Find Out What Your Soul Urge Number Means and How It Affects Your Life

The Heart’s Desire or Soul Urge number is essential in Numerology. It gives you a deeper understanding of yourself so you can make the most out of your life.

The Heart’s Desire number is one of the core numbers in Numerology. It gives you a deeper understanding of yourself and what you want out of life. Additionally, it informs you of your motives, intentions, and problems you may face while achieving your greatest desires.

To learn more about the Heart’s Desire number, read on! This article will tell you about the Heart’s Desire number, how to calculate it, and the meanings associated with each number.

What Is the Heart’s Desire Number?

The Heart’s Desire number, also known as the Soul Urge number, is one of Numerology’s three core numbers. This number tells you about your innermost desires and what you truly want.

It also informs you of the intentions behind your actions and why you do the things you do. If you want a deeper understanding of your motives, this is the number you should look into.

The Heart’s Desire number affects your life in many ways. It can impact your career, home life, lifestyle choices, hobbies, friendships, romantic partners, and more.

This number plays a crucial role in all of the big decisions you’ll make. It will continuously direct you toward your greatest desire.

How to Calculate Your Heart’s Desire Number

Listed below are the steps you’ll need to take to calculate your Heart’s Desire number.

Write down your full name. If you’ve changed your name after marriage or for another reason, use the name you were given at birth. Make sure to use your first, middle, and last name.

Convert each vowel in your name into a number. Use the chart below.

Vowels  Number
A 1
E 5
I 9
O 6
U 3
Y (only sometimes used as a vowel) 7

Add the numbers together. Add every number in your name together until you get a final sum. For example, if your name were John Henry Smith, your total sum would be 6 + 5 + 7 + 9 = 27.

Reduce the sum into a single-digit number. You’ll do this by breaking the sum into two single-digit numbers, which you’ll add together. So, if your sum were 27, you’d add 2 + 7 = 9. Do not reduce your total sum if you get one of the Master Numbers, 11, 22, or 33.

Find your Heart’s Desire number. In the previous example, the Heart’s Desire number would be 9.

When Should “Y” Be Used as a Vowel or Consonant?

The letter “Y” can be used as a vowel or consonant, depending on where it’s positioned in your name if it’s near other vowels, and how it sounds. We will go over the rules regarding when you should use the “Y” as a consonant in detail below:

  • If the “Y” doesn’t sound like a vowel and there are other vowels in the syllable, use it as a consonant. An example of this is the name Murray. The “A” is right next to the “Y,” making the “Y” not sound like a vowel.
  • If the “Y” produces a soft “J” sound, use it as a consonant. Examples are the names Yoanna and Yohan.
  • If “Y” is found between two vowels, it is a consonant.
  • If the “Y” is the first letter of a name and another vowel follows it, use it as a consonant. Some examples are the names Yolanda, Yoanna, or Yulia.
  • If the “Y” is the last letter of a name and comes right after another vowel, use it as a consonant. For example, the names Mickey or Zoey.

Next, we will take a look at the situations in which you should use “Y” as a vowel:

  • If the “Y” sounds like a vowel and is the only vowel in the syllable, use it as a vowel. Examples include the names Mary, Yvonne, Bryan, and Betty.
  • If the “Y” provides the only vowel sound for the name’s first syllable, use it as a vowel. An example of this is the name Bryan. The “A” is in the word’s second syllable and doesn’t influence the “Y” sound.
  • If “Y” is found between two consonants, it is a vowel. For example, the name Tyler and Kyle.
  • If “Y” is the first letter of a name and a consonant follows it, it’s perceived as a vowel. For example, the name Yvette.
  • If “Y” is the last letter of a name and follows a consonant, it’s perceived as a vowel. For example, the names Tommy, Jimmy, or Henry.

While these rules will cover most cases, there are some exceptions. If you aren’t sure if the “Y” in your name should be a vowel or a consonant, contact a numerologist for guidance.

Heart’s Desire Numbers and Meanings

Next, we will discuss the Heart’s Desire numbers and their associated meanings.

Heart’s Desire Number 1

You are incredibly independent if you have a Heart’s Desire number of 1. You seek freedom in everything you do and desire to be your boss. You want to be the pack leader who makes the tough decisions.

If you are ever in an inferior position where you don’t get to make any meaningful choices, you will likely feel unfulfilled in your career. Additionally, you have a problem with authority, so you may lash out or act angrily toward anyone who tells you what to do.

You are also knowledgeable, and people often find you both inspiring and exciting. You have a knack for sharing your unique perspective with others and getting them to see things the same way you do. You desire to be praised and want others to admire your ideas.

The downside of having a Heart’s Desire number of 1 is that people sometimes see you as arrogant and snobby. If you want to achieve your ultimate desire of being a successful leader, you’ll have to tone down these characteristics and let your great people skills shine through.

Heart’s Desire Number 2

With a Heart’s Desire Number of 2, your mission is to create a more peaceful, balanced, and loving world. Your greatest desire is for everyone in your life to feel happy and cared for. Because you are so caring, you favor careers that permit you to help others, such as nursing, social work, or teaching.

