Oranum Review – Everything They Can Offer You in 2021!

Oranum Review

Oranum Review

If you do not keep up with spiritual services offered today, you may be asking what exactly is Oranum? Oranum is known as an online spiritual community. The actual app is an online psychic network offering readings to their customers over live streaming. Video chatting in any form has become incredibly popular over the past nine months.

Oranum has hundreds of psychics that offer a plethora of services. Many have a few specific areas they focus on, and a person should be able to find a quality psychic specializing in whatever spiritual pursuit they prefer.

With an international pandemic and unprecedented lockdowns, any form of face to face communication is incredibly welcome. With Oranum.com offering you a face-to-face live chat with your chosen Psychic, it is no surprise that the site has become insanely popular.

Don’t be fooled, however. Though Oranum is marketed as mainly a live-psychic site, they offer plenty of spiritual services to better assist their users in getting an optimized experience. Oranum does not want to alienate those people who prefer complete privacy. If you prefer, you always have the option of staying anonymous.

Let’s get into a deep dive look at everything that makes up Oranum.com.

What Does Oranum Offer?

If it is fortune-telling, spiritual healing, psychic service you are looking for, there is now a one-stop-shop that offers you multiple options from the same place. When you first go onto the Oranum home page, you will see an interactive interface from the start.

Unlike some places, Oranum does not request for you to put a credit card in when you first sign up. You can create your account and view the site for free, only putting in your payment information when you decide to speak with one of their psychics in private.

If you want to get more of a feel, Oranum lets newcomers participate in their live streaming chat sessions where you can get your questions answered for free. Once you have committed and decided which psychic you want to talk to, you will need to enter your credit card for verification.

Once verified, you will get a bonus credit of $9.99. Credits are how you pay for the services you want on Oranum. Once you have been confirmed and approved, you can contact whichever psychic you want to talk to. If you choose to, both of you can turn on your web cameras for a more personal experience.

Oranum.com is my preferred place for online psychic readings. Their interactive video chat rooms are the closest you can get to a face-to-face reading. This link will give you up to 10 minutes free when you sign up.

How To Choose Your Psychic

Oranum has not left anything to chance. You can narrow down the specialties that interest you with their extensive and multi-tiered filtering system, showing only Psychics who offer those services. All of the psychics will have personal bios available for you to read, as well as customer reviews from other Oranum users.

The reviews can be hidden by the psychic, however – and as a tip, if the psychic you are looking at is hiding their customer reviews, it may be best to move one. The majority of the psychics on Oranum have their profiles set to public, and if the one you are looking at has chosen to hide their reviews, they are likely hiding other things as well.

Now that you know a bit of how to navigate the Oranum site let’s look at the psychics’ services.

Review of Oranum.com

Psychic Readings

There are thirteen significant categories of psychic readings on Oranum and quite a few subcategories.No matters what you prefer as your psychic service; you can find it on Oranum. The conventional live chat psychic reading is one of the most popular services on the site.

With live stream readings, psychics can interact with their clients allowing them to be much more accurate in their readings.

Tarot Cards

There are a few different kinds of tarot readings that can be done. On Oranum, you have access to all of them, traditional to specialty. For instance, there are some psychics on Oranum who do rune card readings.

No matter what, tarot card readings can be a lot of fun and uplifting. If you are curious and want to see precisely what tarot is about, Oranum is a great way to begin your tarot journey.

Palm Reading

Oranum is not the only online spiritual service that offers palm reading, but Oranum is by far the most qualified site to do so. With their quality live-streaming, the psychic you choose has access to your palm.

This makes Oranum the definitive site for online palm reading services.

Dream Interpretation

Oranum has quite a few different psychics that specialize in helping their clients interpret their dreams. Dream interpretation is a complex and varied service. Looking at the bios of Oranum psychics can help those interested in dream interpretation in finding the provider that will clique with them the best.

Feeling that you can trust and really meld with the one interpreting your dreams will help you to be fully open and really cooperative in the sessions, leading to a more satisfactory result.

Spiritual Guides

There is no one definition for spiritual guidance. It means something different to every person, and it is incredibly personal and meaningful for every individual. Whether you know exactly what it means to you or you are just starting on the journey of figuring out what your spirituality is to you and how you want to navigate you, there is no written instruction manual.

Take your time searching for a guide on Oranum that speaks to you. With the hundreds of options available, you will find someone that can offer to guide you in exactly the way you are looking for.


Numerology is the relationship between numbers and the events around them. Numerologists on Oranum interpret many different mystical or divine interpretations of numbers. Here you will find those psychics who can help you with things like Angel numbers and their effect on you and other numerological divinity.


One of the most traditional psychic readings is that there are many options for a clairvoyant psychic reading on Oranum. Clairvoyance is when the psychic claims that they possess extrasensory abilities, such as seeing into the future or reading a person telepathically.

Since you are meeting with your Psychic over the live stream, choosing those who claim to be clairvoyant will help if they have the ability to access remote viewing within themselves.


Astrology is a very complex subject and one that has its roots in science. On Oranum, you will be able to find one of the dozens of psychics who have come to focus on one of the many facets of this category of spirituality.

There are Chinese, Indian, or Western astrological readings, and so many more. No matter what, if you want to see what is written in your stars or find out about your horoscope, filtering in this category will lead you to great results.

Other Services

Though those above are just some of the most popular and most requested psychic services, there are plenty more out there, and they are all available to you on Oranum.

If you have never really done any psychic spiritual exploration before and are looking to see what exactly you may want to begin with, here is a brief overview of some of the grander topics you can dive into with your psychic.

