The Surprising Link Between How Often You Get Reiki and Your Health and Happiness

Reiki is an incredible Japanese technique for relaxation and healing. Receiving reiki can have various benefits, lasting from a few minutes to more than a week. Once you’ve attended a reiki session and realized how powerful it is, you naturally wonder how often you can get it and how much is too much.

You should get reiki once a month as a good starting point. Although you can get reiki whenever you want, as much as you want, it’s best to allow at least one week in between your sessions. You can practice self-healing daily for maximum benefits if you receive reiki attunement.

The frequency of your reiki treatments depends on why you’re receiving them, how long the results last, and a few other factors. This article will discuss how often you should get reiki when it’s time for a visit and the role of consistency in reiki.

When Is It Time to Get Reiki?

How often should you get reiki? This is one of the most common questions people ask after receiving their first reiki treatment. They feel calm, relaxed, and centered, so naturally, they want to know how long the effects will last and how often they need to get reiki to maintain the benefits.

There’s no fixed answer to this question. So, let’s discuss a few factors that’ll help you determine if it’s time for another reiki session.

First, ask yourself what brought you to reiki and whether this treatment has helped you with your issue. Suppose you came to reiki to deal with exam anxiety and develop confidence. In that case, your intention may be met in a single session. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with something more long-term, regular reiki is the way to go if you find it helpful.

Next, notice how you feel after your treatment. Be aware of how you feel that night, the next day, the day after it, and so on. You’re looking for any physical, mental, or emotional changes that might have occurred because of your reiki session.

When you do this, you may realize that a single treatment has helped you resolve your issues (in which case you don’t need to attend more). For some people, the relaxation and calmness brought by reiki are magical, and they want to experience it again. You may also feel the effects of your treatment for a day, a week, or a month.

How Often Should You Get Reiki

Keep an eye on your feelings and emotions to understand yourself better. It’ll help you figure out the ideal reiki frequency for yourself. Of course, you also need to consider the practical side of things. Can you take the time to come regularly? And can you afford the treatment costs?

If you want a good starting point, I’ve already shared that reiki once a month is sufficient for general purposes. However, it’s really up to you how often you want to get reiki or whether you want to receive it more than once. You can have reasons for receiving reiki treatment weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

For example, some people are keen to push the boundaries of what reiki can do for them, so they attend regular sessions. Others find that reiki helps them stay calm and composed amid their hectic life. Some also feel that reiki helps them with other practices like meditation or yoga.

Lastly, your reiki teacher or healer is the best person to seek guidance regarding your treatment frequency. They may suggest several sessions or ask you to continue your treatment regularly until you’re fully healed.

What About Self-Healing Reiki?

We’ve talked about how you can receive reiki healing from a practitioner, but did you know you can perform reiki on yourself? Professional practitioners have gone through a process that granted them the ability to transfer universal energy to other people through their hands. You can do the same and be able to heal yourself (and even others if you want).

Transferring reiki from the teacher to the student is known as reiki attunement. I have written a full blog post discussing everything you need to know about reiki attunement and how it affects your life.

Once you’ve received reiki attunement, you can heal yourself and others with universal energy. There are three levels in the attunement process. You become capable of doing reiki for yourself at the first level.

Although it’s not a requirement, it would be best to do reiki for yourself once every day. Doing so will cleanse your body and mind, bring balance and harmony, and guide you on your life’s path. You can also choose to do self-healing whenever you want without any fixed routine. However, if you’re on the intermediate or second level of attunement and wish to become a reiki master, daily self-healing is indispensable.

Consistency Is Key to Successful Healing

Receiving Reiki is about allowing the universal life force to help and heal you. The more you come in contact with this healing energy, the more it helps you disentangle your mental and emotional self.

Reiki yields the best results when you’re consistent with it. Like anything that involves growing expertise and mastery; being regular is more important than the number of times you receive reiki. Reiki for 30 minutes every week is a lot better than reiki for 5 hours here and there.

If you’re practicing reiki yourself, one of your primary goals is to make reiki a part of your lifestyle. When you’re regular with your practice, it gradually becomes a part of your life, and you can make time for it easily. The more you practice it, the more natural it will become. Soon, you’ll realize that reiki becomes a way of life.

The same goes for receiving reiki from a practitioner. If you’re struggling with trauma, it would be best to get reiki weekly or biweekly rather than only receiving it when you’re feeling low. Regular healing will help you confront and release those negative thoughts and emotions buried within you.

Are There Any Adverse Effects of Receiving Too Much Reiki?

Can you have too much unconditional love? Is too much joy (not happiness) harmful? Can you be too compassionate? These things are so positive and pure that they cannot be dangerous even in excess quantities. The same goes for reiki. There is no such thing as too much reiki.

However, that doesn’t mean you must spend a small fortune on receiving reiki three times a day. Too much reiki can not be harmful, but it is undoubtedly unnecessary.

Suppose you receive reiki five times a week for seven weeks to prepare for an upcoming interview. These many reiki sessions certainly won’t harm you in any way, but they’re quite unnecessary. In this case, you’ll probably do great by receiving reiki once a week.

Final Thoughts

Reiki is an excellent Japanese technique for healing. Its receivers claim that it works almost like magic. If you want to receive reiki, make sure to properly space out your sessions so that you can benefit the most from your treatment. I’ve given you a few guidelines to help you figure out how long you should wait before your next Reiki session.

Note that your reiki healer is the best person to ask this question. They’ll understand your specific requirements and recommend you the best schedule for receiving reiki.

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