About The Sage Divine

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About The Sage Divine

Finding, let alone following, the path that has been laid out for us is never as simple or straightforward as most of us hope it will be.

It’s not at all uncommon to feel lost, to feel overwhelmed, and to feel smothered by the world around us, knowing that the “other side” is gently trying to guide us in the right direction – but never really knowing when our spirit guides and our fortunes are aligning with our current reality.

The Sage Divine was started to help bridge those two worlds, bringing them together in perfect harmony and creating the connection we all long for. Tapping into the power of all that is spiritual and mystical – including numerology, astrology, tarot cards, fortune-telling, reiki therapy, crystals, and more – you’ll never have to worry about walking these paths alone again.

Created by Adena Adams, The Sage Divine is both a platform and a gathering point for all things pertaining to the alternate dimensions and realities that make up the spiritual ether we are all swimming in.

Providing relief and comfort for those that want to know what’s just beyond the physical world, Adena is always here to help connect you to the deeper meanings and truths of the world of the esoteric arts.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about the space between the light that we can see, the spirit world our loved ones have moved into, or the way that our lives have been mapped across time and our true destinies, you’ll find your answers – and more – when you connect with Adena and The Sage Divine.

Remember this, though: These connections are not parlor tricks, they are not smoke and mirrors, and they are not child’s games. While always open and friendly, Adena is passionate and serious about helping people and serving those that want the truth.

It’s important that those seeking out true answers from The Sage Divine are also passionate and serious about what she has to share. Stepping into the world beyond is not something to take lightly, which is why it’s so important to do so with a guide as committed and talented as Adena.

About Adena Adams

About Adena Adams

As for Adena, she has always been a “helper”.

Committing to a life of service, she’s been using her unique abilities to guide people through the world of spirituality. Very sensitive to things that others don’t see, she’s able to quickly tap into and connect with forces that fill the space in our world.

Incredibly intuitive, empathy has always been Adena’s greatest gift. If you’ve wanted to connect with the energy that connects us all with the universe, she can help act as your guide.

Don’t be surprised if you feel as though you’ve known Adena your entire life, even when you first meet her. Warm, friendly, affable, and always sharing herself in total confidence, those searching for answers first seek Adena – and for good reason.