Using Numerology to Make Money – Learn What Will Work Best for You!

Using Numerology to Make Money

How to Use Numerology to Make Money

Many use numerology to make decisions in their everyday life, including what job to take, who they should date, and more. Some even use it for monetary gain by following the path that your numbers, symbols, and name have laid out for you.

You can use numerology to make money by choosing the ideal path based on your Life Path number to achieve financial gain. You can also use your knowledge of numerology to make decisions in your everyday life that lead toward financial prosperity.

If you are interested in how to make money through numerology, read on below where it is laid out what each number means towards financial gain, how your birthday can affect how to make money with numerology, and more about making money with numerology.

What is Numerology?

Numerology can refer to one of two closely related fields, both based around numbers and how their involvement in everyday life. The more basic definition of numerology is simply the study of numerical values and how they are associated with everything else in the world, as an example the correlation between the letter “A” and the number one as it is the first letter in the alphabet.

It is used to learn more about who we really are, what path we are on, and how our affiliation with numbers, letters, and other symbols affects our everyday lives, meaning one can use this information to put themselves in a position for financial prosperity.


How does Making Money with Numerology Work?

As with other divinatory arts, making money with numerology depends on the dedication of the individual. Even if it’s not proven science, if you dedicate yourself to numerology it will have a beneficial effect on your life.

For instance, you can choose not to have a favorite number or make decisions based on it, but you can’t change the fact that your birth name starts with a certain letter. Therefore, you are listed in a database based on your name without you having any choice in the matter!

You can use knowledge like this for financial gain, just one example of how to make money by using numerology.

How Can My Life or Name Number Help Me Make Money?

Your Life Path Number, or simply your numerology number, takes your date of birth and adds it up to get a single-digit number.

The second most important number in the life of most numerologists is their name number. This is calculated by using the table below, so that someone with the name John Smith would have a name number of eight as the value of the letters add up to forty four which, added together as individual numbers, is eight.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

These numbers give numerologists a guide to live by and also allow for those who closely study numerology to give advice on when your lucky days are, what might be a good job for you, who or what type of person you should be together with and various other everyday questions and guides, which can position you for monetary gain.

How the Exact Day of Your Birth Affects How You Should Make Money

The table below gives you a quick guide on the pros and cons of every number in numerology so you can better understand your numbers and be able to position yourself to make money through numerology.

# Pros and Positive Traits Cons and Negative Traits How to Make Money with Number
1 Likes to start and lead things, a courageous, outgoing spirit who comes up with their own ideas, functions well alone and independent of others, is a good leader and is tough and determined. Often prone to being self-centered and egotistic, can be overly impulsive, arrogant or boastful. Anywhere you can position yourself to be in charge of others, such as leading a team at work, or owning your own business, should put you in a good position to capitalize monetarily on being a 1
2 The perfect diplomat, works well with others, shows both empathy and sympathy, modest, genuine and a strong sense of spirituality. Can be shy or timid, get lost in their own thoughts, depressed. Self-conscious and overly obsessed with irrelevant details. Try politics, be a mediator or even choose to represent your religion or pass numerology readings on to others! Use your spirituality to pick the profitable path.
3 Self-expressive with a strength to say what they feel, powerful imagination, gifted artistically, good actors and predictive skills, optimistic, happy go lucky, knows and loves how to have a good time. Scatterbrained, does not follow through, moody, prone to exaggeration and easily loses direction in life. Try being a designer or even selling your own artwork. Try being a DJ or even create your own music. You could also try acting but any way through the arts should bring you financial gain.
4 Strong sense of order, virtuous, seeks to overcome all obstacles, believes in a strong foundation, very organized and organization based, and makes good managers. Often lack imagination, easily lost in details, argumentative, often confused and overly serious, stubborn and bull headed Perfect for Law Enforcement or the military where your courage will pay off. Use your strong sense of virtue to not only help your community but also bring you financial success.
5 A visionary who is quick on their feet, versatile and action seeking, wants to constantly be moving and exploring, curious and resourceful, free spirited. Edgy and cannot sit still, impatient, can lack focus, often dissatisfied with everyday life, adrenaline seeker. Try being an adventure guide, and maybe even a stockbroker. Channel the need for adrenaline into an outlet that can make money and avoid excessive gambling.
6 Unselfish and extremely responsible, strong sense of dignity and self worth, balanced, proud of home and self, confident, nurturing, always willing to help. Overly self-righteous, stubborn, domineering of close friends or family, egotistical, needs to feel in charge or in control. Any emergency response position or military is perfect for you. Use your nose-to-the-grindstone attitude to your advantage to climb your jobs ladder.
7 Analytical and academic, smart, inventive and constantly seeking knowledge, works well alone, enjoys finding inner peace, perfectionist, charming. Often keeps a hidden agenda, sarcastic and argumentative, inflexible, easily upset over small distractions. Use your smarts to make money. Go on a trivia show, be a professor, write a book or even just attend a local trivia night to find financial success!
8 A perfect politician, manages power and authority well, commanding, confident, good at making decisions, good executive skills. Works overly hard, lacks sympathy, constantly seeking more money/power, impatient, stressed. Politics and other executive jobs are perfect for you. Find a way to use your leadership skills to make money.
9 A giving nature, selfless, creative and easily influenced by other works of art to create their own or inspired to do charitable work, good writing and acting skills. Obsessed with praise, possessive, moody, needs praise from others, careless with money. Work for a non-profit or some other charitable organization where your compassion can make you money. Also try entertaining people…you might find they will pay you for it!
11 See 2, though the spiritual aspect is emphasized. See 2.
22 See 4, can be more outgoing. See 4.

