Using Numerology to Your Advantage

You may have heard of numerology and wonder how this ancient art of divination can be used to your advantage. Numerology aims to help us navigate our lives by offering advice through the divine use of numbers and their combinations.

Numerology can be used to your advantage in several ways:

  • It can help you understand yourself.
  • Numerology helps you make sense of the world around you.
  • It can help you discover insights about your future. 

Numerology can be a useful tool for understanding your spiritual self. While some are skeptical about the validity of the connections and meaning derived from numerology, there is no denying the insights and impact this practice has had on many people’s lives.

Taken as a tool for understanding the self, numerology, and other spiritual growth practices like Tarot can be therapeutic in helping discover information about our subconscious Identities.

Numerology is an ancient art. It has been helping people develop a more intimate relationship with the world for thousands of years.

How Can You Use it to Your Advantage?

Numerology builds a foundation around the notion that there is a soul that is separate from our physical body. Adding to this, numerology asserts that everything in the universe has a specific vibration. Numbers and letters are no expectation. Numerology aims to guide your soul through its life path.

The idea is that your soul has a specific path and that by using numerology, you can help find these markers and lessons. It offers practitioners a blueprint for their eventual spiritual growth. It can be seen as one of the oldest forms of self-help.

Numerology can help you discover your destiny and life path through the numbers associated with you. This can lead to a more fulfilled and happy life by subverting the frustrations by giving us a set of lessons we should learn that are specific to our personality traits and strengths.

Numerology can benefit you in several ways. Numbers can tell you:

  • What path to take in life.
  • What your life purpose might be.
  • Reveal your future potential.
  • Give you direction.
  • Help determine future plans.
  • Illuminate possibilities in life.
  • Improve your relationships with friends and family.

Numerology claims to give you insight into your future, which can be invaluable for some. It presents you with future challenges you might have to face to build spiritual strength.

Think of it this way: If you are on a road trip, you would be more comfortable with a map. Not to say you won’t be able to figure out your path on your own but to say that having guideposts to lead you can help limit the number of wrong turns you take.

Some people claim that numerology can make some bold predictions like significant life events or death dates.

To use numerology to your advantage means you should appreciate it for what it is, not what you want it to be. Like other occult studies, this practice exists to help the user find out hard truths about themselves and their lives. It means being introspective and vulnerable. It can be seen as a therapeutic practice in this sense. While some people rely heavily on the insights gathered through this practice, others find the truths discovered in numerology to help them decipher their struggles and issues.

Much like Tarot, Numerology is meant to be a guiding practice. It is not meant to give you definite answers but rather give you ideas to mull on to discover the real truths about one’s identity.

Using Numerology to Your Advantage

What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient art of deriving meaning from numbers. These numbers can come from anywhere:

  • Your birth date
  • Letters in your name
  • The street number where you grew up
  • Phone number

Any of these numbers can offer you insights into your life. It is also the combination of numbers that can create meaning. A tenant of numerology is that almost every number can have its purpose in your life.

Understanding the relationship between these numbers can help a person discover their strengths and weaknesses. It can help the individual access awareness of their person and craft a more holistic approach to the other relationships with friends, family, employers, and lovers.

Numerology is closely linked to other divining arts like Tarot or Astrology. It is also often associated with Hebrew Kabbalah as well. These practices are known to guide those with an open mind toward a better understanding of the world around them or themselves.

Much like other occult studies, numerology claims to have found correlations between the spiritual being inside of us and the physical world we occupy. With Astrology, this relationship derives from the movement and position of the stars and planets, but with numerology, this insight comes from nature’s relationship with numbers.

To understand numerology, you should have a basic understanding of how it works.

Essentially there are 12 main numbers that Numerologists focus on. They are:

  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,22

Each number carries with it it’s own significant attributes. Numerology focuses on understanding the symbolism these numbers have in our lives. Each one can give you insights into several key areas of your life. Numbers and combinations can represent:

  • Personality Traits
  • Positive and Negative Dispositions
  • Patterns in your life

Two numbers (11,22) are considered master numbers and carry special significance. They are the only numbers in numerology not reduced to a single digit.

