Numerology for Business: Use Numerology to Further Your Business

Numerology for Business

Numerology for Business

Numerology can increase your chances of succeeding in business. Numerologists use numbers to predict future events and make decisions based on those predictions.

In business, numerology can determine the company’s best name and the most auspicious dates for business events. According to numerology, your business is likely to become successful if its name is in sync with energies that guide you through numerology numbers.

According to numerologists, the universal system can be broken down into numbers. Studying these numbers provides insights into events, personalities, and life’s purpose.

These principles were first practiced by ancient Egyptians and Babylonians. Thereafter, the practice of numerology spread to Rome, Green, China, and Japan. Today, many businesses use the principles of numerology to ensure the success of their ventures.

How Does Numerology Ensure Business Success?

Calculations in numerology are based on reducing several digits into a single-digit number. This single-digit is referred to as a life path number.

The number can determine whether a business is likely to succeed or not based on its name. In addition, a life path number can determine the business owner’s strongest attributes and how he can use them for business success.

In business, a life path number equates to a day. As an entrepreneur, you are likely to close lucrative deals on certain days than others. It depends on the vibration and energy that a specific day brings.

Numerology identifies business days as 1 through 9. Any two-digit number, like 10, is calculated down to one number, in this case, 1. There is an exception for the numbers 11 and 22. These are considered master numbers in numerology. 11 and 22 are amplified versions of days 1 and 2.

Day 1

Day one is associated with great success. According to numerology, this would be a good day to close on sales. Entrepreneurs should emphasize their leadership skills on this day.

Consumers, clients, or employees are more likely to revere a leader’s authority. For influencers, Day one is the best day to coerce one’s followers into taking action.

Businesses can close more sales on a ‘1’ day. In addition, it is a day that favors the launch of brand campaigns. Consumers are likely to appreciate the uniqueness of a product or service on a ‘1’ day. Launching limited offer campaigns will help close sales. Bonuses can also influence a call to action.

Day 2

Day’ 2′ inspires peace and harmony. Businesses can leverage this day to build stronger relationships and improve communication.

Day ‘2’ favors one on one interactions. Brands can launch live events to provide a favorable environment for maximizing sales. In addition, this would be a day to gain new leads through sign-ups and subscriptions.

This day, however, does not favor immediate sales. A business leveraging this day should not provide same-day bonuses. Consumers are less likely to make quick purchase decisions on a ‘2’ day.

Sending out Q&As will favor one on one communications. Business owners should focus on listening and gathering customer feedback. For employers, a day ‘2’ favors mediation between employer and employee.

Employers are urged to listen to employee grievances and rate employee satisfaction in the workplace. This promotes a harmonious work environment, which can lead to better performance.

Day 3

Day ‘3’ favors interaction and recreation. This is also a perfect day for promoting creativity and self-expression.

Businesses can increase sales by promoting creative and expressive participation from consumers. Encouraging consumer participation increases a client’s knowledge of a new product and their willingness to buy it.

Influencers can design an interactive experience with their followers. You can set up a live shopping experience that can help a brand close more sales. Day’ 3′ is ideal for retreats and team-building events. Group activities foster creativity and teamwork among participants.

People are more willing to have fun and relax on this day. A travel company would profit from providing attractive travel packages to potential travelers.

Organizing a discount sale event on this day would be recommended because your clients will be more willing to buy.  Employees will team up to ensure they close more sales.

Numerology Business


Day 4

Consumers are less motivated to buy a product or service on this day. Businesses have to work harder to convince new clients to buy into their brand.

Day ‘4’ would be a great day to review the successes of day ‘3’. A business can increase brand loyalty by sending out ‘Thank you’ notes to consumers. Providing bonuses on this day might encourage more sales.

It can be harder to win a business contract on a ‘4’ day. Potential clients will need more reasons to hire or buy into your brand.

Nonetheless, day ‘4’ is ideal for converting consumers with a high-c personality. These are consumers who are likely to close once they learn the intricacies of the deal offered.

Blog about your product or services to consumers. Providing valuable information on products and services sets the pace for potential sales in the future.

