Understanding Karmic Lessons in Numerology – Learn to Bring What You’re Missing Into Your Life

Karmic Lessons in Numerology

The Meaning of Karmic Lessons in Numerology

It’s thought that we’re on this reincarnation journey where we carry over unlearnt lessons from our previous lives. These lessons are called karmic lessons—How do you find yours? What does this mean for your life?

Numerology is a way in which you can figure out the Karmic Lessons that pertain to you. There’s a technique in which you take your name, and you figure out which missing numbers appear. Those missing numbers are then the ones that apply to you. It sounds complicated, but it’s far more straightforward than it seems.

Let’s discuss the concept of Karmic lessons. We’ll describe how to identify your specific lessons via numerology.

The Definition of Karma and How it Pertains to You

To understand Karmic Lessons, you need to understand Karma. Karma refers to the results of a person’s thoughts or actions, which may not immediately be apparent, but will manifest later. The term implies that whatever happens to you is a result of your thoughts and actions.

Karma is not about the universe judging you, then punishing or rewarding you by dishing out ‘good karma’ or ‘bad karma.’ The theory of Karma places responsibility for your destiny squarely onto your own shoulders.

Explaining the Idea of Karmic Lessons

Karmic Lessons identify situations that we have not dealt with in the best way, in past existences. They are determined by the numbers missing in our full birth certificate name. There are 9 numbers in total, and each one highlights the area we need to improve in this lifetime.

Karmic Lessons

How to Find Out What Your Personal Karmic Lessons Are

Karmic Lessons are revealed by the letters missing from the name shown on your birth certificate.

To begin, refer to the list below. Each number, from 1-9, represents different letters of the alphabet.

  • 1 = a, j, s,
  • 2 = b, k, t,
  • 3 = c, l, u,
  • 4 = d, m, v,
  • 5 = e, n, w,
  • 6 = f, o, x,
  • 7 = g, p, y,
  • 8 = h, q, z,
  • 9 = i, r,

For example: taking the name, David Henry Briggs, the numbers would be:

  • D=4
  • A=1
  • V=4
  • I=9
  • D=4
  • H=8
  • E=5
  • N=5
  • R=9
  • Y=7
  • B=2
  • R=9
  • I=9
  • G=7
  • G=7
  • S=1

So, for David Henry Briggs, all numbers are represented except 3 and 6. These are the missing numbers for David’s karmic lessons.

Karmic Lessons Thoroughly Explored

Karmic Lessons can shine a spotlight on what is missing in your life. They invite you to place focus on areas you need to strengthen, to make the most of your talents, and the tools you already have. They don’t suggest: ‘This is what you are, and this is what you will always be.’

Karmic lessons don’t imply that you only have one destiny. When you explore your lessons, they are meant to be a guide—not a way to see your future but rather a way to shape it.

They show you that you are responsible for your life choices and the results of those choices. You can identify your missing numbers to use the lesson guides below to understand what you’re lacking.

Karmic Lesson 1

You struggle to show initiative and determination, and you need to strengthen these areas.

Do you sometimes fail to stand up for what you know to be right? Do you capitulate to others who are more strong-willed? Learning to assert yourself is essential if you are not to be crushed by others who appear more forceful.

While you may resent people who dominate you, they have come into your life for a reason. Even though you may struggle, they represent an opportunity to stand up for yourself and act more boldly in the face of opposition.

Your potential is limitless, but you tend to lack motivation or confidence in your ability to achieve the results you dream of. You must learn to become more disciplined and determined to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Achieving outstanding results takes stamina and the ability to overcome obstacles.

This doesn’t only apply to work, but to every area of your life:

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Finances

All of these aspects need patience and persistence. If you give up at the first hurdle, nothing will be achieved.

Don’t waste time and energy wondering what other people think of you or trying to please them. Let your inner strength show, and those around you will respect you even more.

