What Are Chakra Beads?

What Are Chakra Beads

What Are Chakra Beads?

Chakra means “spinning wheel” in Sanskrit. The chakra system consists of seven core chakras. Traditionally, chakras act as meditation aids, and sometimes chakra beads are also used in the process.

Chakra beads are beads that represent the different chakras in our bodies. In other words, they are healing gemstones for chakra healing. Many people who practice mindfulness wear chakra beads.

Wearing chakra beads can make you feel even more connected with our chakras because the bead colors you wear should match the chakras that you want to unblock in the present moment. But with so many chakra beads available today, how do you know which chakra beads are suitable for you? Read on because we’re going to explain further the different chakras and how your chakra beads can influence your overall well-being.

Understanding Chakras

Chakras are energy centers in our bodies. There are seven core chakras, and they are all located in a specific spot along your spine. Let’s analyze them, from the bottom to our body’s highest point.

  • Root Chakra – Also known as Muladhara, you can find the Root or base chakra at the base of your spine. This chakra is responsible for giving you the foundation for life and teaching you how to overcome life’s toughest challenges yet. In other words, the root chakra influences your emotions toward security, stability, and survival instincts.
  • Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana, the Sacral chakra, is below your navel. The sacral chakra influences your sexuality, joey, and creative energy. This chakra is also the chakra that’s responsible for how you feel about yourself and others.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – The Manipura is the Solar Plexus chakra that sits in the stomach region. The Manipura chakra influences your confidence and self-esteem level and helps you take control of your life.
  • Heart Chakra – The Heart Chakra, or Anahata, is in the center of your chest. The Anahata is responsible for how you feel, share love and compassion with other beings.
  • Throat Chakra – The Vishuddha is the Throat chakra, which is, of course, in your throat. The Throat chakra influences your communication with others.
  • Third Eye Chakra – The Ajna is the Third Eye chakra, which sits between your eyes. This chakra influences your intuition. The Ajna is also responsible for your imagination.
  • Crown Chakra – The Crown chakra, or Sahasrara, is at the top of your head. The Crown chakra represents your spirituality and your relationship with others, as well as the universe. This chakra is also the chakra that gives you your life’s purpose.

Chakra Beads

Chakra Beads and Their Meanings

Chakra beads are gemstones that offer healing properties that complement their chakra healing properties. For this reason, people who focus on chakra healing often wear them — the beads make you feel and look confident. There are many chakra beads on the market today, so how do you know from which one to choose?

Types of Chakra Beads

Chakra beads come in different shapes and sizes. Chakra beads shapes are often heart, round, pendant, square, and triangle. Some are bigger than others. Choose whichever you like to suit your preference.

Colors of Chakra Beads

Some believe that specific stones can transmit high vibrational energy to you and restore your energetic balance. Different colors are also known to represent particular chakras. So when choosing chakra beads, you’ll want the ones that represent your chakras. Here are different chakra colors and what gemstones are suitable for them:

  • Red — The Root Chakra (Muladhara): Red is the color of the Root (base) chakra. Gemstones you should look for are ruby, coral, garnet, and Smoky Quartz. These gemstones can help your body heal. You can also use crystals or black stones to give extra support (in terms of stability and protection) to your root chakra.
  • Orange — Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana): Orange is the color of the Sacral chakra. You’ll want gemstones like fire opal or carnelian to help you unblock your Sacral chakras. By freeing your Sacral chakras, you can bring creativity and passion to your life.
  • Yellow — Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura): For the Solar Plexus chakra, yellow is the color. Yellow can boost your confidence and self-esteem. Go for gemstone beads like Ametrine, honey opal, or amber — they’ll increase your self-love level, hence a happier you.
  • Green — Heart Chakra (Anahata): For the heart chakra, green is the color. For more self-love, get green gemstones like emerald, jade, or tourmaline. You can also combine these stones with Rose quartz, which, although not green, represents love; therefore, it is suitable for the heart chakra.
  • Light Blue or Turquoise — Throat chakra (Vishuddha): The color that represents the throat chakra is light blue or turquoise. Get gemstones like blue topaz, turquoise, or blue kyanite to help you improve your communication with others.
  • Indigo — Third eye chakra (Ajna): Indigo is the color of the third eye chakra, and it focuses on healing. Gemstones that represent the third eye are fluorite, amethyst, and quartz. These gemstones can help you open up to people, talk about your feelings, or let go of how you feel.
  • Violet and White — Crown chakra (Sahasrara): For the crown chakra, you should use gemstones that represent the color violet or white. Get gemstones like amethyst, selenite, or white agate. These beautiful rocks will help your crown chakra to connect with the universe or your higher self.

The Benefits of Wearing Chakra Beads

Chakras create body energies, also known as the aura. Chakras are known as “spinning wheels” because they’re energies that are always spinning like wheels at different speeds. It’s essential to keep these chakras always in balance.

Whenever any of your chakras are out of balance, they may impact certain parts of your body. Areas that get affected are close to where the affected chakra is, like your organs, bones, and tissues. Also, you may experience emotional imbalance when your chakras are out of balance.

Wearing chakra beads is right for you because they possess healing properties. These beads are a combination of stones and colors that resonate with the chakras in your body. The healing properties that they have can help your chakras get back in balance.

Chakra Colors, Wavelength, and You

Chakra beads are also gorgeous. Wearing them will make you look and feel good. And if you gather all of the chakra colors, you’ll learn that they’re all rainbow colors. Who doesn’t like rainbows?

When you look at rainbow colors, you’ll learn that they always appear in the same specific order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. And if you look at all of the seven chakra colors, you’ll also learn that they’re all in the same order. Isn’t that fascinating?

The color order is the spectrum of white light or visible light, and it ranges from dark red to violet. Every color has a different wavelength — red has the longest wavelength, while violet has the shortest. Your chakras will spin according to the wavelength frequencies of your Root chakra (spins the slowest) and the Crown chakra (vibrates at the highest frequency).

In the human eye, white light is just white, but it’s a combination of all seven wavelengths of your chakras. If you look at ancient teachings on spirituality, the color of enlightenment or divinity is white. The truth is, this white light resonates with all of your chakras.

Allowing a lot of white light into your body is good as it will stimulate your chakras using color therapy.

Final Thoughts

Chakra beads are beads made of gemstones that support the chakras in your body. These gemstones come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The colors of your beads will resonate with your chakras. By allowing your chakras to stay in balance, you’re keeping your state of mind in harmony, too.