  • Love/Relationships – Learning about their relationships and love life is a crucial reason many people consult with psychics. Oranum doesn’t just offer this as a portion of one of their other readings but also provides specific love and relationship psychic readings. These special readings include detailed horoscope interpretation or a karmic love reading.
  • Rituals/Energies – Here is where you can explore your chakra. These psychics focus on things like holistic healings, including chakra or reiki. True that these are fewer psychics spiritual guidances and more focused on energies, but they are a form of spiritual guidance, and you can find providers on Oranum.
  • Home/Family – Under this category, you will be able to work with your psychic and dig into the intricacies of many aspects of your world that you hold very close to your heart. Figure out what your home life’s psychic and spiritual elements are and how they affect everything around you.
  • Sound Healing – Sound healing is the practice of relaxing both the mind and body with certain parts of music, especially the vibrations. Often tuning forks, gongs, and singing bowls are used in the session. This should only be done with a trained practitioner and is thought to help those suffering from certain things like anxiety.
  • Angel Communication – Though many have heard of Angel numbers, Angels communicate in other ways that need interpretation. Oranum has plenty of specialists to help you figure out what your angels are telling you and why. No matter the form the message from your angels is taking, you can find a psychic on the site to help you interpret the messages.

Top 100 List

So many options for psychics on Oranum can be overwhelming. Never fear, they thought of that too. On the site, you will see a tab labeled Top 100. If you click here, the screen will filter to the top 100 psychics on the site from around the world.

Instead of digging through every available psychic, you can choose from the best of the best.


So what exactly are the unique features of Oranum? What makes it the best online psychic platform available today? Here are the specifics of Oranum.

    • The filter system to end all filter systems – you can apply so many filters that you will only be looking at who offers EXACTLY the kind of reading you want, down to the letter.
    • International – since the site has psychics worldwide, no type of spirituality is ignored, and there is no language that you can’t find.
    • Profiles and reviews offered on the Psychic’s page for you to view
    • Personal connections with video connections
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • No Card required to sign-up
    • Many options for psychics and readings
    • Convenient
    • Time-saving
    • Credit buying system makes it easy to understand what things cost and where the money is going
    • Online and app for mobile devices
    • Live-Chat or Traditional no video available


Oranum.com can be accessed from any web browser. Oranum did not end there, however. On both Android and Apple devices, there is access to an app on each respective app store. You can download Oranum from the Apple Store or Google Play and be on your way with the app personalized and ready for psychic readings on the go.

The app costs nothing to download, and your already purchased credits will be available as soon as you sign into the app. The app is limited when it comes to finding psychics; however, you can not look at their bios and reviews while using the app.

It is best to do all the leg-work on the physical site and only use the app once you have established yourself.

Crediting System

When it comes to telephone or online psychic offerings, some people fear that it is easy for the costs to quickly get out of control without realizing it. Oranum has tried to help people see this is not necessarily the case.

To help people truly understand and manage the costs, Oranum instituted a credit system. Once you have signed up and are ready to have your first full session, you will have to buy a credit package—these range from $28 to $98. You will get a $9.99 bonus once you have entered a credit card that is verified.

Many of the packages offer some bonus credits as well.

The psychics can all charge individual amounts and set their rates. Oranum does not allow any psychic to charge more than $9.99 per minute. Many charges are less than that.

Is Oranum A Fraud?

Oranum is a legitimate psychic service. They offer a large option of choices in both psychics and various types of readings. They control the costs on their site and do not have surprise fees or charge you for products they do not deliver.

In no way is Oranum a fraudulent business. If you ask about psychics in general, that is a question you have to answer for yourself. For our money, Oranum has legitimate psychics who have the skills needed to perform the services they offer.

They work hard to ensure a good customer experience and provide whatever is agreed on when hired. These psychics provide bios, and most allow their reviews to be posted. They are giving proof of their claims to do business.

Oranum also offers a free first live-reading to satisfy the consumer that they are not being deceived. Oranum and the psychics who work with them have done everything they can to assure the people coming to them that they are offering a legitimate psychic experience.

Overall Perception of Oranum

Since Oranum is offering a service, many people start out skeptical until they see that Oranum truly values its customers. The Oranum reviews have been positive for the most part.  Many of the reviews speak to the legitimacy of the actual business side of Oranum.

Other positive reviews praise the options available as well as the quality of the service received.

Of course, there are negative reviews as well. If you look at those reviews, though, most people came in as skeptics or chose cheaper (and generally lower-rated) psychics.


    • No contracts
    • No card until first official reading
    • Many bonus credit offers
    • Multiple options for psychics and services
    • Many cultures, religions, and languages represented
    • Video chatting capability
    • Complete transparency
    • Positive reviews
    • Legitimate business reputation


    • No landline number – even with no camera option, have to call in online
    • No specific customer guarantee
    • Big price ranges

Final Thoughts

Oranum is the next level of online psychic services. Not only are they on the front-edge of technology, using video chatting to their advantage, but they also offer so many variations that it is hard not to find what you are looking for on their site.

When dealing with something widely thought to be “pseudo-science” it is easy for the neigh-sayers to try to stain it from the start. Oranum does not allow that to happen by framing the service in a user-friendly, legitimate site.

By establishing a credit system and not requiring a card to sign up, they put to rest any fears that they are in it just for the money. Everything Oranum has done shows how they strive for making it the best experience for their consumers as possible.

Dealing with the unknown causes excessive anxiety and adds to high-stress levels in regular times. In a world full of increased stress and daily anxiety, many people can’t even fathom looking at their future, let alone trying to make decisions about that future. Psychic services have become even more popular because of that.

With their video chat options and their various offerings, Oranum proves that, like anything, there may be a lot of online psychic services out there, but they are not all created equal. Oranum is leaps and bounds ahead of its peers in almost every aspect.