Karmic Lesson 2

Maybe you’ve been noticing that you repeatedly seem to hurt other people’s feelings, without intention. Or those close to you accuse you of never listening, or maybe say you show no empathy?

While diplomacy and tact are not your strong points, you do need to work on these areas. You tend to walk over people to get your own way. You may have a strong belief that what you’re doing is for the best, but you still need to demonstrate respect for other viewpoints and take people’s feelings into consideration.

You’ll need to understand that the goal of an argument isn’t to win. It is to know where the other person is coming from to reach an equitable resolution. If you continue to ride roughshod over people’s feelings, you risk becoming isolated.

Work on being a better team player. Stay out of the spotlight and allow others to take credit and praise. Learn to gain satisfaction from developing others and nurturing their talents, rather than pushing yourself into the spotlight.

To feel truly fulfilled, you’ll need to learn patience. You’ll also need to learn patience to listen and patience to allow others to express themselves and feel valued. Understand the satisfaction that comes from being part of a team and working for the team’s success, rather than just your own.

Karmic Lesson 3

You are your own harshest critic. You set yourself impossible standards to maintain and reproach yourself from failing to meet them. Your negative self-talk (I’m so stupid, I’ll never be able to do it) reinforces your belief that you are just not good enough.

The irony is that those around you don’t see it that way at all – they recognize all your strengths and talents. You need to do the same. Controlling your inner critic will help you to open up to so many good things in your life.

Those in need of Karmic Lesson 3 are often extremely artistic. But their imagination and creativity are restrained by feelings that whatever they produce will not be good enough. The question is – good enough for who?

If you never take a risk, how will you ever know? Maybe there’s a novel that needs writing, or a photo that needs sharing. Shut down the voices in your head that say you can’t and show the world you can. That is the path to satisfaction.

Finally, you need to learn to lighten up and laugh. Most of all, you need to laugh at that nagging inner voice which tells you you’re not good enough. When you look objectively at the evidence, your life story says that you are.

Karmic Lesson 4

You may feel confused about your life and its direction. What started off as a ‘go with the flow’ approach may have turned into a pattern of drifting into one experience after another with no real goal. This can apply equally to your career or relationships. You put off making major decisions until the time is right, but unfortunately, that time never seems to arrive.

As long you look for answers outside yourself, you’ll spend your time looking for ‘The One.’ You know- the dream job which will match your talents exactly and provide a great living. The perfect partner who’ll understand you totally and devote themselves to satisfying your every need.

Unsurprisingly, nothing and no-one will ever meet your expectations, so you move on to the next one.

To create the life you really want, you’ll need to start taking a more disciplined approach. You need to decide what is important to you:

  • What do you value in life?
  • What is worth fighting for?

From there, set goals about what you want to achieve and pursue them with determination.

When you encounter life’s obstacles, you’ll need the persistence to stay on track and overcome them. If you stumble, get back up, no matter how many times.

With a methodical and disciplined approach, you’ll gain strength and achieve whatever you set your mind and heart on. But what is more important, regardless of successes or failures, you’ll learn valuable life lessons along the way.

Karmic Lesson 5

What is missing from your life is a sense of adventure. You are fearful of living life to the max. Life is short, and we all need to experience everything we are offered.

Whether it’s:

  • Travel
  • A new relationship
  • Learning a new skill

You should take every opportunity and not let the fear of change hold you back.

Change is difficult. No one can guarantee that it will be comfortable–the future is unknown. But the key to growth lies in your willingness to take a few risks and step outside your comfort zone.

Throughout our lives, we are all forced to change at some point. The key to using these events as valuable lessons is to notice how we adapt to new circumstances.

Yes, they may not be perfect, but was the old reality perfect? Is it just more comfortable to be rigid and inflexible, clinging to the past? Or can you learn to adapt to the ever-changing flow of life?

Karmic Lesson 6

Although you are surrounded by friends and family, you may often feel alone and isolated. At the same time, you find it challenging to commit to those around you.

