House Number Numerology – Are You Living At The Right Address?

House Number Numerology

House Number Numerology

As with everything in life, your house has a distinct vibration that can be determined through numerology. House numerology is arguably one of the most important aspects to understand.

Home numerology is the idea that every house has its own vibration that gives it a unique feel or personality. It’s important that your home compliments you, or you may feel “off” or out of sync with your home. You can change the numerology of your home by adding numbers close to the front door to make its vibration more compatible with you and your family.

So much of what we do revolves around our home. We eat, sleep, raise children, do business, relax, and so much more there. Working with the vibration of your home will make you more successful, happy, and keep you moving in unison with your life path. It basically sets the tone for your entire life!

How to Determine Your Number

Some people get confused trying to determine their house number, but it’s really simple. Just take the number of your house without the street name and reduce it to one number the way that you would for any other type of numerology.

Why do we leave off the street name? The street name can hold a lot of insight but it doesn’t affect the number of your particular address. The number for your street affects everyone on that street, not just you.

For example, if your address was 332 Elm Ave. You would take 332 and reduce it to a single number. 3 + 3 = 6 + 2 = 8. 332 Elm Ave would be an 8 house.

It’s a little bit different for apartments or places with a letter in the actual address. In this case, we convert the letter into a number and then reduce the address to a single number.

For example, apartment 34B would a 9. 3 + 4 = 7, convert B into the number 2 and add it, 7 + 2 = 9.

House Numbers

The same vibrations that guide our personal numerology also guides our home’s numerology.

This means that each house has a vibration that we can choose to either complement our life path number or help guide us toward our current and future goals.

We can also understand more about our current home’s number and how it may be affecting us already. Have you been particularly successful lately? It could have something to do with the number of your house and you may not even know it!

Changing Your Home’s Numerology

Before we get into the meaning of each number, I don’t want you to think you need to move if your house number doesn’t reflect your current goals, or seems to go against your lifestyle. You can influence the number of your address to make it more favorable to you.

This is similar to how a nickname or official name change influences the vibration of your life path number. By adding another number to the outside of your house, or near the front door, you can influence that number.

Just keep in mind that this will change the house’s vibration toward the more desired number, but the original number will still be dominant. So if you had a 2 house and put a 5 on the wall by the front door you would influence its vibration to be closer to a 7. The house would still have characteristics of a 2 on top of the 7 and could even feel some influence from a 5 as well!

Number 1 Meaning

House Number 1 Numerology – A number 1 house brings strength, new beginnings, and innovation. The ability to inspire creativity and originality makes a number 1 great for people who run a business from home or are looking to start a new business.

Newlyweds typically thrive at a 1 address as many parts of their lives starting anew.

1 houses also allow you to better your leadership ability and focus on self-improvement and growth.

The challenges normally come in the form of selfishness and stubbornness. By allowing you to grow as an individual it can sometimes pull you too far into self-absorbedness and isolation. If you’re starting a new family in a 1 you need to make sure you don’t fall down this path.

1 addresses can also feel cold and not as homey as others. This can manifest in more modern decor with more greys and whites.

Number 2 Meaning

House Number 2 Numerology – 2 houses are warm, loving, and caring atmospheres. They feel happy and inviting to everyone who visits and is a great place for partnerships. Work partners, couples, and roommates will find that they are more agreeable toward one another. Overall a 2 inspires devotion to the group as a whole.

People who love a happy warm feeling home will do well here. They are also particularly good for people who love to be surrounded by bright, happy decorations.

2 houses bring with them the tendency to be overly sensitive and can also make those that live there not speak their mind due to a fear of breaking the happy mood. This can lead to one or both members of a relationship suffering in silence for extended periods of time.

If you live in a 2 address, you need to remember to take time for yourself every once in a while. Take a walk by yourself or take other time for self-reflection as needed so you don’t get lost in the group.

Number 3 Meaning

House Number 3 Numerology – The 3 house is a place for gatherings, parties, and creativity. Extroverts with an eye toward meeting new and exciting people and artists, singers, and songwriters often find their way to places like this.

Passion, sexual energy, and love of life also surround a 3. They can sometimes be recognized by having a strong triangle appearance from the outside, similar to a pyramid.

