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What Your Ant Dreams are Trying to Tell You

Dreams about ants can symbolize a sense of hard work, cooperation, and organization. The image of ants working together in a colony might suggest that you must work together to achieve your

It’s not at all uncommon to feel lost, to feel overwhelmed, and to feel smothered by the world around us, knowing that the “other side” is gently trying to guide us in the right direction – but never really knowing when our spirit guides and our fortunes are aligning with our current reality.

The Sage Divine was started to help bring our two worlds into perfect harmony. Tapping into the power of all that is spiritual and mystical – including numerology, astrology, tarot, reiki, crystals, and more – you’ll never have to worry about walking these paths alone again.

Join us in exploring the known and the unknown as we take our spiritual journey together!