You form relationships, but these are superficial, as you are careful to guard your emotions. You might appear cold or uncaring. This can apply in all areas of your life, including your career.

You must learn to give without expecting anything in return. You need to those around your genuine affection and care. In turn, they need to know that you genuinely value their warmth and tenderness towards you.

You must learn to establish deep and intimate relationships, even though that may seem scarier than staying alone and relying on your own resources.

Life will be offering you many lessons in this area. Throughout your life, have people accused you of deliberately hurting them or treating them without respect? Have you rejected people who have tried to show that they care about you?

Start by examining your feelings. Don’t deny them or push them away. Then try to communicate more openly with others.

That will be the start of your journey towards establishing a deep connection with others and creating long-lasting, fulfilling relationships.

Karmic Lesson 7

You tend to be very casual in your approach to life, always taking the least resistance path. You may also lack the ability to see your flaws and weaknesses and work on them.

While there’s no need for self-condemnation, you need to learn to consider your actions and become more self-critical. This is essential if you are to move past your current limitations and grow.

Instead of taking things at face value, you need to learn to look beneath the surface of things to find their true meaning and worth. Instead of judging others by their words, it will help you analyze how their actions match what they tell you. Instead of rejecting an opportunity because it looks as though it needs too much effort, practice considering it in detail, the advantages, and disadvantages.

You may find yourself experiencing the same situation over and over again. It won’t be possible to move past it until you look within to gain a clear understanding of how you are contributing to it.

Karmic Lesson 8

Making money is never going to be your problem. Due to your lack of caution, keeping hold of it is.

You are very independent, which can be a source of strength. You take action to turn your ideas into reality.

However, not only do you not like working for a boss, you don’t like anyone telling you what to do. You don’t even listen to good advice.

When you believe that you are always right, the end result is that those around you will eventually give up trying to save you from yourself. With such conviction that your ideas are correct, you can end up failing to set reasonable boundaries to protect yourself. Learn to take sensible precautions to prevent your money from being wasted and disappearing.

Even though you’re probably a good business person, you still risk losing your standard of living due to a lack of caution. Karmic Lesson 8 really encourages you to learn to treat your finances with care.

Accept the fact that you may need help with managing your money so that when it presents itself, you can overcome this limitation and get away from your personal cycle of boom and bust.

Karmic Lesson 9

You may be accused of a lack of compassion or empathy. You may even recognize that you have an uncaring or callous approach.

You will find that life finds ways to teach you to be more compassionate and make genuine connections with those around you.

Sometimes it takes a dramatic and painful event, with someone you deeply care about walking away from you, to wake you up to the need to learn and grow. Or a caring friend calling you out on your coldness. Or those around you just gradually distancing themselves until you find yourself alone.

To take on board the lesson you’re being given, don’t hold yourself back when it comes to helping others. At first, this may not seem genuine. Try to get to know:

  • Individual
  • Workmates
  • Community

And even wider groups, on a deeper and more meaningful level. Use your many talents to help others grow and achieve their goals. The more deeply you learn the lesson you need, the more your satisfaction and happiness will increase.

Being less critical of others is also something you need to practice. Everyone is entitled to their point of view, try to get where they’re coming from. Understand that everyone sometimes fails (yes, even you).

Are Karmic Lessons the same as Karmic Debts?

Karmic Lessons and karmic debts are two different things. Your karmic lessons are obtained from the name shown on your birth certificate.

They are revealed by looking at the missing numbers and can be thought of as tools to help you succeed in this life.

On the other hand, Karmic debts are obtained from identifying numbers missing from your date of birth. Think of them as obstacles you are repeatedly encountering in your present life.

Do Karmic Lessons Reveal my Destiny?

Karmic lessons do not reveal your destiny. Your destiny lies in your own hands. You are responsible for every choice you make and every action you take. It is up to you whether you reflect on them and take action to address any patterns you see repeating themselves. Karmic Lessons can just provide some insight to guide you.