23 Best Tarot YouTube Channels [Updated for 2022]

Tarot readings are done not only in person, but online as well, and many YouTube channels do a virtual reading session for you. They not only read the tarot cards for you but also walk you through your sun sign readings and moon signs as well. Today it is easier than ever before to have a tarot card reading done virtually on YouTube as the platform hosts some of the best tarot readers who are just a click away.

Some of the best tarot YouTube channels include The Quietest Revolution, Intuitive Tarot by Nicholas, Tyler’s Tarot, Eat Read Love, and Queen Of Cups Tarot. The list goes on and on, covering tarot readers everywhere who have found a hub on the YouTube platform.

It does not matter what your question is, or if you want a tarot reading done just for fun—there are a ton of YouTube channels where you can attend a tarot reading session. These sessions throw light on any lingering questions you may have in your mind and can even tell you what is in store for you this year. Keep on reading to find out more about some of the best tarot channels you can find on YouTube.

Intuitive Gems

Her channel has a tagline that says, “Practical Tarot for Modern Spirituality,” and she shares her spiritual gifts gained through personal experiences and learning to help motivate others and uplift their state of being. It is a journey of enlightenment and growth. Her channel covers readings that relate to tarot cards reading, crystals, intuition, and astrology.

The channel has been active since 2014 and uploads around 12 videos a month.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel.

Moonseeker of Light Guardian

This YouTuber from Australia specializes in twin flames, soul mates, and soul connections. Her tarot readings offer guidance and support to help you heal your soul. All this to help you move forward and to help you be your authentic self.

The channel has been active since 2018 and uploads one video a day.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Elisa Jane Tarot Card Readings

From the UK, Elisa Jane identifies herself as a “worldwide tarot reader.” She has a psychic ability that complements her skill with the tarot reading. She has over 15 years of experience in doing this. She offers free tarot reading and life guidance to everyone who visits her YouTube channel. Nevertheless, should you wish to book a personalized tarot reading session, you can do so by going to her website.

The YouTube channel has been active since 2014 and currently produces around two videos per week.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


High Vibrations

This YouTuber finds tarot a powerful guiding force in her life and thinks of it as a highly effective method to navigate life’s challenges. She incorporates her readings with messages that she feels a strong need to be verbalized. She aims to help guide you by taking a motivational approach to help you through life’s many ups and downs.

Her channel has been in existence since 2017, and she currently produces two videos per week.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Eat Read Love Inc

Eat Read Love is based out of the United States, and the tarot readings here are given out for purposes of entertainment. The channel owner, Sal, in keeping with the legal requirement by many countries, has a disclaimer for his channel wherein Sal gives no guarantee regarding the accuracy of the reading.

However, you will see a lot of interesting videos on this channel right from talking about each of the zodiacs to covering the transition of planets. Sal also conducts personal tarot reading sessions.

Eat Read Love Inc has been running since 2016, and currently, the channel shares around four videos a day.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


The Gypsy’s Tower Tarot

Based out of the United States, the tarot reader is very direct when reading the tarot for you. There is a disclaimer that this tarot reader has up on her YouTube channel, which states that if you do not agree with the readings, you may need to check your other signs such as the moon sign and the other rising signs for any anomaly. She also conducts private readings on request.

In existence since 2018, The Gypsy’s Tower Tarot is currently producing nine videos per week. This is one of the latest videos uploaded by this channel for Pisces:

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Tarot of Light

The YouTuber shares general monthly readings that are free, along with weekly readings for each of the twelve zodiac symbols. The channel aims to provide spiritual guidance and clarity for your specific situation in life. The channel provides love and career readings for twin-flames, soulmates, and singles.

The channel has been active since 2019, and it currently uploads five videos a day.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Joanna The Healer

Joanna is a Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist (RCCH), an Evidential Spiritual Medium, and a Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC). She is just another ordinary person with just the one gift that enables her to see, hear, and feel spirits around her.

Her channel has been operational since 2015, and she currently posts about one video per week.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Sarah Vrba

Sarah claims to be an intuitive healer and a tarot reader. The channel focuses mostly on love readings, and she does tarot readings for all the twelve astrological signs every month. Along with this, she also gives out easy to follow meditation practices. Both the tarot reading and the meditation together complement each other and ensure that you live a meaningful life.

The channel has been there since 2016, and it currently produces around one video per week.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Tyler’s Tarot

Tyler is also based out of the US, and his specialty lies in reading tarot cards. He reads for all of the 12 astrological signs and also offers private readings. His readings have always been very accurate. The only ask he makes of his viewers is to come with an open mind, and he will help you understand what the future holds. He will even help you understand the past and any particular strains of the present.

His channel has been up on YouTube since 2016, and he currently posts two videos a day.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Ivana Tarot

Along with being a reader of the tarot card, Ivana is also a writer having her articles published in popular women’s magazines and has made appearances in radio shows where she talks about tarots and replies to listeners’ questions. She has also been a lecturer on the subject of tarot, as well as spirituality.

Her YouTube channel has been active since 2014, and she now posts a video a day.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


303 High Priestess Tarot

This YouTuber is based out of the United States and does tarot reading by emphasizing her reading sessions on matters of the heart, wealth, and spirit. She recommends that you come with an open mind when you watch the tarot reading sessions so that you can understand and absorb the message that was intended for you. Her readings motivate you and help you find more opportunities to identify obstacles and grow.