*11 and 22 are not always considered to be more important than other numbers.

Find Your Path and Use it to Garner Wealth

In addition to these factors, there are also added traits for each day of the month, which are listed below so you can more accurately find your path. The below traits give you some ideas about how to make money by using these traits to your advantage.

1st The first of the month gives confidence in the self and strong inner spirit, though it may cause you to miss certain details. While you may be more sensitive than your Life Path number suggests, you are able to keep them hidden and contained, so take advantage of this by putting yourself in a position of leadership at work since you can deal with people’s negative comments so be willing to make money in a position where you may have to deal with criticism or other people doubting your decisions.
2nd You are more emotional, sensitive, and spiritual. While you are uncomfortable in large groups, you are sympathetic and constantly seek love and compassion. Since you may struggle with depression and mood switching, stick close to those who keep you upbeat and you will find monetary success through your spirituality and charitable work.
3rd Those born on the third of the month should expect a higher level of energy and are good at overcoming setbacks and obstacles. They shed off the negatives of life and tough times and they are extremely expressive. They are good speakers, writers and singers and love to have a good conversation, so try broadcasting or entertaining and you will find financial gain!
4th The 4th day of the month leads one to be good at organizing and managing everyday life, with stalwart self-control and responsibility. You are susceptible to being caught up in small, seemingly insignificant details despite being otherwise very practical. You can use this to be an inscrutable accountant or manager of money, as you will find all the loopholes and keep organized enough to make a nice profit.
5th Those born on the fifth tend to enjoy working with others and the company of others. They are usually up for anything and are good at presenting their ideas to others. You would make an excellent tour or travel guide and take advantage of seeing the world to make money, either on social media or through recording your adventures in a memoir!
6th The sixth day of a month makes one stalwartly responsible, trusting in others and open and honest about themselves. They tend to constantly worry about others and a need to be a protector, so you will find financial success in law enforcement or in the military.
7th People born on the seventh day accept nothing but perfection and are often annoyed by shortcomings, making them individualistic. They are analytical and sensitive to your surroundings and tend to follow their gut because it does not lead them astray very often, so invest in the stock market or look for ways where your insight can make you money.
8th One born on the eighth of a month is a self-starter and a good judge of character. They are consistent and reliable, someone who can lead by example and trusts others to follow their lead, often to a fault. Those born on the eighth often tend to seek and mind monetary success through self endeavors, so start a business and watch the money roll in!
9th The ninth day of the month tends to make people more optimistic and trusting in the goodness of humanity. They are trusting, generous, empathetic, and compassionate, you will find financial success in your charitable work and your compassion will be rewarded.
10th Look to the qualities of the first, except they express a more original approach, though you sometimes dominating and burying others in their wake. You would make a great coach, trainer or any job that can take advantage of your leadership and ruthlessness.
11th A birthday on the first power number makes the individual an extreme idealist who sees and wants the best in the world. They are not suited well for the corporate world, so one should try and find jobs outside of the regular droll of the world to make money.
12th See the third of the month, thought even more easy going and happy go lucky. To make money, try not to get bogged down in something that takes a long attention span.
13th See the fourth of the month. In addition, you are even more serious and hardworking, so you can make money by outworking everybody.
14th See the fifth of the month. In addition, one is easily bored with a routine so find a job where the scenery constantly changes.
15th The fifteenth represents a combination of the first and the fifth, making one have a strong sense of pride but also a caring and nurturing attitude. You can make money by being a professor, teacher or even a nanny or babysitter if you aren’t an academic!
16th Being born on the 16th makes one want to work alone and on their own tasks. One is analytical and scientific, looking to pursue knowledge not readily available to all of humanity, so you can make money by isolating yourself and discovering something the rest of the world wants to know or needs!
17th See the eighth, though there is an emphasis on financial fortune, and one has an extremely good and ambitious business sense, so take advantage of it to make money.
18th See the ninth, except one is less trusting in others despite the love they give and their care for others. Open-minded and a constant desire to be around, or working with, others, so find a job where you can be surrounded by people to make money.
19th See one, except one should expect tough setbacks that will make them better in the long run once they are overcome, so position yourself to make money when your toughness outlasts others.
20th See the second, and one is extremely personable, making friends easily and enjoying hanging out in a crowd, a true social butterfly, so make money by promoting yourself and entertaining!
21st See the third.
22nd See the fourth.
23rd See the fifth and fifteenth.
24th See the sixth.
25th See the seventh, but one is more scientific and analytical, often finding a technological job or passion, so find a way to profit off of your technological knowledge and skill.
26th See the eighth and seventeenth.
27th See the ninth, but while one works well with others, they need a balance with time alone to self-reflect as they are open-minded and pensive, so working as an academic with occasional joint projects should bring you happiness and financial gain.
28th See the first.
29th See the eleventh.
30th One born on the 30th is often good at weaving tales and parables, enjoying presenting and entertaining others, something they do very well. They find it easy to express themselves and are confident in their own skills and opinions, so you will find monetary success by telling stories either over social media or on air!
31st See the fourth.

Final Thoughts

You can use numerology to make money by positioning yourself in the perfect place to take advantage of your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. Make sure to pay attention to your daily readings and capitalize whenever the reading is financially auspicious.