Numerology for Your Home (Make the Most of Your Current Address)

House Numerology

House Number Numerology

If you are a numerology follower, you will likely be familiar with numerological concepts related to your name and birth date. However, you may not be aware that you can also use numerology to discover information about your home address.

Home numerology involves using the numbers in your home address to calculate its numerological number. Once you uncover this number, you can learn how your house impacts your life, what professions this home is ideal for, and design tips to accentuate your home’s positive traits.

This article will briefly go over what numerology is and how it impacts your life. Then, we’ll talk about what house numerology is, how to calculate your house’s numerological number and the meanings associated with each of these numbers.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is like astrology, but with numbers. Numerologists believe that when the universe is broken down into its most essential element, you get numbers. Numbers are universal truths that reveal information about the world and everyone in it.

You have specific numbers associated with your name, birthdate, and more. These numbers reveal information about your personality, temperament, and lifestyle choices. They also inform you about the world and the struggles you may face. Once your numerological numbers are revealed, they can help you succeed in life since you’ll understand your many strengths and weaknesses.

However, numerology doesn’t only reveal information about the self. Everything in life can be equated to numbers. Therefore, you can use numerology to help you learn and make decisions involving various things, including selecting a name for your child, determining a name for your business, or even choosing where you should live.

Numbers Used in Numerology

There are nine foundational numbers used in numerology, which are the digits from 1 to 9. Each of these numbers has its unique traits, meanings, and symbolic applications. Any other numbers reached in numerological calculations will continue to be summed until they equal one of them.

However, there is an exception to this rule. The numbers 11, 22, and 33 are not broken down into single-digits because they are Master Numbers.

Master Numbers are important numbers in numerology. They encompass some of the single-digit numbers’ qualities and meanings while also offering exceptional traits of their own. If any of your numerological numbers equals a Master Number, you will have a lot of potential in life, but you will also face more significant burdens.

Using Numerology for Your Home Address

You can also use the same numerological concepts applicable to your name or birth date on your home address. All you have to do is transform your home address into its numerological number.

Once you do this, you’ll be able to find out more about your living space, including what kind of themes your home presents, who this kind of home is ideal for, some design tips to help accentuate your house’s best features, and what kind of an impact your dwelling will have on your life.

If you are considering moving into a new house or apartment, you can check the dwelling’s numerological number beforehand to make sure it is suitable for you. Some numerological numbers will be better for you than others. Selecting a home with the right numerological number can help assure that you’ll live somewhere that is compatible with you and your personality traits.

How To Find Your Home’s Numerological Number

To calculate your address’s numerological number, follow the steps below.

  1. Write down your house or apartment number. This is the number you’ll find on your mailbox or above your front door. If you have multiple numbers in your address, use the one that is most specific to you. For example, if your address is 351 Park Dr. Apt #201C, the number you would use is 201C.
  2. Turn any letters in your house or apartment number into numbers. For example, if your apartment number were 201C, you’d convert the “C” into a number using the numerological conversion chart. According to this chart, C is equal to 3.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  1. Add the numbers together to find the sum. For example, if your apartment number is 201C, you would add 2 + 0 + 1 + 3= 6. Therefore, your house’s numerological number would be 6.
  2. Reduce larger numbers into a single digit. If you added your house number together and it was greater than 9, you’ll need to reduce the sum (unless it was equal to one of the master numbers 11, 22, and 33). For example, if your house number were 3608, you’d add 3 + 6 + 0 + 9 = 18. Then, reduce 18 to two single-digit numbers and add them together, so 1 + 8 = 9. Therefore, your house’s numerological number would be 9.

Home Numbers and Their Meanings

Below we’ve listed all of the numerological house numbers and their associated meanings. Read your house’s number description to learn more about your home and how it is influencing you.

Number 1 Homes

If you’re all about independence and paving your way through life, then a number 1 house is ideal for you. Homes with this numerology number are great for entrepreneurs, private contractors, or other individualistic souls.