Day 5

Day ‘5’ favors the vibrations felt on day 3 and day 4. Businesses can experience more sales or refunds on this day.

Consumers and B2B brands are less likely to commit. An entrepreneur or business must have a fallback plan for when things go sideways.

Stick to the original plan while making room for the unexpected. Discarding the original plan leads to unnecessary risks that can hurt a business financially.

Businesses can still experience success on a ‘5’ day. Selling the benefits of a product is more likely to inspire sales.

Engaging consumers through emails or social accounts is better than one-on-one interaction. This will elicit a response but do not expect an immediate call to action.

The probability of unexpected outcomes is high on a day’ 5′. One should toughen up and remain open-minded for this day.

Day 6

A ‘6’ day favors interaction with an audience that is loyal to your brand. This day, however, is not ideal for closing new clients.

Only send out sales offers to consumers on your subscribed mailing list. Marketing to them will attract more sales and business success.

Leverage on previous achievements to lure new clients. A business can rely on existing testimonials to convince new customers. Focus on consumer reviews that evoke good feelings.

This day is not suitable for product reveals or new inventions. But businesses can close big sales by leveraging on existing customer relationships.

The trick lies in capitalizing on the winning qualities of your brand. Allow customers to buy into the offer willingly. Be patient, and do not entice your audience with limited offers or bonuses.

Day 7

Day ‘7’ has spiritual and non-materialistic energy. This is not the best day to close on tangible products or services.

This would be a great day to inspire personal improvement. Fitness experts and life coaches can experience success through the sale of wellness programs.

Businesses not in the self-improvement niche can sell membership plans. Be prepared to walk your audience through what your membership plan offers.

Motivational speakers can sell courses and self-help books on this day. Day’ 7′ also favors fundraising campaigns for charitable courses.

Consumers are more inwardly than outwardly motivated on a ‘7’ day. Businesses that can tap into the inner needs of consumers will be successful on this day.

Day 8

Day ‘8’ favors any offers or deals that showcase the leadership expertise of the business. People are motivated to follow a brand that positions itself as a market leader.

Businesses can launch live events or promote sales videos on this day. Clients are more willing to sit through presentations.

Getting interviews on this day can guarantee brand exposure and consumer loyalty. Day’ 8′ provides an ideal platform for brand promotion. Selling one’s accomplishments preps up the audience for high-ticket closing.

Day 9

Day ‘9’ marks completion. Businesses can take advantage of this day to conclude a sales campaign. This is an excellent day to finalize a webinar that has been gearing your audience toward a big launch.

The ‘9’ day also favors restoration. It is a day when businesses restore lost relationships or fix negative project outcomes.

This day provides hope to businesses that want to close new clients. Companies can also host handing over ceremonies on this day.

The ‘9’ day can produce polarized outcomes. Business owners must remain unfazed no matter the outcome.

How to Calculate Business Numerology

Numerology can be used in the formulating and executing of a business. As an entrepreneur, numerology can help you determine the best ways to operate your business and increase income. Some of the names of the leading companies in the world are based on numerological principles.

Choosing a Business Venture

Numerology can provide insights into the type of business to pursue. It helps entrepreneurs select the venture they are likely to succeed in based on the life path number.

This can eliminate the chances of running a business into the ground. It also removes all doubts about running a successful business.

An entrepreneur is likely to enjoy a venture that coincides with their life path number. This maintains the drive and passion for running a business even when things get tough. Choosing the right venture sets the pace for choosing a business name.

Business Name

How you name your business can determine its success. According to numerological principles, the business name should be compatible with the owner. The name chosen should be one that brings good fortune as well.

Choose a business name that matches your date of birth. The nature and value of the business should also satisfy your life path number.

When this criterion is met, it increases the chances of a company being successful. It also ensures business sustainability in the long-run. The domain name of the business should match the entrepreneur’s life path number as well.

Registration Date of Business

The date of business and domain registration also influences business success. Registering a business on a date that does not match its numerological name can result in business losses.

Consider choosing a registration date that favors your life path number. This ensures business longevity of the business and wades off future hardships or obstacles.