Each number has its lesson attached to it. Each one is unique and significant to understanding how the numbers can help you know your life.

Here is a brief overview of each number:

  • 1 – The number one is often associated with individuality. It represents independence and how we must distinguish ourselves from others.
  • 2 –  Balancing the first number, two is said to represent cooperation. It shows us we must rely on others and develop strength through our relationships.
  • 3 –  Number three tells us to enjoy life and express ourselves. It represents different forms of artistic expression and our feeling for others (love, admiration, friendship)
  • 4 –   Four teaches us about order. Its lesson revolves around the natural limitations we all have and how we need to respect and understand them.
  • 5 –  Five aims to teach us about freedom. But freedom in a way that is not destructive. It does not teach us that we are to engage in our wildest desires, but it shows us we can do anything we desire. Five shows us how to use freedom constructively.
  • 6 –  Balance and harmony define number six. Along with these comes responsibility—our responsibility to others, to loved ones, and friends.
  • 7 –  Seven is the most introspective of all the numbers. This number asks you to look into yourself and understand where your thoughts and emotions come from. This number also focuses on spiritual wealth as the opposite of material wealth. Focusing too much on material possessions can lead you away from this number’s lesson.
  • 8 –  While seven warns us about material wealth, eight focuses on how we engage in the material world around us. This number teaches us how to work towards satisfaction with the material world, attaining what we desire but understanding the limitations and restrictions of this circumstance.
  • 9 –  Number nine tells us to be selfless. It teaches us valuable lessons about giving and is associated with true humanitarianism. This number tells us that giving is an act that sometimes creates no reward. One can provide in this way to themselves or the world around them.
  • 11 –  The first of the master numbers, eleven, is all about intuition. This number is often associated with psychic abilities, that is to say, a greater understanding of their intuition and allowing it to channel within them.
  • 22 – This number is called the master builder number. This number gives a person the potential to create and produce, in a significant way, that can benefit us all. A master builder can often accomplish much more than a regular person.

Odd and even numbers also carry their significant relation to each other:

  • Odd numbers are often associated with the individual. They relate to abstract ideas.
  • Even Numbers relate to the world around us and other people. They often concern themselves with practical matters like material satisfaction.

There are lots of deeper connections and relationships to understand between each number and number groups. Numerology is a dense and diverse topic, and to truly understand how these numbers relate to each other, and our lives takes dedication. These descriptions only scratch the surface into the deep world of this occult study.

What are Some Basic Numerology Practices?

The most popular practice in numerology is finding your life path number. If you want to tap into the powerful insights that numbers have for your life, you need to start with this number.

Your life path number can reveal:

  • Opportunities you may have before you.
  • Challenges you might have to face.
  • Lessons you might need to learn.

These are all specific to the life you are currently living in. Your life path number is, in a way, your soul’s contract with the world. It can help show you the way to grow and learn in this lifetime.

Since every number has its specific vibration, your life path number can give you specific details about your world.

To discover your life path, you need to take your birth date and reduce it to either a single digit or a master number like 11 or 22. Once you add all the numbers together, you reduce them again to a single digit or master number. This will be your life path number.

Here is a quick example:

  • Say your birth date is June 15, 1993.
  • June would give you the number 6
  • The day would give you 15, which can be broken into single digits by separating the digits. 15 = 1 + 5 or 6
  • The year is 1993. 1993 = 1+9+9+3 or 22. From here, you need to reduce it again. 22 = 2+2 or 4.
  • 6 (month) +6 (date) +4 (Year) = 16. Reduce again to 1 + 6 or 7.
  • 7 is your life path number.

With your life path number, you can tell a lot about yourself and your path.

