What Are Chakra Candles?

What Are Chakra Candles?

What Are Chakra Candles?

Chakra candles are becoming more popular now, not only among avid yoga and spiritual meditation practitioners but also among individuals who want to relax their bodies, minds, and souls. Chakra means “spinning wheel” in Sanskrit — it consists of seven primary energy centers located along the spine, with specific colors and symbols representing every energy center. You can use chakra candles to connect with particular body regions, emotions, and behaviors.

Chakra candles are candles used for stimulating the energy centers in our bodies. Chakra energies permeate every aspect of our lives. With Chakra candles, we can connect with these energies — our awareness — and enhance our inner self.

Since ancient times, candles have long served in prayer, meditation, beauty, and more. The right chakra candles can give you specific healing energies and enhance your overall well-being. In this article, we’ll explore chakras, what colors and symbols are associated with them, and how chakra candles can improve your life, so keep on reading.

The Power of Chakras

In our universe, Chakras are centers of awareness found in our body — all that makes us, such as cells, organs, and hormones. Not everyone wants to believe that they’re real, but anyone practicing the art of mindfulness might disagree. Everyone projects energies, energies that can affect us and those around us.

Just like a plant that needs the sun’s energy to photosynthesize, the human body also feeds off the world’s energy. In other words, if the person next to you is feeling down and gloomy, you, too, can feel the down and gloom that the other person is feeling. And when we project similar energies from within, others can feel them, also.

There are the 7 major chakras. These chakras serve specific purposes and correspond with particular aspects of human life. By understanding what they are, you can better understand your body and learn how you can take advantage of the chakras for your benefit.

  1. The Root Chakra – Muladhara is the root (base) chakra, and it’s at the spine’s base. This chakra is related to how we connect with the world around us and how we react to our surroundings. The color for this chakra is red, whereas the symbol is earth.
  2. The Sacral Chakra – Also known as Svadhisthana, you’ll find the sacral chakra below your navel. This chakra is related to your sexuality and creativity. The color of this chakra is orange. The symbol that represents this chakra is water. Through this chakra, we find the energy to motivate us to explore the world, adapt to change, and discover our artistic self.
  3. The Throat Chakra – Vishuddha is the throat chakra responsible for your neck, mouth, tongue, and everything else around the throat region. What this chakra does is it governs how we communicate with others — it’s the chakra that gives us confidence and understanding. The color for this chakra is blue, and the symbol that represents it is ether.
  4. The Third Eye Chakra – Also known as Ajna, the “third” eye is a chakra behind your forehead — aligned with your eyebrows. This chakra is responsible for your intuition, spirituality, and wisdom. When your Ajna is balanced and aware, you’ll see the world beyond yours — and realize that both worlds connect. Indigo (that blends Earthly red with spiritual blue) is the color of this chakra, and light represents it.
  5. The Crown Chakra – Sahasrara (also known as the thousand petal lotus) is the crown chakra at the top of your head. It’s viewed as the most spiritual chakra of the seven chakras as it controls your consciousness (where it connects your soul with the universe) and is capable of leading you to the art of awakening. The colors for this chakra are purple and white.
  6. The Heart Chakra – Anahata, the heart chakra, sits in the middle of your cardiovascular system. This chakra connects with your organs. The meaning of this chakra is “unstuck,” and it refers to your emotions, whether you possess any sense of kindness and interconnection with other beings around you. Green is its color, and the air is its element.
  7. The Solar Plexus Chakra – The Manipura chakra — that means City of Jewels — is the chakra between your rib cage and your navel. This region is where your self-esteem is, which then turns into desires and, lastly, action. This chakra’s color is yellow (which’s associated with vitality and intelligence), and the symbol that represents it is fire.

Chakra Candles

How to Use Chakra Candles

Chakra candles are beneficial, and for some, they can be life-changing. When appropriately used, chakra candles can do wonders to the body, mind, and soul. Use them to further focus on your chakras and achieve balanced chakras for a happier and mindful life.


Using chakra candles in aromatherapy, you can affect your psyche, subtle energies, and spiritual well-being. That’s because chakra candles use essential oils. Essential oils can stimulate our chakras.

What aromatherapy with chakra candles does is to open and balance your chakra energy centers, helping you relax and be in a calm state of mind. When your mind is calm and relaxed, so is your body. For this reason, many people are turning to chakra candles for their self-care routines.

Use chakra candles at home after a long day from school or work. After taking a good bath, light up your candles and lie or sit calmly on your bed, on the floor, or in a chair — anywhere comfortable. While you do that, relax, breathe in and out slowly, and clear your mind.

Yoga and Meditation

Seven core chakras are all interconnected, aligned along the spine. Each of these chakras links to specific colors and symbols, and they’re all responsible for our states of being. Using chakra candles (with different fragrances) during yoga and meditation, you can stimulate specific chakras.

For example, the color yellow represents the Manipura chakra, which is the chakra that’s associated with your desires and the actions you take. A yellow candle can improve your self-esteem, optimism, and creativity. On the other hand, a violet candle can connect your soul with your thought — and your Highest Self.

Benefits of Chakra Candles

There are many chakra candles with many different uses. To take full advantage of their benefits, you should always choose the right candles for your needs. Generally, all chakra candles are good, but using the right colors (infused with the suitable fragrances) will help you achieve the results you want.

Chakra candles will help you get your chakras back in balance. When your chakras are out of balance, you’ll either get less energy flow or too much of it, and any of these will lead to different outcomes.

In mindfulness meditation, chakra candles help people achieve more calm, focus, and productivity. Chakra candles also help people achieve mental stability, which has become increasingly useful in today’s fast, hectic, modern world. People who use chakra candles have experienced lower anxiety and stress, and they get much better sleep, too.

Chakra candles will help bring out the best in us — our awareness. When we are awake, we become more:

  • Kind and compassionate toward others.
  • Positive with our surroundings and our relationships.
  • Resilient and mindful of our actions.
  • Tolerant toward other people and their life choices.
  • Confident and genuine.

Final Thoughts

Chakra candles are becoming increasingly popular today for their healing properties. We can use chakra candles to resonate with our energy centers and align all chakras for a better, happier, and more mindful living.