Is It Possible for Numerology to Predict Your Death?

Is It Possible for Numerology to Predict Your Death

Can You Use Numerology to Predict Your Death?

Numerology is a great tool to use in many instances of your life. However, as much as people enjoy using numerology to try and predict certain things about their lives, numerology cannot be used to predict everything. For example, when you use numerology, you won’t be able to predict who you’ll marry, or when you’ll get a job.

Numerology doesn’t work as an appropriate way to predict a death date. That’s because the predictions that numerology uses are flexible. Numerology is only used to predict a tendency or likelihood, it cannot be used to gage something predetermined.

Since there isn’t much information available on the Internet today covering the use of numerology to predict a death date, we created this article to help you. Below we’ll cover why numerology cannot be used to predict your death and a few other things that numerology cannot predict.

Numerology and Predicting Death Dates

Using numerology to predict a death date is not an appropriate use of the messages that we can learn from numerology. Since the predictions formulated by numerology are considered elastic and changeable, a solid death date cannot be accurately determined using numerology. The concepts behind numerology are instead used to predict

  • Possibilities
  • Likelihoods
  • Tendencies

Thus, numerology cannot be used to try to predict something connected to predeterminism. People typically don’t pass away because they are using their free will, even if it is their free will that alters their destination. For example, if somebody’s path changes so that they drive over a cliff, that person could have used free will at the time. However, the action of driving over the cliff caused that person’s death, not the free will decision at the time.

The basic components of numerology tell us that numerology can influence an individual, but it doesn’t exist to compel somebody to do something. Because humans exercise free will and free will determines one’s changing the path, numerology cannot be used to predict the date of one’s death.

Items that Don’t Work with Numerology

Just like the death date, there are some other items that numerology cannot help you with when it comes to predictions. For example, numerology cannot be used to predict things like accurately:

  • When you will marry
  • Will you get married
  • Who you will marry
  • If and when you become pregnant
  • If and when you get a divorce
  • If you want to know everything about your future

While numerology can’t predict things like this, you can still use numerology to calculate and determine probabilities and what seems likely to happen. Numerology also does a great job of revealing people’s tendencies. Both of these can be helpful when it comes to making major life decisions utilizing numerology.

The purpose of numerology is to utilize specific mathematical calculations to predetermine particular items. If you are going to perform calculations in numerology, then the information that you’ll need to make those certain calculations needs to be known beforehand. In most cases of numerology, the birth name and birth date help to answer particular questions.

Numerology cannot be used to calculate with any accuracy what a person will or will not do. While numerology can help to predict a particular individual’s tendencies, it cannot accurately predict that person’s actions.

Numerology can be helpful, but it cannot be used to determine everything. For example, you cannot use numerology to calculate how a person’s childhood experiences or social environment may impact their actions. However, numerology can help you assess an individual’s probably reactions to particular points of view. Still, the real effect of that person’s environment and experiences on him or her cannot be predicted with numerology.

Below we’ll cover a few of the items that numerology cannot accurately predict.


Marriage Questions

Just like numerology cannot be used to predict a person’s death date accurately, numerology cannot predict much about your marriage, either. For example, numerology won’t be able to predict who you might marry, but it can help you figure out if you are more compatible with your current partner than your previous one. Still, determining that would only be a tendency as well. There are successful marriages that exist between people that seem incompatible through numerology.

On the other hand, using the birth data of both people in the couple also cannot guarantee that you’ll get married to your current partner, even if you are compatible. Typically, a more reliable prediction can be made by just asking the couple whether they’d like to get married.

Numerology also cannot accurately predict when you’ll get married. However, it can be used to figure out a date that would be more favorable to your marriage. Sometimes, people choose wedding dates for things that have nothing to do with numerology—like timing and when they can get off work for a honeymoon, for example.

If both people in the couple’s birth dates are known, then numerology can be used to obtain a good list of dates for both people. Then, the dates can be compared. The dates that show up on both people’s lists, within the realm of numerology, would be the luckiest dates to select.

Pregnancy Questions

Also, like predicting death and marriage, numerology shouldn’t be used to try to predict when you might get pregnant. If you are having any issues with getting pregnant, it would be better to see a medical professional that specializes in fertility issues than it would be to talk to a numerologist about this. Numerology isn’t effective for predicting when the action of pregnancy would occur. In general, numerology doesn’t work well for medical questions, and that includes

  • Pregnancy
  • Illnesses
  • Death

Divorce Questions

Just like numerology cannot predict much about marriage or your death date, numerology also won’t work well if you are wondering about a divorce. Instead, figuring out a divorce should be between you and your spouse.

Where you live, and the laws regulating a divorce may also be applicable. Unfortunately, numerology cannot be used to predict the further actions of people that consider a divorce.

Exam Predictions

Another thing that numerology cannot predict, like marriage, death, and divorce, is whether or not you’ll pass your next exam. Instead, we’d recommend studying hard and attending class lectures. Preparation for an exam is the best way to ensure that you’ll pass, not using numerology to predict that occurrence, which wouldn’t give you much help, anyway.

Job Predictions

Numerology cannot tell you much about when you’ll get a job, or what type of job you’ll get, just like it cannot tell you much about the date of your death. Getting a job usually depends on where you live and the availability of jobs around you. Your education and experience also play a role there.

Death Predictions

Again, while you may want to know when you might die, death dates aren’t something that numerology can be used to calculate. In truth, no divination practice can be used to predict one’s likely death date

Final Thoughts

Numerology works well when it comes to comprehending tendencies in people. That means the type of events a person is likely to run into while he or she is still alive. A person’s free will determines how an individual responds to events. So, it’s impossible to predict one’s death date with numerology.