Your life path number can tell you about:

  • Your Strengths. Some of us are natural-born leaders, some ambitious or successful in the business world. We might be more diplomatic than others or are exceptionally charming. Your life path number can alert you to these strengths so you can use them wisely.
  • The challenges you might face. These could be you indulging a little too much, or you might tend to focus too much on rules. Your life path number can give you insight into what challenges you might need to face to get through this life.

There is also another widespread practice within numerology that has you deciphering your name’s letters into numbers using the Pythagorean form of numerology.

Here is the breakdown of that decoder:

  • 1  = A, J, S
  • 2 = B, K, T
  • 3 = C, L, U
  • 4 = D, M, V
  • 5 = E, N, W
  • 6 = F, O, X
  • 7 = G, P, Y
  • 8 = H, Q, Z
  • 9 = I, R

To find your destiny number, you first need to decode your name. From there, you need to use the same method of reduction used to find your life path number.

For example:

  • If your name is Anna, you will get 1, 5, 5, 1.
  • 1 + 5 + 5 + 1 = 12
  • 12 = 1 + 2 or 3
  • 3 is your destiny number.

While your life path number gives you an insight into your greater purpose, your destiny number can give you the tools you need to express yourself and your goals better.

What is the History of Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient art. As long as humans have been using numbers, they have been finding meaning within them. Looking back at significant civilizations throughout history and you will see connections between the spiritual and numbers.

One of the oldest Chinese divination texts, the I Ching, dates back to around 1000 BC. In these ancient words, we see some of the earliest connections between numbers and the world. The I Ching talks about numbers as being associated with the workings of the universe. For example, this text describes even numbers as being of earthly origin and odd belonging to the heavens.

Numerology pops up across many cultures throughout human history.

As it stands today, numerology exists in the modern era through three major forms. They are Chaldean, Kabbah, and Pythagorean.

When most people talk about numerology, they are referring to Pythagorean numerology. The above description of numerology is a description of this school as well.

Here is a brief historical overview of each school:

  • Chaldean – This form of numerology derives its origins from three primary cultures: Ancient Mesopotamia, Vedic Texts of India, and the Kabbalah. In Chaldean Numerology, each letter of the alphabet is associated with the numbers 1-8. Each number has a unique vibration and energy quality. The number 9 is separate in Chaldean Numerology, as it is the most sacred. In this type of numerology, single-digit numbers relate to a person’s outer nature, and double digits inform us about the inner qualities.
  • Kabbah – This form of numerology is based on Hebrew mysticism. It is associated with the Hebrew alphabet and its 22 letters, each associated with a specific vibration. It is believed that the Old Testament came to the Hebrews in the form of a code that could only be translated with Kabbalic Numerology. It has since been converted to work with modern alphabet systems and is often used to interpret names.
  • Pythagorean – Pythagorean Numerology is by far the most popular form used today. It was developed by the famous Greek mathematician Pythagoras in the 6th century BC. Pythagoras is known for his addition to the fundamental concepts of math and geometry. The myth surrounding Pythagoras is that he used his understanding of numbers and the universe to divine individuals’ fates in Greek society. The numbers 1-9, 11, and 22 create unique vibration patterns that can be deciphered. This form of numerology uses both dates and names to examine the relationship numbers have with an individual.

In the 19th century, science started to form a firm understanding of how the universe works. Mainly, the idea that energy sources like electricity, magnetism, and light existed and were universal forces in the universe. Pythagorean numerology became popular because it associated energetic vibrations with numbers, much like the new ideas about the world that were gaining popularity.

Final Thoughts

Numerology can be a powerful tool to help you decipher the greater mysteries of the self. It is an ancient practice that has its roots in spiritual vibrations and destiny. Today, numerology is making a resurgence.

Finding meaning in the world can give you great insights into your life in the spiritual and wellness areas. This is what numerology aims to do. Its system of numbers and associated vibrations offer practitioners meaning to certain personality traits or life obstacles they might face.