Destiny/Expression Number – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know!

Expression Number

Destiny/Expression Number

Your Destiny/Expression Number is an essential part of numerology that reveals a lot about your character. This number is with you from birth and exerts its influence on you from the time you are born.

The Destiny Number, otherwise known as the Expression Number, is calculated using the letters in your full name. Your Expression Number reveals how you will express yourself in life and your various strengths and weaknesses.

This article will delve into the history of numerology and the Expression Number, the difference between your Expression Number and Life Path Number, and how to calculate your Expression Number. Then, we’ll look at the different meanings and characteristics attached to the various Expression Numbers and whether or not you can (or should) change your name to influence your Expression Number.

History of Numerology and the Expression Number

Today, many people in the West practice Pythagorean numerology. Pythagoras was a mathematician in ancient Greece who believed that everything could be explained with numbers. He is called the “Father of Modern Numerology” because his ideas about numbers and their meanings contributed to today’s numerological practices.

The Pythagorean method of numerology uses an individual’s name and date of birth to reveal their purpose and character. A person’s name is converted into their Destiny Number, and their date of birth is converted into their Life Path Number.

Expression Number vs. Life Path Number: What’s the Difference?

Every person has both a Life Path Number and an Expression Number.

Your Life Path Number is determined using your date of birth. This number helps you understand your purpose in life. It also informs you of your essence, giving you a more in-depth insight into your “inner self.”

On the other hand, your Expression Number tells you how you will go about achieving your life’s purpose. It gives you insight into how you will outwardly express yourself while in pursuit of the mission described by your Life Path Number. It also makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

The descriptions of Life Path Numbers and Expression Numbers are the same. The difference will be in how you apply them. For example, if you got a Life Path Number of 8 and an Expression Number of 5, the “8” would tell you your life’s purpose, and the “5” would inform you about how you will act while attempting to fulfill your goal.

How to Calculate Your Expression Number

To calculate your Expression Number, follow the steps below. Take a look at the example if you need some additional guidance.

  1. Write down your full name as it appears on your birth certificate. Include your first, middle, and last name. Example: James Duncan Helpert.
  2. Assign the letters of your name to a number and add them up. Use the Pythagorean chart below. Example: James (1+1+4+5+1 = 12) Duncan (4+3+5+3+1+5 = 21) Helpert (8+5+3+7+5+9+2 = 39).
Letters Assigned Number
A, J, S 1
B, K, T 2
C, L, U 3
D, M, V 4
E, N, W 5
F, O, X 6
G, P, Y 7
H, Q, Z 8
I, R 9
  1. Add all of the numbers in your name together to form one large sum. Once you’ve calculated your first, middle, and last name sums, add them together to get the total sum. Example: 12+21+39 = 72.
  2. Break your final sum into two single-digit numbers. Do not do this step if your total sum in the last step equaled 11, 22, or 33. These are master numbers that should not be further reduced. Example: break up 72 into 7 and 2.
  3. Add the two single-digit numbers together. Doing this will give you a number from 1 to 9. Example: 7 + 2 = 9.
  4. Find your Expression Number. Whatever number you found in the last calculation is your Expression Number. Example: James Duncan Helpert’s Expression Number is 9.

Different Expression Number Meanings

This section will go over the different Expression Numbers and their meanings. Most people’s Expression Number comes out to the digits 1-9.

However, some people get one of the master numbers, which are 11, 22, and 33. These numbers are impressive because they embody some of the other numbers, meaning individuals with these numbers are incredibly gifted.

However, with their gifts come many struggles and hardships. So, while people with these numbers are blessed with many strengths, they will also face more life challenges.

Expression Number 1

Number 1’s are hard-working and independent. They are natural leaders who have many innovative ideas that set them apart from the crowd. They have pioneering spirits and are not afraid to pave their own way through life.

Sometimes, 1’s can be a little bossy, so they have to make a conscious effort not to be overbearing. Although 1’s are autonomous, they still rely heavily on the people they care about the most, including their friends, partner, and family.