Number 1 houses are all about you and your interests. They represent your freedom and your ability to live life however you choose. Every element of the house is exactly how you want it.

If you live in a number 1 home, you need to be careful to avoid loneliness. Your self-sufficiency can make your home desolate because you want to be alone to work on your ideas without any interruptions. You also don’t like it when other people adjust your things or comment negatively on your home, making you hesitant to invite people over. You’ll need to let this go and make an effort to let others in, or else you may end up feeling isolated from the rest of the world.

Number 1 houses look best with a minimalistic look. To add a pop of personality, many homeowners choose to include touches of color throughout the home. Since you’ll likely use this house to pursue your creative endeavors, open space is a must. It would help if you also got some indoor plants, just in case your spectacular ideas keep you from getting out much.

House Number Numerology

Number 2 Homes

If you are the sensitive, sentimental, or nurturing type, a number 2 home is right up your alley. Houses with this number are great for couples and families. Number 2’s are also ideal for healers, especially if you work from home.

If you enjoy having people over for gatherings, number 2 homes will provide you with the warm and inviting atmosphere you seek. These are the perfect homes for holiday celebrations and birthday parties!

The main problem with number 2 houses is that they can sometimes feel overwhelming and overly emotional. Living in this house may cause you to feel emotionally drained or anxious. You may need other people to validate you and your home for you to feel secure.

As far as design goes, number 2 homes look best with pastel-colored walls and many comfortable spaces. Think plush sofas, comfy chairs, and maybe even beanbags if that’s your thing! You want everything in the house to radiate warmth and happiness.

Number 3 Homes

If you consider yourself a social butterfly, then the number 3 house is your speed. These homes are great for networking and hosting sophisticated parties. Before you know it, your house will be the social highlight of the town.

However, three homes aren’t only ideal for socialites. They are excellent for creative individuals as well. If you are an artist, cook, musician, or writer, three homes are the perfect space for you to delve into your original works.

If you are both social and creative, you can combine the strengths of number 3 homes and host exhibitions. You can also invite other creatives to your dwelling to discuss your ideas or collaborate on creative work.

The main struggle associated with number 3 homes is they tend to be disorganized. You have so many projects and people flowing through the house that it can become chaotic and scattered. To combat this, make sure you take time to organize your home. Doing so will give you greater peace of mind.

When you are designing your home, don’t be afraid to go for an eclectic look. Mix in any styles, furniture, or art pieces that speak to you, even if they don’t usually “go together.” You can even mix in elements from different eras if you choose. Be bold and creative, and let your creativity speak for itself. Guests to your home will be astonished by your unique style and fantastic taste.

Number 4 Homes

Are you a practical, responsible individual? Do you work in business, education, or investments? Are you all about working hard to find stability? Then number 4 houses are the ideal choice for you.

Number 4 homes are fundamental, orderly, and very practical. Every appliance and piece of furniture in the house is there for a purpose. Each space in the home is functional. There is pretty much nothing in the house that isn’t used daily. If anything is no longer necessary, it is very likely to be thrown away.

Number 4 houses are great for any professionally-oriented events because they are clean, sensible, and to-the-point. If you regularly host business meetings or educational seminars, these homes will serve you well.

The main challenge associated with number 4 houses is that they are very dull. There is no decor, art, or style. While their cleanliness and organization are pleasing, there is no spontaneity. If you live in a number 4 home, you’ll have to make an effort to add a little pizzazz. It’ll be hard for you because you are so sensible, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. If you don’t want to add decor for yourself, do it for your visitors or your home’s resale value.

Number 5 Homes

Number 5 homes are perfect for the adventurers and free-spirits of the world. If you are always looking for your next great adventure, this house number is ideal for you.

Houses with a numerological number of 5 are exciting and lively. They are perfect for throwing wild parties or for hosting daring events. You’ll never be bored in this house, which is precisely what you need since it’s extremely easy for you to become disinterested.

