Clear And Unbiased Facts About Kasamba (Without All the Hype)

Clear And Unbiased Facts About Kasamba (Without All the Hype)

Kasamba Psychics Review

Kasamba began offering spiritual guidance and advice in 1995. Kasamba has built its brand so well that it is now one of the most reputable psychic networks, offering many varieties of readings and spiritual sessions.

Kasamba offers all types of spiritual services like relationship counseling, tarot readings, dream analyses, astrology readings, and so much more. New clients can get their first 3 minutes free. If you aren’t satisfied with the services, you can get an instant refund.

Kasamba has been growing for over 20 years to offer quality services that leave many of their clients feeling more confident about navigating through the challenges in their lives. Kasamba offers spiritual advisors the opportunity to exercise their gifts while benefiting monetarily.

Who’s It For?

Kasamba offers services for those seeking spiritual guidance. If you need help with any of the following, Kasamba has trained psychics and spiritual advisors ready to help you.

    • Career changes
    • Relationship challenges
    • Spiritual conflicts
    • Pet readings
    • Dream symbolism

They also offer an affiliate partnership to those interested. If you get a fantastic reading and want to share it with your friends, family, and social media following, joining the affiliate program could be a great choice.

Kasamba isn’t for everyone, though. It wouldn’t be for people who are skeptical about spiritual practices that use mediums like tarot cards and crystals or for people who prefer face-to-face connections.

This link will give you 3 free minutes and 50% off when you sign up for Kasamba.

What We Like About Kasamba

One thing we really like about Kasamba is that it offers the option to be able to specify how much money you want to pay for a reading. So, you can basically try and negotiate a reading for a lower price if the advisor agrees.

If you decide to send in an offer, you won’t be charged for anything whether or not they accept or deny your request. You only pay when you’re ready for services. This is great for you and the advisor because instead of just losing clients for high rates, they’ll be able to maintain more clients through negotiation.

Kasamba offers one of the widest ranges of psychic readings out on the market today. They provide typical readings like tarot, predictive readings, career readings, and love readings. But they also offer numerology, past life readings, and even pet readings! And the services don’t stop there.

And you’ll be able to feel completely comfortable with whichever advisor you end up choosing. This is because each psychic on the network has an incredibly detailed profile. You can see their reviews and ratings as well, so you can figure out if they’ll be a good fit for you.

We really like how easy the website is to navigate as well. You can easily create a profile and search through all the services that Kasamba offers. They have so many informative pages that are extremely useful, especially to people who don’t know much about spiritual mediums and psychics.

Lastly, Kasamba offers a lot of great discounts and offers. New clients get three free minutes of any reading of their choosing. This is ample time to get a feel for the advisor and see if your type of reading is the best one for your situation.

Also, new members are guaranteed 50 percent off their first readings. We like that Kasamba is aware that not everyone who seeks spiritual guidance is an expert and wants to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

If you prefer to video chat with your advisor, then I’d suggest trying Their interactive video chat rooms are the closest you can get to a face-to-face reading online. This link will give you up to 10 minutes free when you sign up.

What We Don’t Like About Kasamba

We don’t like that there isn’t an option to video chat the psychic of your choosing. Sometimes face to face connections are believed to give better outcomes. It’s thought to be easier for the psychic to channel your energy accurately and is the next best thing to in-person readings.

If clients could video chat with the advisors, it would also add an extra layer of credibility. Sometimes it feels better to see the person you’re chatting with instead of just reading their messages or hearing their voice.

Another drawback of Kasamba is that there aren’t any advanced search filters. You’re able to filter from new psychics, highest rank, lowest and highest price, less than $4/min, and less than $7/min. It would be nice, though to be able to filter by experience.

You may want a psychic with 20 years of experience, but that won’t always mean they’ll be in the “highest rank” tab. They might have just joined the network a few days ago! To be able to search for the most experienced from the least experienced psychics would be helpful.

Lastly, the cost of the highest ranked psychics is higher than the others. This isn’t really a surprise, but it can be a slight inconvenience for those needing extra guidance.


  • Three-minute free trial (Use this link to get an extra 50% off!)
  • Excellent discounts
  • Many types of readings
  • Option to lower price


  • Unable to video chat
  • No advanced filters
  • High cost for the highest-ranked psychics

Review of

Services Kasamba Offers

Kasamba offers a plethora of spiritual services from over 250 professional psychics and spiritual advisors. With so many options, it’s important that you take your time and really let your intuition guide you during the entire process.

The services that Kasamba offers include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Psychic readings
  • Love readings
  • Fortune telling
  • Personal astrology
  • Career forecasts
  • Dream analysis
  • Pet readings
  • Crystal readings

Psychic Readings

When choosing a psychic reading advisor, you’ll have over 250 advisors to choose from. You’ll be able to choose the right psychic by examining their profiles, checking out their ratings, and reading their reviews.

Kasamba offers psychic readings to help unravel answers and help you find your path in life. You’re able to have three free minutes as a new client, so you can make sure they’re the right person for you.

Kasamba’s online psychic advisors are available 24 hours, seven days a week, to help give you clarity and insight. You can chat online, hop on a phone call, or even email with them.

Love Psychics

The love psychics of Kasamba will help you find out things like your next relationship, soulmate, fidelity inquiries, and integrity of your partner. These spiritual advisors are specially gifted in matters of the heart to guide you down the right road in your love life.

Love readings are one of the most common types of readings, so you’ll be able to choose from an enormous selection of advisors. Because there are so many, you also get a wider selection of the rates per minute.