To learn more about Expression Number 1, watch this video by professional numerologist Felicia Bender. In the clip, she goes over number 1’s many strengths and a few weaknesses they need to be on the lookout for to live their most fulfilling lives:

Expression Number 2

Number 2’s are compassionate beings. They are focused on harmony, making them talented mediators. One of the best things about 2’s is their ability to bring people together using compassion and kindness. People with this Expression Number thrive in careers in which they can be of service to others.

Since 2’s are so sensitive, they are easily hurt by others. Just a few unkind words are enough to make 2’s sad for the rest of the day.

Sometimes, 2’s overwork themselves in their efforts to help other people and often feel drained. It’s best if 2’s take on the work they can handle and don’t overdo it. If they do too much for other people, they often become resentful and feel they are being used.

Watch this clip by Felicia Bender to discover more about Expression Number 2. She goes over 2’s ability to bring people together and how they can use this strength to enhance their lives and the lives of others:

Expression Number 3

Number 3’s are incredible communicators who love sharing their creative gusto with others. They enjoy being around other people and love being in the limelight. People with this Expression Number often thrive as professors, teachers, writers, actors, or in any other careers in which they get to express themselves and their ideas daily.

One of 3’s most significant obstacles in life is self-doubt. They often over-analyze even the smallest details, which makes them feel insecure and unsure of themselves. Another thing 3’s struggle with is focusing. Most 3’s are talented in many areas, so it can be difficult for them to focus on just one thing.

If you’d like to learn more about 3’s strengths and weaknesses, watch this video by Felicia Bender. She talks about 3’s remarkable ability to inspire others and how talented they are at expressing themselves through creative means. She also discusses 3’s tendency to feel depressed or unsatisfied if they don’t use their talents:

Expression Number 4

Number 4’s are trustworthy and organized. They are incredibly efficient, making them great employees. These are the kinds of people who create detailed calendars and lists so they will never miss an appointment or forget to do something.

When 4’s find something interesting, they learn everything there is to know about it and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. They are serious, rational thinkers who sometimes get into arguments if someone disagrees with them on something they know a lot about.

Want to know more? Then watch this video by Felicia Bender. She gives more details about 4’s need for structure, practicality, and order. She also mentions some potential struggles 4’s may face, including stubbornness and rigidity:

Expression Number 5

Number 5’s genuinely live life to the fullest. They continuously seek new experiences and are always ready for an adventure. They are very passionate about life and want all of their senses to be indulged.

If 5’s energy isn’t spent wisely, they can become restless and feel overly confined. When it comes to love, they can’t stand clingy partners who won’t let them do what they want. They often struggle with committed relationships because they aren’t willing to settle down.

To get a deeper understanding of number 5’s, watch this video by Felicia Bender. She further explains 5’s mission in life and delves into their need for freedom and adventure. She also goes over some challenges 5’s may face if they don’t fully embrace their fearlessness, including self-absorption and emotional paralysis:

Expression Number 6

Number 6’s are loving nurturers. They are drawn towards marriage and parenthood. If they aren’t parents in a traditional sense, they still serve as caretakers in other aspects of their life.

People with an Expression Number of 6 are also incredibly magnetic. Others are drawn to them and often seek them out to help with their problems. Because of this, 6’s are often put in positions of responsibility even when they don’t ask to be.

Although 6’s enjoy taking care of others, they don’t like being told what to do, and they struggle with taking orders. Because of this, they prefer to be business owners so they can be their own boss.

To get a deeper understanding of number 6’s destiny, watch this clip by Felicia Bender. She delves into 6’s fantastic ability to nurture others. She also talks about how 6’s are “people pleasers” and how this trait can make them resentful towards others if they aren’t careful:

Expression Number 7

Number 7’s are knowledgeable, intense, and technical. They tend to be a little different from others and sometimes feel out of place. Many perceive themselves as “old souls” who don’t fully belong in the materialistic world they live in.

While 7’s are highly analytical beings, they are also intuitive and spiritual, which often confuses them. They often have to come to terms with both sides of themselves to reach their fullest potential.

Many 7’s spend a lot of their time alone. They enjoy quiet contemplation and are often categorized by others as introverts.

