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Numerology is an interesting thing. While it is not considered an applicable means of determining outcomes, it has been practiced for about 2500 years. Its continued presence just goes to show that many people find solace and a deeper meaning in numbers.

A numerology report is deeply connected to astrology and other divination techniques. Practitioners believe in the power of numbers and think that everything can be explained or whittled down to a single digit.

A lot of individuals who practice numerology use the methods created by Pythagoras. Best known for the mathematical concept of the Pythagorean Theory, this Greek philosopher influenced the type of numerology that is practiced in much of the Western world.

He began his numerological journey by exploring the relationships between certain numbers and the vibrations that different musical notes made. By carefully studying the vibrations of stringed instruments, he surmised that their complex sounds could be explained by numbers.

Pythagoras developed a chart that combined the letters of the alphabet with numbers one through nine. Each letter got a number, starting with A and number 1. So, B would get number 2 and so on. When the chart reached number 9 (letter I), it would go back to number 1 (or J).

This chart system is still used by numerologists today and makes calculating things such as life path and balance numbers much simpler. Though while it’s quite easy to get these numbers, the meanings behind them are much more complex. Check out some interpretations of the core numerology report information below.

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Life Path

In numerology, there are five core numbers that represent the general totality of an individual. The first one is his or her life path number, which is considered the most crucial. This is the digit that determines how a person’s life will play out; it’s sort of his or her fate.

Whatever a person’s life path number, it dictates the challenges and successes that he or she will encounter along the way. It also plays into his or her overall character traits and is based on his or her date of birth (month, day, and year).


While the life path number will provide a glimpse of what people can expect to face, the expression number is all about how they’ll actually go about approaching those things. It determines their personal strengths and weaknesses and can help them better understand themselves and their actions.

Interestingly, it’s also referred to as the destiny number because it corresponds to an individual’s life goals and how those translate into his or her overall life path. It will tell you about your innate abilities and special talents, hinting at how you might be able to address those life obstacles or opportunities that come up in the future.


Here is the number that represents how you appear to the rest of the world. While the personality number is all about your intrinsic gifts and capabilities, the personality digit explores the outward appearance that you share with others. Think of this numerical value as your first impression number.

Understanding this digit will provide some insight into how much of yourself you want to make known to others around you. It can also help you determine which people are compatible with you so you can invite other people and situations into your life that will have a positive impact. Numerologists calculate this number by taking only the consonants from a person’s full name.

Take Oprah Gail Winfrey. The consonants of her first name are O(6), P(7), R(9), and H(8), which add up to 30; 3+0 is 3. Gail is G(7) and L(3) for a total of 11; 1+1 is 2. Winfrey is W(5), N(5), F(6), R(9), and Y(7) for a total of 32; and 3+2 is 5. Now, just add 3+2+5 for 10. 1+0 is 1 so her personality number is 1.

Heart’s Desire

As the name suggests, this digit is all about the true desires of your heart. It helps to explain why you do the things you do and what the true meaning is behind your actions. Knowing your heart’s desire number might help you navigate personal or romantic relationships and other life-altering events.

When you have a clear idea of what you really want out of life, it can make meaningful decisions a bit easier. You can kind of think of it as the number to your subconscious. To calculate this number, experts take the vowels from an individual’s full name.

For example, Barack Hussein Obama’s numbers would be 2+17+2 for a total of 21. Then add 2+1 for a final heart’s desire number of 3. People with this reading have the gift of charisma and smooth talking; they’re outgoing and have a good balance of mental and emotional wellbeing.

Birth Day Number

Yes, this one is a no-brainer. It uses the digits of your birthday to show you your true talent or ability — that special gift that you’ll use to better the world and those around you. Take note that this is just the day you were born, not the month or year. While it’s one of the core numbers, it is the least significant.

For this number, you don’t have to add up the digits so if you were born on the 1st of the month, your birth day number is 1. If you were born on the 21st of the month, your birth day number is 21.

Your birth day number might indicate that you’re destined to be great at business transactions, ideas, and cooperation (22nd). Or perhaps it signifies that you were gifted with powerful communication skills that rally people together for a greater cause (28th). Maybe it’s a sign that you’re optimistic but also pragmatic (11th).

You can have fun deciphering your own numbers with a numerology report or you can access one online. It’s interesting to see which character traits match up and lots of people find that their numbers correspond very well to their personalities and talents.