Tarot Readings

Kasamba’s top-rated tarot readers are able to give clients live readings online or by phone. Tarot readers are able to answer all sorts of questions you may have. If you’re new to seeking spiritual guidance, a tarot card reading might be best for you.

You’ll get an overview of the general guidelines your advisor is trying to give you as well as some specifics. It can be a good start to test the waters a bit.

Fortune Telling

By using Kasamba, you get to choose from 192 fortune tellers that are ready to help reveal your destiny. They will answer your questions and accurately give you an insight into your future. You can chat with them live or by phone.

Personal Astrology

Through astrology readings, you’ll be able to know the majority of your birth chart and how it affects your day-to-day life. Astrologers on Kasamba will be able to help you live your life in accordance with your zodiac sign so that things flow a little bit easier for you.

Career Forecasts

Career forecasts are one of the most popular services in the entire spiritual network. Find guidance on making the right career choices and navigating your career path. Find out how to have financial success while still being happy by talking to one of Kasamba’s online career psychics.

Dream Analysis

Dream analysis readings allow you to dive deep into the dreams (or nightmares) you might be having, as they can often be symbols for situations occurring in your waking life. Working with an online dream analyst at Kasamba can help you figure out the reason behind certain dreams so you can make a change in your daily life.

Pet Readings

Kasamba has about 30 experts who are trained to help you strengthen your spiritual connection to your pet. They can also help you determine why your pet exhibits certain behaviors and can give you insight on how to fix them.

Crystal Readings

Crystals are divination tools that psychics at Kasamba will use to give you an insightful reading. You’ll be able to choose from about 30 trustworthy psychics who are specialized in using crystals as a means of healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you join Kasamba?

Joining Kasamba is easy and only takes minutes to do. All you need to do is create a username and password and add a payment method. You can choose to add money to your Kasamba account, or you can simply pay at the end of each session with the card on file.

Right after you register, there is no waiting period. You can start chatting with your psychic advisor immediately!

What are the pricing plans and payment options?

There are three pricing plans and payment options for Kasamba. You get to control how you pay and, with pricing search filters, you also get to control how much you pay.

Your payment options include paying with a credit card or adding funds to your account. You can add funds via debit or credit card to make sure the money is readily available anytime you need a reading.

If you’re considering getting readings consistently, this can be a great option. You’ll already have the allotted funds in your Kasamba account, so you won’t have to worry about taking extra out of your bank account.

The other option available to you is paying with your credit card once your session is complete. Your credit card will undergo a verification process, but it will not be charged until you’ve found your psychic advisor and the services are finished.

What is the psychic directory?

If you browse around the website, you might see a tab called “psychic directory.”

This is simply a method that allows you to browse all the psychics on the site by name. You’re able to choose a single letter, or if you know the psychic’s screen name with which you want to book a session, you can type it in in the search bar.

This is a great feature to have in case you plan on having regular sessions and would want them to be with the same advisor as you had previously. This helps build rapport and helps build a connection, providing better outcomes for your readings.

 What are the extended services Kasamba offers?

Outside of the typical readings already mentioned, Kasamba offers the following services:

  • Palm readings
  • Paranormal readings
  • Fertility readings
  • Past life readings
  • Picture readings
  • Numerology
  • Spellcasting
  • Kabbalah

All of these services can be accessed the same way as the more standard readings. The same rules for discounts and the three minutes free trial for new users also still apply. These extended offers can be found under the tab titled “more” on the website.

There are fewer readers per category for these services, so it can make finding the right advisor for you a little easier. Since they are more niche categories, you may find that they are more on the pricey side compared to the general readings.

What can you ask pet psychics?

Pet psychics are able to give you insight into your pet’s behaviors and tune into their emotional needs. You can ask the psychic the following:

  • What emotion is my pet feeling? What might be on their mind that’s causing them distress?
  • Is my pet in pain and if so, is it an imminent health issue?
  • Is my pet getting enough attention?
  • Is my pet lonely and wants another companion?
  • Why does my pet bark all the time?
  • What spiritual lesson is my pet teaching me?
  • How can I connect on a deeper level with my pet?
  • Does my pet like their name?
  • Does my deceased pet know how much I still have so much love for them?
  • Does my dying pet need to tell me something before they pass?

Are there LGBT-friendly advisors?

When you get love and relationship readings, sometimes it’s better to get them from someone of your same sexuality because they can understand you a lot better.

Kasamaba understands this and offers LGBT-friendly advisors to help guide you on the right path in your love and relationship endeavors.

Which astrology does Kasamba focus on?

Some astrologers on Kasamba use Vedic and Chinese astrology to direct their astrological readings. It depends on your advisor though, so if you have a preference, it’s best to check their profile for the type of astrology they practice.

Does Kasamba have an app?

Yes, Kasamba has an app for IOS and Android. Setting up your account and chatting with advisors is as easy on the app as it is on any other device.

Final Thoughts

Kasamba has one of the largest spiritual networks that has been around for over 20 years. These advisors are ready and eager to help the next client in need. There are nearly 300 trained spiritual advisors in almost every category of readings.

You’ll have so many wonderful readings to choose from that the choices almost feel bottomless. You can click around on the website to really get a clear picture of which reading is best for you and your situation.

Kasamba offers many discounts and offers to first-time clients, including a free three-minute trial before a new session.

Overall, this is a network to connect those seeking spiritual advice and those willing to give it at flexible rates. It’s great for spiritually-minded individuals who seek guidance through psychic mediumship and other medium tools.