To further enlighten yourself about Expression Number 7, take a look at this video by Felicia Bender. She goes over 7’s destiny, which is to develop faith in themselves and others and seek out life’s meaning. Felicia also talks about some of 7’s main strengths, including their intelligence and their ability to dig deeper to discover meaningful truths:

Expression Number 8

Number 8’s are all about success. They aim to “make it big” both financially and in life in general. They want to be on top and won’t stop until they achieve greatness.

People with this Expression Number are often workaholics. Because of their obsessive nature, they sometimes develop stress and addiction problems that they’ll need to manage to avoid serious health consequences.

For number 8’s, life is often challenging since they have such huge aspirations. They need to learn how to effectively use power, authority, and control to achieve their lofty goals.

To learn more about 8’s, watch this video by Felicia Bender. She goes over 8’s destiny to secure financial security to make a meaningful change in the world. She also talks about 8’s authority issues and other character flaws they need to look out for:

Expression Number 9

Number 9’s are spiritual beings who are continually striving to act upon higher spiritual and moral principles. They are very dedicated to their cause in life and will pursue it tirelessly. Often, 9’s goals are geared towards helping humanity and serving others.

People with this Expression Number are incredibly adaptable. They know how to “go with the flow” and are very flexible and open. Sometimes, this trait is exaggerated, and they get lost in their fantasy world. Number 9’s often have to make a conscious effort to tether themselves back to reality.

Number 9’s can inspire others with their charisma and compassion for humankind. However, sometimes 9’s can put people off by preaching to others about their good works. 9’s should lead by example, as this will be perceived better by others and lead to greater inspiration.

For a deeper understanding of 9’s destiny in life, watch this video by Felicia Bender. She discusses 9’s fate, which is to obtain a higher level of consciousness. She also talks about 9’s humanitarian goals and their ability to help others achieve more transcendent spirituality:

Master Number 11

Number 11’s are extraordinary beings who embody the characteristics of the 1’s and 2’s. They are strong and independent like the 1’s, yet compassionate and loving like the 2’s. They are viewed as healing individuals who can calm others and make them feel better just by being near them.

Many number 11’s are very creative and can use their creativity to help and inspire others. Sometimes, 11’s can feel discouraged because their creative endeavors often help people in small ways that aren’t clear.

Since 11’s embody the characteristic of 2’s, they don’t like being in the spotlight. However, because they are also 1’s, being the center of attention will often be forced upon them. So, 11’s are forced to expose themselves, which often leads to criticism.

Many 11’s are sensitive to criticism and experience a lot of self-doubts. 11’s need to learn how to let things go and protect themselves or they won’t reach their fullest potential.

To learn more about master number 11, check out this illuminating video by Felicia Bender. She goes through 11’s calling in life, strengths, weaknesses, and some unique challenges people with this Expression Number will face:

Master Number 22

Number 22’s are double 2’s, meaning they embody the loving and harmonious characteristics of 2’s. They are also 4’s, meaning they are rational thinkers who value stability.

People with this Expression Number are referred to as “Master Builders.” They can come up with unique ideas and turn them into reality. They have an eye for detail, but they are also able to see the big picture. Many of their ideas are revolutionary and make an impact on many people’s lives.

Number 22’s need to be careful not to come off as know-it-alls. They can also be especially stubborn, which can hamper their success. They need to embody their harmonious attributes to get others on board to help them achieve their grand plans. They can often be successful and complete at least some of their goals by themselves, but they won’t live up to their fullest potential.

If you want a deeper understanding of Expression Number 22, watch this video by Felicia Bender. In the clip, she gives you more information about being a “Master Builder” and the strengths and challenges that go along with this title. She also explains the spiritual side of 22s:

Master Number 33

Not everyone feels that 33 should be a master number. If you believe that 33 is a master number then the following applies to you:

Number 33’s are double 3’s and also 6’s. They embody many characteristics of 3’s, including their excellent communication skills and their emotional depth. They also demonstrate aspects of 6’s, including nurturing others and making them feel accepted.