Additionally, you value relationships, especially romantic ones, and continually seek the perfect partner. You desire to be a fantastic spouse who encourages and supports your S.O. to be their best self. You feel happy and satisfied if you and your significant other are doing well. If you aren’t doing well, then you feel like your world is falling apart.

One of your main weaknesses is your inability to handle conflict. Fighting goes against everything you stand for, so you often shy away from it. It’s easy for others to “walk all over you” because you lack confidence and won’t disagree with them, even if they are wrong.

You’ll need to go against your peaceful nature and learn to stand up for yourself to achieve your greatest desires. Once you are confident and no longer doubt your every move, you’ll have all the tools you need to have successful relationships and careers.

Hearts Desire Number

Heart’s Desire Number 3

Since you have a Heart’s Desire Number of 3, you are a social butterfly who enjoys being the life of the party. People view you as outgoing, sociable, and friendly.

You are incredibly entertaining, so other people are interested in your words. You are also very creative, often excelling in the arts. Therefore, your greatest desire is to channel your social and creative energy to inspire others.

The best career paths allow you to express yourself artistically while using your gift of gab. Some possible ideas are acting, public speaking, teaching, or podcasting. These careers permit you to inspire many people with your creative genius.

For you to be successful in a creative field, you’ll have to focus. You are naturally talented at many things, making it hard to concentrate on just one thing. If you direct your energy to a million items at once, you’ll never be as successful as if you channeled your energy toward only one pursuit.

Heart’s Desire Number 4

As a number 4, you crave stability and structure. You want everything in your life to be in order, especially your home life and finances. Your greatest desire is for you and everyone you love to feel secure.

To achieve security, you work hard. You are incredibly focused on your job and are a fantastic worker.

However, your quest for financial security can make your home life less stable because you don’t spend enough time with your family. Try to take some time off every once in a while to concentrate on your loved ones. Doing this will provide you with a happier home life.

Regarding affection, you are the kind of person who tries to show your love through your actions. You work hard, put food on the table, and give your family everything they need to show them how much you care. You also may provide your loved ones with physical or monetary gifts to demonstrate how much you care for them.

While you may think demonstrating your love through your actions is enough, some of your family members may need you to be more affectionate toward them. You may need to tell your spouse, children, partner, parents, or whoever else you are close with that you love them for them to feel secure in your relationship.

While being tender isn’t natural for you, do it for the sake of your loved ones. Doing so will provide you with the emotional stability you desire.

Heart’s Desire Number 5

With a Heart’s Desire Number of 5, your life is focused on freedom and adventure. You want to explore the world and experience everything life has to offer. Your greatest desire is to remain a free spirit. You never want to be tied down by commonplace responsibilities or dull routines.

As far as jobs go, you thrive in professions that allow you to be independent and work wherever and whenever you want. Some potential career paths include journalism, photography, or remote work. Because you are so entertaining and compelling, your work often inspires people.

Regarding your love life, you may find it hard to remain in a committed relationship. You want your relationship to feel passionate and fresh.

You break off your relationship when these exciting feelings fade and quickly move on to the next exciting romance. Additionally, if your partner tries to commit to you or put a title on your relationship, you are frightened and immediately put an end to it.

However, as you get older, you may meet the right person, but your old habits may make you emotionally closed off. If this person comes along, go after them. Don’t let your past scare you away from your future. While you value your freedom, you also desire to be loved underneath it all.

Don’t pass up on the opportunity to find love just because you are afraid of being tied down. If this person loves you, they’ll value your adventurous spirit and won’t inhibit you. While you’ll have to learn to compromise, being in a relationship doesn’t mean the adventure has to end.

Heart’s Desire Number 6

Since you have a Heart’s Desire number of 6, you are a natural healer. You are drawn to careers where you can mend people’s physical and emotional wounds, such as a medical professional or therapist.

You are also a justice seeker who isn’t afraid to stand up for those without a voice. Therefore, you also thrive in law-related careers. Your greatest desire is to help those in need and positively change others’ lives.

Your biggest flaw is your desire to keep giving, even when you have nothing left. When emotionally and physically drained, you still give others 100% attention and effort.

If you want to keep helping people, you need to take some time for yourself. Please take a few days away from it and focus entirely on yourself. It is not selfish or lazy to practice self-care.

You need it if you want to help other people successfully. If you don’t take the time to take care of yourself, eventually, you may become overwhelmed or bitter toward the people who need you.

Heart Desire Number 7

As a number 7, you are interested in obtaining knowledge and understanding life. You are brilliant and operate on a different frequency than most other people. Your biggest desire is to learn more about the world and expose profound truths. Therefore, you should pursue an academic career that permits you to study and ponder life.

Sometimes, you feel confused by your personality traits. You are analytical and logical yet also spiritual and intuitive. You love analyzing concrete concepts, but you also enjoy exploring the unknown.

When you meet new people, you know things about them almost instantly, which is difficult for you to understand. You are very perceptive and attuned to otherworldly matters, which conflicts with your need for everything to be supported by data.

