Here’s How Much Tarot Readers Make a Year

How Much Tarot Readers Make a Year

How Much Do Tarot Readers Make a Year

Whether you are already a Tarot reader for free or are wishing to become one for a living, you may find yourself wondering how much they make in a year.

A Tarot reader can make anywhere from $14,000 to over $140,000 a year from doing Tarot readings alone. As a freelance Tarot reader, your income is based on how many readings you do and how much you charge for each reading. With that being said, the income potential is high.

If you are interested in finding out how a Tarot reader can make money and how much money a Tarot reader can make in a year, keep reading below!

What Does a Tarot Reader Do?

A Tarot reader is someone who uses Tarot cards for divination purposes. These cards, when shuffled, chosen, and placed out for reading, can bring you insight into past, present, or future situations.

The Tarot reader can perform Tarot readings on anyone they choose and will then use the cards to interpret messages that will reflect a certain situation in the life of the person being read.

The Tarot reader may even ask them if there is a specific question they want the cards to answer and will provide information regarding the answer using the specific cards drawn, the pictures on the card as well as the Tarot reader’s intuition.

How Can a Tarot Reader Make Money?

If you read Tarot for a hobby, it may be time you start thinking you sell your services for a fee as personal 1-1 readings utilize both your time and your energy.

The main way a Tarot reader can make money is by selling their Tarot reading services . This would include doing virtual or in-person one-on-one Tarot reading with clients for a fixed fee and time. In order to do this, you have two options:

  • Freelance and be self-employed and keep all the profit for yourself
  • Work at a store or for an online website either as a freelancer that pays a fee to the store or website, or receives an hourly wage

From there, based on the time you will then spend with a client, and how many questions you will allow them to ask, your price for the reading can fluctuate. One of the best things about doing these readings is that it costs you virtually nothing to provide (not including your Tarot deck), so all the money you make is profit.

How Much Money Does a Tarot Reader Make?

How much a Tarot reader makes is entirely up to the prices that are set.

Whatever path you choose is up to you. Below, we will be covering how much you can make as a Tarot reader based on the number of clients/readings and the cost of the reading, sharing with you the exact income potential of a Tarot reader.

Tarot Readers

Revenue For a Tarot Reading

The best part about working freelance? You get to set your prices.

When you decide to set your prices, keep in mind how skilled you are. In the beginning, you may want to charge less, but you still don’t want to undercharge. Keep the price high enough that it is a fair wage for the time you spend but also represents the value you provide.

As you improve and the more experience you have, feel free to raise your prices. The more in demand you are, the higher your prices should go, and the more you will make a year!

Here are some basic ways you may see readings packaged for sale and is a good reference to the different streams of income you can provide for yourself:

  • 30-minute Tarot Reading
  • 1-hour Tarot Reading

There are many ways you can package your readings, and within that, you can adjust your price accordingly.

Here is an example of how you may charge when you first start out as a Tarot reader:

  • 30-minute Tarot Reading – $30
  • 1-hour Tarot Reading – $50

Profit of Tarot Reading in One Year

As you begin, you may have a slow roll in of clients and may only have a couple per week. Obviously, this is not a sustainable wage. With that said, if you spend a little money at the beginning promoting yourself, you can eventually get enough clients and make enough money to read Tarot as a full-time job.

Below we have assessed what a beginner, average, and more successful Tarot readers’ income may look like in a year based on different numbers of clients and prices for services.

Tarot Card Reader Price Per 30-Minute Reading Avg. # of 30-Minute Readings Price Per 1-Hour Reading Avg. # of 1-Hour Readings Avg. Revenue Per Week Avg. Revenue Per Year (52 Weeks)
Beginner (5 Hours a Week) $30 4 $50 3 $270 $14,040
Beginner (10 Hours a Week) $30 10 $50 5 $550 $28,600
Average (10 Hours a Week $50 10 $80 5 $900 $46,800
Average (20 Hours Per Week) $50 20 $80 10 $1,800 $93,600
Successful (20 Hours Per Week) $70 20 $150 10 $2,900 $150,800
Successful (15 Hours Per Week) $100 10 $180 10 $2,800 $145,600

As you can see, in the beginning, while you may not need to spend a substantial amount of time to make around $14,000 a year, you still need a handful of clients. With that being said, however, once you have more clients and raise your prices a bit, you can increase your income per year by a large amount.

While it starts out as a nice side income, the more skilled you become, and the more clients you gain, the larger the earning potential. If you wish, you don’t even have to work that much and have that many clients per week if your prices are high enough to earn close to $150,000 a year.

While being a Tarot reader can be a great full-time job, you have to work hard to gain clients at the beginning and keep in mind that your income will be different every single year.

So, how much do they make?

Overall, Tarot readers can make anywhere from approximately $14,000 to over $140,000 a year, depending on two factors:

  • How many readings they do
  • How much they charge for readings

With that being said, it will be very different for everyone, and it may take you longer than expected to gain a good client base to sustain a living wage.

So, practice as much as you can and find other means of sharing your knowledge, such as through blog posts, social media or YouTube videos so you can promote yourself and attract clients to your website.

Final Thoughts

The earning potential for a seasoned and successful Tarot reader is very high and close to about $100,000 a year. While on the other hand, a Tarot reader just starting out still needs a fair share of clients to make around $14,000 a year.

If you want to be on the higher end of the earning spectrum, you will have to spend some time gaining experience and establishing yourself as an expert so you can eventually raise your prices and make more money without having to gain any more clients per week.