This Expression Number is special because 33’s don’t have a unique calling. They can excel at any number of things because of their compassion, joyfulness, and creativity. 33’s are known to be visionaries, so they often end up in leadership positions in whatever occupation they choose to pursue.

Often, 33’s struggle with feeling burdened and emotionally drained. They strive to help others, which can take its toll on their wellbeing. Many 33’s face challenges in life, so it’s easy for them to veer off course and act destructively. So, people with this Expression Number need to do everything they can to stay on track to obtain fulfilling, happy, and meaningful lives.

To get a deeper understanding of master number 33, watch this clip by Felicia Bender. She goes over 33’s various strengths but also their intense challenges:

Can You Change Your Expression Number?

Sometimes, your Expression Number and Life Path Number may be at odds with each other. For example, suppose your Life Path Number dictates that you should live a humble, giving, and simple life, but your destiny tells you that you should be ambitious and strive to gain financially. In that case, your purpose in life and how you express yourself may not be compatible.

Some numerologists suggest that you should change your name to make your Destiny and Life Path Numbers compatible. However, most numerologists don’t think that simply changing your name will fix all of your problems. There are many things you should take into consideration before changing your name. We will go over these in detail below.

Your Original Expression Number Will Always Be Present

Even if you change your name or change your name’s spelling, your original Destiny Number will always be present and will continue to impact who you are. Changing your name won’t instantly take away your weaknesses or change your personality.

The “you” that you’ve been from birth will always remain, if in a somewhat altered form. Don’t think that you can erase your Expression Number for good by changing your name. It will always be a part of you.

Changing Your Name Isn’t Enough

Although changing your name won’t erase your past destiny, it could influence your future destiny and add new vibrations and energy to your life. However, you’ll need to embody the new name and do the name change for the right reasons if you want it to affect you positively.

Changing your name just to get a new Expression Number isn’t effective. Doing this is called an artificial change, meaning it doesn’t have a meaningful impact on who you are.

For example, sometimes people change their name to get a different Expression Number that they believe will make them more prosperous or successful. Doing this usually doesn’t have the desired effect, often harming the name-changer instead of helping them.

However, if you want to change your name because you feel a deep connection with your new name and think it’ll bring meaning to your life, then it may be worth the change.

Meaningful, natural name changes are referred to as organic changes. They may include changing your name to a beloved nickname, married name, or a stage name/pen name. These changes are not artificial since they aren’t contrived to bring benefit to yourself.

Organic name changes come naturally and are often thoughtful. They can influence your vibrations and frequently add new positive meaning to your life.

A New Name Can Change How You Feel

If you don’t like your first or last name, changing it may be a desirable option. Remember, changing your birth name will not get rid of your destiny. Your birth name and its associated Expression Number will always impact you.

However, changing your name can improve the way you present yourself to the world and make you feel more comfortable expressing yourself and communicating with others. Your new name’s Expression Number can also impact your life and positively influence you, even if it doesn’t erase your old Expression Number.

Also, changing your name may be essential for you after a divorce. If you took your husband’s last name, there might be negative energy associated with it after your relationship ends. In these circumstances, it may be best for you to go back to your maiden name or choose a different name that reflects who you are now. There is no point in carrying around a name that doesn’t serve you or resonate with you.

A Numerologist Can Help You if You Aren’t Sure

If you aren’t sure whether a name change is right for you, consult a trusted numerologist. They can help you determine if you are changing your name for the right reasons.

Numerologists can also enlighten you about how your new name will impact your life. They’ll provide you with details about your new name’s Expression Number and its associated strengths and weaknesses. They can also look at your Life Number to help you determine if your new Expression Number will be compatible or not.

Although a numerologist is experienced in all things numerology, don’t change your name just because they give you the “ok.” Remember, the change has to be meaningful if you want it to impact your life positively.

Final Thoughts

Your Expression Number is derived from the letters in your full name. It informs you of your strengths, weaknesses, and various challenges you’ll face in life. It also describes how you will interact with the world and how others will perceive you.

Your Expression Number is with you from birth, and it will always be a part of you. If you choose to change your name, you can get a different Expression Number, which will add new vibrations and energy to your life, but it’ll never erase the destiny you were born with.