you cannot receive anywhere else.

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