The same applies to the domain registration date. Pick a date that coincides with your business’ numerological name to ensure online success.

Registration Time of Business

A day has seven planetary hours that are cyclical. Choosing the best hour to register a business name and domain can bring good tidings.

Timing is everything when registering a business name or domain. Registering earlier or later than the ideal hour can affect the business’ longevity.

Ensure you complete the registration process within the planetary hour. Free up your day and make prior arrangements with the registrar office to ensure success.

Numerology for Business Operations

Numerology can work for all aspects of a business. Always align essential business decisions with the numerological business name.

According to numerology, your business operations are likely to be successful if they are scheduled on specific dates.


Day 1 would be ideal for brainstorming sessions. An entrepreneur can use this day to outline business goals and how to achieve them. Day 7 can be set for meditating before a significant business decision. This gives one inner peace when making tough business decisions.

Day 8 would be great for planning long-term partnerships. Clients and B2Bs are more likely to get on board with your vision.

Blogging and Content Creation

Bloggers and content creators can tap into the energy and creativity in Day’ 1′. Blogs and content created on this day will be more engaging and lead to conversion.

Day’ 5′ would be a good day to hunt for ideas. In addition, this day is best for publishing content and receiving the highest views.

Day ‘8’ is a good day for positioning your brand as a leader in blogging and content creation. Use this day market your brand as an authority in your respective blogging niche.

Networking and Partnerships

Hold a networking event on day ‘3’. The mood will be friendlier and more interactive for your audience. A launch of a special product or service to your audience on this day is likely to be successful.

Day ‘9’ would be ideal for closing a stubborn business deal. Potential clients or businesses will be receptive to new ideas and changes in your brand.

Tap into the energy of day 8 to establish your authority at a networking event. By the end of the vent, businesses or consumers will recognize and revere your leadership.

Signing Documents

The energy in Day’ 1′ is perfect for sealing the deal. Sign all your contracts, cheques, campaigns, or partnerships on this day.

Day 8’s energy favors contracts that lead to expansion. Choose this day to franchise your business or diversity of your products.

If you have multiple documents to sign, finish them all on day’ 9′. The day’s energy favors backlog clearing and renewing old contracts.

Invoicing and Paperwork

Day’ 2′ promotes peace and harmony in the workplace. This day ensures things run smoothly when working with an assistant to complete paperwork.

Day 4 should be set aside for internal audits. An auditor will be more detailed and less likely to err on this day. In addition, this is a good day for breaking ground and building a solid plan for your business.

Day 6 can be used to attract new profits and clients. It is also an excellent day to nurture existing customer relationships.

Team Meetings

Plan a new business announcement on Day’ 1′. It could be a new product or service you are introducing.

This would also be a good day to announce departmental reshuffling or management restructuring changes. Day 2 is the best day for maximum teamwork. There is more harmony between employees and managers. This day is positioned for group buy-ins as well.

Day 3 is ideal for planning informal gatherings. It could be an evening cocktail with colleagues for socializing purposes. Hold all performance review meetings on Day 4.

This day should be set aside for work that will be done during a meeting. The minutes from this meeting will be more detailed and helpful.

Day 8 is the best for project leadership. More ground can be covered on this day as your subordinates are submissive to your leadership.

Hold office parties and company celebrations on Day 9. Celebrations held on this date are to mark the end of a project well-done, product successfully launched, or when your business reaches break even.


Numerology helps us make sense of our business environment through numbers. Tapping into numerological energy can increase your business success.

Consider your numerological number when forming a business name. This sets the foundation for running a successful business in the future. In addition, the domain name you choose should complement your business numerical number. It increases the profitability of your business online.

Numerology provides insights on how to run a business as well. An individual can plan business operations following the nine numerological numbers.

Tapping into the power of numerology can maintain peace and harmony in the workplace. It can promote employee teamwork and come in handy in conflict resolution.

However, numerology should not be the main criterion for planning and running a business. It is only a tool that provides insights into the success of a business. Strong business acumen and hard work are the right ingredients for achieving entrepreneurial success.

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