What Is a Psychic Artist? Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew

Psychic artists are mystic individuals who can impact spiritual guidance through their art. They vary in the type of artwork they create and how the spiritual world influences them.

A psychic artist is a medium that can portray messages from the spirit world through their artwork. They have been around for centuries and still use art to deliver spiritual information today.

This article will delve into what psychic artists do, some historically famous psychic artists, and the primary forms of psychic artwork that have been present throughout history. Then, we will look at ways to connect with a psychic artist today.

What Do Psychic Artists Do?

A psychic artist is a mystic who can portray visions or spiritual communications through artwork. They are sometimes referred to as spiritual artists or mediumistic artists. Most psychic artists claim that they are affiliated with or directed by spirits who tell them what to draw or paint.

Famous Psychic Artists

Psychic artists are not a new phenomenon. They have been around since at least 5000 B.C., using their artwork to share information from the spirit world.

Two of the most famous psychic artists of the past were Georgiana Houghton and Hilma Af Klint.

Georgiana Houghton

Georgiana Houghton was born in England in 1814 and died in 1884. Her cousin introduced her to spiritualism in 1859, and told her about a medium named Mrs. Marshall. Georgiana received a reading from this medium that convinced her that the spirit world was real.

Georgiana decided to become a medium herself and began communicating with a spirit named Lenny. Lenny was a talented artist who chose to work through Georgiana. His artwork consisted of intricate lines and curves that held messages from the spirit realm. Georgiana continued to create artwork with his guidance for the rest of her life.

Hilma Af Klint

Swedish artist Hilma Af Klint was also influenced by the spirit world. She was born in Sweden in 1862. She became interested in occultism as a teenager after her younger sister died, as she was interested in finding a way to contact her. Af Klint attended multiple seances to learn more about the spirit world.

During this time, she met a group of women called the Five, who used a psychograph machine to draw patterns and text revealed by powerful spirits. These spiraled drawings inspired Af Klint to pursue an abstract art style that would make her famous many years after her death.

The Five introduced Af Klint to some of the “High Master” spirits they had been in contact with, including Amaliel, Ananda, Clemens, Esther, Georg, and Gregor. The spirit Amaliel gave Af Klint the mission to paint “The Paintings from the Temple,” which is the series of paintings that Af Klint is most famous for today.

The spirit world continued to influence her works, permitting her to create mesmerizing art until she died in 1944.

Psychic Artist

Types of Psychic Artwork

Listed below are the four main types of psychic artwork that have arisen over time.

Precipitated Paintings

First on the list: precipitated paintings. This psychic artwork refers to paintings or other art forms produced by spirits with no human intervention. Precipitated illustrations are believed to “appear” on an artist’s canvas without the artist ever making a stroke.

Automatic Drawings

Automatic drawings occur when a spirit takes control of an artist’s body and performs its artwork through them. Another form of this is psychic painting, in which a spirit will paint a piece through their chosen medium.

The term “automatic drawing” originated from medium artist Anna Mary Howitt in the mid-1800s. This form of psychic artwork is prevalent in Brazil, where many mediums claim to have been chosen to perform automatic painting for their spirit guides.


Auragraphs represents a person’s past, present, and potential future as determined by a medium. To draw an auragraph, a psychic must tune in to an individual’s aura and represent what they uncover.

After the medium has drawn the person’s aura, they must discover the meaning of the shapes, colors, and objects included in the picture and determine what they mean for their client’s lives.

The term “auragraph” originated from Harold Sharp, a British medium during the 1900s. He and his spirit guide, Chin Shih, created detailed drawings of people’s aura. His illustrations included complex images such as waterfalls, caves, and other explicit depictions. It is said that Harold produced these auragraphs in under an hour, sometimes within minutes.

Spirit Architecture

While most psychic artwork is thought to be paintings or drawings, spirits have also influenced architecture.

For example, in Romania, there is a castle called the Iulia Hasdeu that Bogdan Petriceicu Hașdeu built. He believes that his dead daughter gave him the architectural layout for the castle during a spiritism session.

Similarly, during the 1800s, a politician named Federico Rosazza asked architect Giuseppe Maffei to redesign a pre-existing town. Maffei was a spiritualist who often sought guidance from the spirit world. He said he received guidance about building the city from multiple spirits, including Saint Augustine.

Where to Find a Psychic Artist Today

Today, there are many channels through which psychic artists can be reached, including in-person or through online services such as Etsy or LinkedIn.

Psychics’ Websites

Many psychics advertise themselves as psychic artists along with the other spiritual services they provide. It’s best to call or look up the psychics’ websites to determine if they provide art-based readings. Some psychic artists are better than others. Make sure to find one highly regarded for delivering meaningful artistic readings.


Many psychic artists on Etsy will draw spirit-inspired drawings for people. One of the most popular types of psychic depictions offered on this site are drawings of people’s soulmates.

Psychics who do this artwork ask for their clients’ names, birthdates, and payment methods. Once they’ve received these things, they send their clients drawings of what their soulmate looks like.

Two of the most famous psychics who perform these services on Etsy are ArtisticPsychic and ThePsychicBeing. Clients who have received drawings from these mediums are astonished by the accuracy of the graphics. Many clients said they met their soulmates shortly after receiving their picture, who closely resembled the sketch.


Several psychic artists advertise themselves on LinkedIn. This website is an excellent way for people to contact psychic artists if they don’t have any local to their area.

Below, we will post some of the psychic artists we’ve come across on LinkedIn:

  • Abigail Newman is a psychic artist based in Wisconsin, USA. Abigail’s clients have seen meaningful messages in her artwork, including loved ones, spirit guides, angels, symbols, and even pets.
  • Marie Klement is an acclaimed psychic artist who lives in Adelaide, Australia. Her artwork has helped many people connect with the spirit world and their lost loved ones. She has even helped some famous clients, including actor Ernie Dingo who saw his grandfather in one of her pieces.
  • Sue Reeder is a psychic artist, medium, and author from Norfolk, England. She works with spirit guides to draw the faces of deceased and living loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Psychic artists are mediums who share messages from the spirit world through their art. Some psychic artwork is done by the spirits with no human intervention, while other paintings are done by a medium taken over by a spirit. Some pieces aren’t done by a spirit directly but are inspired by their messages or directions.

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