Suppose you choose to leave your house to explore the world, no problem. Number 5 homes generally include features that make it easy to pack up and go. All you have to do is pack your bags, lock the door, and you’ll be off and running!

While 5’s are great for keeping the party going, they aren’t ideal for introspection or for taking a quiet moment for yourself. While they may be great for you in the short-term, in the long run, you may want a more peaceful home that will permit you to settle down.

Style-wise, number 5 homes are often bright and inviting. Many 5’s include exciting features, such as rock climbing walls, jacuzzis, game rooms, and more. These homes tend to be eclectic and are filled with mementos from your many travels. It is not advised to keep any plants or pets in the house so that it’ll be easy for you to leave whenever you want to.

Number 6 Homes

Compassion, kindness, and harmony are what number 6 homes are all about. If you are a parent, these homes are an excellent place for you to raise your children. Number 6’s tend to be peaceful oases that are bursting with love. People who enter these homes immediately feel a sense of calm.

Number 6 homes are generally filled with children, pets, and plants. All living things thrive in these homes’ caring atmosphere. They tend to have lush gardens and excellent landscape work because everything in (and outside) of the house is treated with love and care.

The main problem with number 6 homes is that you may find yourself giving everything you have to the other beings in your home. You spend so much time caring for others that you rarely take a moment of peace for yourself. To remedy this, try to make a space in the home that is reserved specifically for you. This is a space where you can pursue your interests or take a quiet moment to get away from it all.

When designing a number 6 home, you need to focus on comfort. All of your furniture should be soft and welcoming. Additionally, it’s recommended that you paint the walls in light colors since this will open up space and make it feel more inviting. Many number 6 homes also include plenty of cozy nooks. These may consist of a breakfast nook, a reading nook, and more.

Number 7 Homes

Number 7 homes are peaceful and spiritual. They are great spaces for meditating, praying, and thinking about other-worldly matters. This makes them ideal locations for hosting spiritual retreats. If you are a thoughtful and spiritually-minded kind of person, you should invest in a number 7 home.

You will likely feel a sense of calm inside your number 7 home. The second you enter your doors, you’ll be removed from the hustle and bustle of life and transported into a space ideal for introspection and enlightenment.

When it comes to decor, number 7 homes are very minimalistic. The walls tend to be neutral colors that don’t distract from the spiritual essence of the space. These homes are also immaculate and orderly. Some seven homes include calming elements, such as fountains or aromatherapy dispensers.

The primary concern associated with these homes is that they are not suitable for entertaining others. They are very private and secretive spaces that are geared towards you and your spiritual needs. These homes can feel incredibly lonely if you aren’t careful.

Therefore, you’ll need to select a section of your home that will be dedicated to entertaining others. Try adding a few extra chairs, some comfortable furniture, and other welcoming items in this part of your home. While having these items may go against your minimalist nature, possessing them will be better for you in the long run since they’ll permit you to spend time with other people.

Number 8 Homes

Number 8 homes are for the success seekers in life. If you are an entrepreneur focused on making the big bucks, then this is the home you’ll want to invest in.

These homes are all about prosperity and wealth. Everything inside your number 8 home will demonstrate to others that you are on your way to the top. These homes are filled with an energy that screams “abundance” and “success.” Number 8 homes are so impressive that they will attract business partners and other successful individuals into your life.

Since number 8 houses are designed to impress others, they can be pretty expensive. When you build your home, you’ll require the best of the best. That means the most extensive television, the highest quality granite, top of the line furniture, and more. Therefore, your grand design plans may leave you with some serious debt if your endeavors don’t work out.

If your plans do work out, you may feel a sense of dissatisfaction with your home as your business grows more prominent. You might feel the need to buy every new thing that hits the market to demonstrate your success materially. However, this is not a great idea since buying all of this stuff will make a number 8 home look junky instead of giving it an elevated look you desire.