To achieve your most incredible dream of understanding the world’s hidden truths, you must accept both parts of yourself and use them to your advantage. Try to think logically and use data when you can, but also assume that you are intuitive and there are things in the world that you will never be able to explain with rational thought.

Heart Desire Number 8

Since you have a Heart’s Desire number of 8, your biggest desire is to achieve financial success and become rich. You also desire power and want others to respect you. Others, especially successful individuals, are often drawn to your go-getter personality and leadership skills.

If you want to succeed at achieving material wealth, you’ll need to use all of your skills to your advantage. If you lack in any area, obtaining your desired success will be difficult.

You’ll need to continually work on your people skills, entrepreneurial ideas, and business sense. If you stop working on yourself and expect success to be handed to you on a silver platter, you’ll unlikely achieve it.

Regarding relationships, you desire a loving partner who supports your drive for success. You are often viewed as a loving spouse committed to your relationship.

However, you can sometimes become emotionally guarded and not let your partner in on your true feelings. Or, you may be overly emotional and take your stress out on your partner. If you want to be successful and have a happy relationship, you’ll need to work on your stress management skills and how you express your emotions.

Heart Desire Number 9

As a number 9, you are a humanitarian whose goal in life is to make the world a better place. You are conscious of the world’s problems and have a strong desire to fix them. Once you find an issue, you are very passionate about, you quickly take action and start getting others on board.

You are inspiring, so you quickly encourage others to stand up for your cause. If you believe in what you are doing, you will stop at nothing until you achieve your goal and make a meaningful change in others’ lives.

Additionally, you are incredibly creative. This comes to your advantage when you try to solve the world’s problems because you have original solutions that others may not have thought of before.

Sometimes, you are so focused on helping the masses that you forget to take time for your family and friends. When you are solely thinking about the big picture, it can become easy for you to forget the people who helped you along the way.

While it may not feel like it, you need their love and support. Without them, your grand plans may come crumbling down.

Therefore, you must dedicate much of your time to your loved ones. Tell them often how much you appreciate them and put effort into maintaining the relationships. This will keep them in your corner so that, when you need them, they’ll receive you with open arms.

Heart’s Desire Number 11

If you have a Heart’s Desire number of 11, you’ll face many challenges in life. Although you are a compelling individual, this power comes at a cost. You likely met a challenging experience early in life that shaped you into the person you are today, such as poverty, abuse, disease, homelessness, or another traumatic life event.

While this early experience was challenging, it has given you a deeper understanding of the world that makes you incredibly wise for your age. It has also made you an incredible problem-solver who can fix things quickly and effectively. Your greatest desire is to use your skills to improve the world so others won’t have to go through the same struggles you did.

Additionally, you are very spiritual, which plays a significant role in your life. You are attracted to spiritual leaders who can connect with you and deeply understand your experiences.

However, it would be best to be careful not to become too attached to false profits or phony spiritual gurus. These people can lead you astray and prevent you from achieving your greatest desire.

Heart Desire Number 22

Since you have a Desire Number of 22, you have the problem-solving skills of an 11 and the work ethic of a 4. These traits have the potential to make you wildly successful. Your biggest desire in life is to meet the high expectations you’ve set for yourself.

Many 22s desire to be a large corporation or government agency leader, but this can vary depending on your interests. However, you want to be the best regardless of what you do.

When you are selecting your goals in life, pick ones that are noble and selfless. When you are successful in endeavors that help others, you’ll feel more fulfilled than when you succeed in a task that only serves you. Your path should be one of success and service, or you will never meet your fullest potential.

Additionally, you’ll need to remain humble when you achieve great success. Don’t let all of your accomplishments go to your head. If you become arrogant, the people who previously looked up to you may no longer support your vision.

This can cause your success to diminish rapidly. Always give credit where it’s due and compliment those who help you achieve your goals. Being humble will increase your success more than arrogance ever could.

Heart Desire Number 33

As a 33, you love family and home life. You desire domestic tranquility and are happiest when the ones you love are content. You are incredibly loyal to your family and friends. They view you as loving and very reliable. If they ever need you, you are always there at a moment’s notice.

Your greatest desire in life is to serve others with love. For some, this means serving their families. For others, it means serving their community or the world.

If you choose to pursue a profession, consider being a medical professional, therapist, or social worker. Your compassion for others and your intuition will make you successful in any of these roles.

If none of these jobs feel right for you, try to find something that permits you to assist others.

When you acquire a job you are passionate about, you may find yourself in a leadership role even if you don’t want to be. This is because your passion moves others.

While it may be uncomfortable for you to accept this role because you don’t seek personal success, you should get it anyhow. You’ll be able to make an even more significant impact on people’s lives with your elevated status.

Final Thoughts

The Heart’s Desire, or Soul Urge, number informs you of your innermost desires in life. Additionally, it tells you of your motives, intentions, and issues you may face as you try to achieve your dreams.

Each Heart’s Desire number is associated with unique desires and problems. Understanding your Heart’s Desire number will help you succeed and follow a suitable path for your personality and aspirations.

We hope this article has taught you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Heart’s Desire number!

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