Angel Numbers: What They Symbolize and Why You Keep Seeing Them

Number sequences can convey important and sometimes spiritual messages to us. Often when we see a number in repetition, it serves as a form of spiritual communication and is called an “angel number.”

Angel numbers appear as number patterns or sequences anywhere in your daily life. Some angel numbers have a shared meaning, while others are left to interpretation.

Angel numbers are said to be the most common way that angels communicate with people here on earth. These numbers appear to people as repeating sequences of numbers.

Sometimes angel numbers are a sign of comfort, and some indicate if something needs to be avoided or changed in your environment. Angel number patterns are one example of spirit guide communication signs that send us signals here on earth.

They let you know that you, as an individual, are not alone; we humans are not alone in this universe. If you’re interested in interpreting angel numbers, this article is for you. Keep reading for what angel numbers symbolize and why you keep seeing them.

What Angel Numbers Symbolize

Angel numbers have all kinds of different meanings. You must figure out what they symbolize and how you’ll proceed after interpreting them. An essential part of angel numbers is understanding that your attention is drawn to them, and they are put on your path by angels trying to communicate with you.

These angels or this angel could be a companion who is particular to you, in which case the meaning could be affected by the one conveying the message. If you determine that the number is connected to a specific angel, that could alter the purpose of the angel numbers.

The religious beliefs of the receiver of angelic communication are also important. They are taken into account by the angels that direct the individual to the number in question, understanding that the receiver can only understand a message they are already receptive to.

Angel Numbers

Here are some examples of angel number sequences and what they mean:


This sequence means that you need to monitor your thoughts with care. At this time, you should be wary of thinking about things you do not want to see in your life or the environment around you.

Instead, consider the things that you do hope for. This is because this number sequence indicates that an opportunity is opening up for you, and your thoughts will begin to manifest.


This number follows the previous one. It works under the pretense that your thoughts have begun to manifest physically, and it is now time for you to make sure that you nurture these newly planted ideas as they grow stronger in reality.

This may be a trial period where you feel very close, but the goal is impossible. In this case, an angel number is a form of motivation and encouragement. If you see 222 repeatedly, you’re on the right track.

333 and 444

The 333 number sequence is meant to comfort you in knowing that the higher powers are by your side, cheering you on towards the end goal (or success).

The 444 sequence, on the other hand, is an indication that angels have come to surround you and are cheering you on.


This is a sign that a significant life change is upon you, and you should be ready to take action. It is important not to view this change as either positive or negative but rather as just a sign that difference is on the horizon.

Some of the sequences are not as straightforward as those mentioned above. Sequence 144, for example, is said to be a number for old souls and teachers, reminding them of the importance of their work here on earth. The sequence 12:12 is also said to signify that you are now on your divine path.

Why You Keep Seeing Angel Numbers

When an individual is the subject of angelic communication, they are likely to see the divine number sequence, which is the message for them in some different places. This is to catch the individual’s attention and get them to notice the number so they can act on it.

You may, for example, start seeing the same number on everything, you go to get a new license plate, and the new plate ends with the number 13. That same day, you bake a cake for a special event later in the evening and set the timer, so the cake remains in the oven.

The first time you glance at the oven again, there are 13 minutes left on the clock. A few minutes later, a friend calls, and instead of their caller ID, only their number shows up for some reason.

At that moment, you first notice that their phone number ends in a 13. In this example, the key must be that angels are trying to communicate to you through the number 13.

With this in mind, however, it is essential to note that these numbers will appear in places where numbers are usually seen and not in strange or out-of-the-way places that may be obvious to everyone. Because of this, they require extra attentiveness and a lack of skepticism to identify, interpret, and use for their betterment.

Besides the physical location where we can expect these numbers, they are also attached to specific moments. Suppose you are going through a pivotal season of change, for example. In that case, angel numbers may start appearing as a guide to direct you towards a particular path or to steer you away from an alternate position.

The period of transformation you are experiencing can be a spiritual one. It may also be a material (or physical) change.

You may sometimes not be fully aware of this transformation, but some obvious physical clues that appear to us are significant events like birthdays or weddings, or on the flip side, a funeral. These things mark substantial changes in one’s life and can be benchmarks for use.

Finding Help Interpreting Angel Numbers

However, it is also essential to note that these interpretations are not set in stone. It is necessary for anyone who is running into angelic numbers to seek a divine understanding of the message being conveyed to them.

This could be done by consulting a spiritual guide who you trust. It could be your local pastor, the monk of a nearby temple, a spiritual mentor, or a spiritual teacher whom you can meet in person or online.

For some, the key may be to take the message into personal prayers or rituals and seek the answer for themselves.

Final Thoughts

Angel numbers are a means of communication from a source outside our being or an angel. They’re numbers or number sequences seen throughout your daily life and are meant to help guide you. Sometimes these numbers are intended to warn you. Other times they’re telling you to proceed.

Angel numbers can symbolize different things and are always subject to interpretation by the individual. Thankfully, there are professionals out there that can help you further identify the meanings behind your angel numbers.

But remember that seeing the same numbers frequently, especially number sequences or patterns at pivotal times in your life, can be a sign that someone is looking out for you. Angel numbers shouldn’t be ignored.

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