Number 9 Homes

If you are a healer, humanitarian, or someone who enjoys helping others, then the number 9 home is just what you need.

If you have a number 9 house, everyone in your community feels welcome to stop by. If someone needs to be cheered up or needs some advice, your doors are always open. Your friends and family feel comfortable popping over at any time for a cup of coffee or to hang out.

The problem with a number 9 home is that you and your family may not get enough alone time. Your doors are always open, so people are stopping by daily. While you enjoy this, sometimes it can feel draining. If you need to get away for a little while, take your family on vacation. That way, your home will remain an oasis for others while you can still get some much needed alone time.

Number 9s look best when they are decorated in a whimsical style. Try adding beautiful decorations and delicate adornments throughout the home to give it a pretty, inviting look. Large windows and plants are great additions to number 9’s because they accentuate the house’s feeling of warmth.

Number 11 Homes

If you need a significant change or are entering into a new phase of your life, number 11 houses are ideal. These homes are gateways into a new future. Moving into a number 11 home is your ticket to a fresh start.

Number 11 homes are inspiring places filled with possibilities. In these homes, you’ll feel creative and fresh energy. The sky’s the limit, so nothing will feel like it’s out of your reach. New ideas will come to you with ease, and you’ll view the world in a whole new light.

You may also experience a spiritual awakening when you move into a number 11 home. During this time, you’ll recognize the faults of your past, but you’ll be able to move past them and create a new life for yourself. You’ll feel attuned to your emotions and will feel at peace with yourself and others.

However, if you try to block this awakening and refuse to deal with past emotions, your home may feel dark and depressing. To avoid this, permit yourself to experience the past feelings, then let them go. That way, they won’t remain trapped in your new home.

When designing a number 11 home, try to include large windows and wide-open spaces. You want the entire house to feel airy and fresh. Incorporate natural elements, such as wood furniture and plants. These will make the home feel alive and will contribute to your creative energy.

Number 22 Homes

Number 22 houses are stable and grounded. They are safe spaces that are often passed down from one generation to the next because families love living in them so much. They are also centers of creative energy that permit those living inside them to build their lives and shape their futures. If you want a stable yet innovative home, number 22 is right for you.

If you live in a number 22 home, you’ll feel safe to explore your ideas. The house makes you feel protected so that you can create without fear. If you enjoy poetry, philosophy, literature, or any other types of thoughtful art forms, number 22 homes are perfect for you. They’ll permit you to explore these concepts and contribute something of your own.

However, sometimes number 22 homes can make you feel too much pressure to create. If you ever feel like relaxing or taking time off, you may feel guilty because you aren’t creating something new. To remedy this, try to remember that your house’s energy is both creative and safe. Go to an enjoyable part of your home and let yourself be still. This will help you remember that you are secure and that it’s ok to let yourself feel still and grounded sometimes.

Number 33 Homes

Number 33 homes have an atmosphere of empathy and selflessness. As a master number, these houses experience greater joys and greater sorrows than many others on our list.

If you live in a number 33 house, it will give off intense loving energy. People of every religion, economic background, and ethnicity can visit your home without judgment or fear. Individuals in their darkest depths of despair can find solace in your home. While this is amazing and appeals to your humanitarian nature, it is also incredibly stressful and takes a toll on your wellbeing.

If you feel overwhelmed inside your home or feel a weight every time you enter into the doors, you may need to take some time alone. Traveling to a new place, visiting a family member, or going on a retreat can return your sense of compassion and release any negative energy built up inside your house.

Final Thoughts

In numerology, you can use your home address to calculate your house’s numerological number. The number can be the digits 1 through 9 or one of the Master Numbers, 11, 22, and 33. Each digit is associated with unique traits that will tell you what kind of people or professions your house is ideal for, how your house will influence your life, and style tips to encourage your home’s best features.