The YouTube channel has been thriving since 2013, and currently, she posts around three videos a month.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Uriel Firelyte Sacred Tarot Guidance

This Australian Youtuber is inspired by Oracle, Lenormand, Sibilla, and Tarot Cards. She uses these tools for her spiritual growth and connects with her spirit guides to contact yours and help gain and share divine wisdom with you to better your lives by improving the trajectory of your personal journey.

Active since 2012, the channel currently produces one video a day.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Nicholas Ashbaugh Intuitive

Nicholas is also based out of the United States and is a tarot reader who shares clairsentient predictions through his tarot readings. He uses his tarot reading skills along with his practice of empathy to provide his viewers with the best guidance on life and matters of the soul. He is also a certified Reiki practitioner and a meditation instructor.

He has been on YouTube since 2013 and currently posts around five videos every month.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Queen of Cups Tarot

The channel host is from Sweden and gives out a monthly tarot reading and love reading for all the twelve astrological signs. You can request for personal reading by contacting the channel on email or placing an order on the website.

This channel has been in existence since 2016, and currently, it publishes 16 videos on tarot reading per month.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


One Eleven

This YouTube channel delves into all things metaphysical such as astrology, tarot, and magic. She has free readings available on her channel on various astrological signs, and there is also a Patreon page of this YouTuber in case you would like access to more personalized tarot readings.

The channel has been active since 2017, and currently, 12 videos are being uploaded on the channel every month.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Water and Fire Tarot

Jennifer identifies herself as an empath. She is also an intuitive tarot reader. She has expressly mentioned that she is not a psychic but a tarot reader who merely uses her intuition to tell your story through the medium and the tarot card’s energy. Her videos on tarot reading are intended to be helpful in overcoming challenges.

Her channel has been up since 2018, and she currently posts one video per week.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Amira Celon Oracle Card Readings

Based out of the United States, this YouTuber has over three decades of experience as a psychic medium and specializes in Turkish Coffee Cup readings, along with Love Oracle Cards, among many other things.

She is also known for making predictions about the world and providing channeled messages, along with the services of mediumship and help in solving old and forgotten cases and readings on future love possibilities. She claims to be able to name names as well as provide clear and vivid descriptions to her audience during personal reading sessions.

There is also the Superchat facility available on her channel that you can use to ask direct questions to her. Her channel has been active since 2013, and she currently uploads one video a day.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


My Tarot Channel

This YouTube channel host from the United States is an intuitive tarot card reader for many years and gives honest and direct readings to her audience without any sugar coating.

She understands the mystery and attraction of the unknown that we are all drawn to and believes it to be her destiny to help others seek spiritual guidance in this realm. She realized that her destiny is in tarot reading, after she had herself experienced tart for the first time.

Her channel has been up and running since 2017, and currently, she posts five videos a week.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Spirit Connection

Amy McKinstry is the host of the Spirit Connection YouTube channel and is a psychic medium as well as a spiritual teacher. Her channel aims to help you with your learnings as she shares her own experiences. She claims that everything that she speaks of has been tried and tested. She also claims them to be true to the best of her knowledge and relies on her 30 odd years of experience to back her claim.

Her goal is to guide you in your spiritual journey, and she extends her welcome to all who join her on this path to spiritual development and growth. At a time like this, the world seems to be in greater need, now more than ever, of more of those people who can spread healing, peace, and love.

A fairly new channel that came into being in 2019, the channel currently uploads an average of 3 videos a week.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Honour & Gratitude

Based out of Canada, the Honour & Gratitude channel shares content related to the process of spiritual awakening and all related insights in matters of the unknown. The channel largely depends on the guidance of the spirit world and the spirit guides.

She will be expanding her intuition by posting tarot card readings, which may sometimes include psychic downloads that may have been received when meditating prior to the reading.

You can also provide donations to the channel using PayPal, a link for which is provided in her YouTube channel. The channel has been active since 2019 and uploads around 26 videos per quarter.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Blue Aura Healing Guidance & Tarot

The YouTuber is based out of the United States and aims to provide a healing ground and a safe place for all her viewers to help them in transforming their lives. She is into tarot reading and uses her skills to help with healing and providing a safe space for all divine beings. Her readings are not only aimed at transforming lives, but also improving the quality of life itself.

She strongly believes that even though we cannot handle the hand that fate has dealt us, knowing more about the cards we have been dealt, we can control our response to it, and it will help us play your role in the mission assigned to us by fate.

The vlog has been active since 2019 and currently uploads one video a day.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


The Quietest Revolution

Based on the United States, The Quietest Revolution is a tarot reading YouTube channel that focuses on helping you out in clearing any negative energy, cyclical patterns, and emotional blocks and helping you rewire your brain. The channel creator has also been a yoga and meditation instructor for more than two decades and is also an accomplished reader of the tarot cards and identifies herself as an empath.

Her work is primarily to help you regain power and help create emotional resilience after a huge loss or after facing a huge trauma. The channel is over five years old and currently uploads around two videos every week.

Here is the link to the Youtube channel:


Final Thoughts

These are some of the top tarot YouTube channels of 2020. There is a caveat, though, before you go to their channels—their readings are often eerily correct.

Hopefully, you find this list helpful, and you find the predictions in these channels to be even more so. If you are looking to start your own tarot reading practice, Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook is a great starter kit.