The challenges are that they can inspire frivolous spending, confusion, and a lack of focus. Simply keeping a balanced checkbook can help those in a 3 house to both focus and keep their spending in check.

3 addresses are often messy and hectic, a side effect of their tendency to attract parties and children. They also can bring you to withdraw from daily responsibilities.

Number 4 Meaning

House Number 4 Numerology – 4 houses have a grounded, sturdy, and productive energy. They are great for providing the foundation on which to build new relationships and businesses. If you are looking to find focus or are normally too flighty or aloof, the 4 is a great place for you.

A 4 gives you a great place to take control of your finances or start a new family.

They will help you be more productive but can also lead to you being overworked and unrested. Try to find time to get outside and garden as 4 houses can benefit by taking advantage of their strong connection to the earth.

Bringing this connection to mother earth indoors is another way that you can help ease some of a 4’s tendency to be all work and no play.
Home Numerology 5

Number 5 Meaning

House Number 5 Numerology – The 5 house is the embodiment of energy and change. This is a place for people who love to entertain and love surprises. Travel, continuous activity, and adventure often accompany a 5.

This is not the place for someone looking for quiet, reflection or relaxation. The volatile nature means that you may not be living there for long. Because 5 homes inspire change, they’re often up for sale or rent.

Lessons to be learned include acceptance, change, the use of freedom and facing your fears.

If you’re prone to addiction then a 5 house may not be for you. The challenges of a 5 revolve around living to excess. You can avoid these by staying focused and not indulging yourself.

House Number 6 Meaning

House Number 6 Numerology – A 6 house channels the vibration of love and brings with it the creativity, compassion, artistry, and harmony. The 6 welcomes people as they enter with its balance and harmony. Children and animals will be especially happy here. Nearly everyone will feel happy and welcome.

The love vibrations will manifest in everything its inhabitants do. Those that live in a 6 home tend to be socially active and nurturing toward others. It is a great place to start a healing based business.

The challenges associated with a 6 house often revolve around taking too much care of the family while not taking care of yourself. Some owners find themselves wanting to stay at home more than they should. You can counter these challenges by making sure that you don’t lose track of yourself. A long walk will get you out and allow you some time to reflect upon yourself.

Number 7 Meaning

House Number 7 Numerology – The 7 house is a deeply spiritual vibration. A 7 is very much a sanctuary. They feel calm, peaceful, relaxing and quiet. Writers, researchers, and those who are especially interested in spirituality would do well here. The 7 vibration is also slightly secretive and introspective.

Those looking to hone their spiritual energy will be well served by a 7 address. It lends itself to a lifestyle away from others except for a few very close friends.

Making a conscious effort to get out and interact with others will help with countering the challenges. The extremely transformative nature of 7 homes can make it difficult for couples and new friendships. This has the effect of either driving them apart or making them come much closer together.

Number 8 Meaning

House Number 8 Numerology – The 8 house is deeply intertwined with the physical world. It brings power, fortune, success, and abundance. They are so in tune with the collection of wealth that they even bring wealth on their own in the real estate market.

Those with a driven, entrepreneurial spirit will do well here. While living in an 8, it’s not uncommon for the inhabitants to find fame and public recognition.

The challenges of an 8 house come with money. It can make you very prosperous but it can also teach you a lesson by making you broke. It can also lead to overworking through its leadership and power vibration.

Number 9 Meaning

House Number 9 Numerology – 9 houses are representative of completion, but also a beginning. The vibration of giving, generosity, selflessness, and forgiveness resonate within a 9 house.

As 9 is a finishing number, those in a 9 are often in a transition from one phase of their lives to another. Major life changes often come to an end with a 9. They bring the loose end together and to a conclusion.

The humanitarian nature of a 9 house can open its inhabitants to being used by others. Be sure not to allow others to take advantage of your generosity and you will find a meaningful conclusion to events.

Final Thoughts

Understanding house numerology is important as it allows us to live in a place that compliments us rather than fights against our natural vibration. As you can see choosing to live with a complimentary vibration will make you a more rounded person and can help you work on your shortcomings. It can also amplify these challenges if we’re not careful.

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