Can Tarot Cards Answer Questions?

Can Tarot Cards Answer Questions

Using Tarot Cards to Answer Questions

If you just purchased your first Tarot card deck or are curious how you can use Tarot cards to help you out in your life, you probably wonder what they do. As a divination tool, Tarot cards can be used to help you make more insightful and empowered decisions.

Tarot cards can answer questions since that is what they are popularly used for. In a Tarot reading, when the cards are used for divination purposes, a question will be asked before choosing the cards, then the answer is interpreted from the cards drawn.

If you want to know more about how Tarot cards are used, how you can use them to answer any questions you have, and what types of questions you can ask the Tarot cards to answer, this article is for you, so keep reading to learn more.

What Are Tarot Cards Used For?

Tarot cards back in the 15th century were first used for different card games, and it wasn’t until the 18th century that they began being used for divination purposes through tarot readings.

The deck of 78 unique cards each represents a different spiritual lesson that everyone needs to face within their lifetime. Through interpreting the symbolism, imagery, and story of the cards, you can gain much-needed advice. Overall, providing insight on how someone can make choices, manifest goals, coach others, plan a business, write a book, meditate, and many other self-development purposes.

Tarot readers use these cards for a Tarot reading to share the lessons the person being read needs to hear through their intuition and the drawn cards.

What Questions Can You Ask the Tarot?

The questions you can ask the Tarot are endless. As you search for advice or insight on a certain aspect of your life, the cards are always able to help you out. While you have to phrase your questions in a specific way for the Tarot to answer them appropriately, what you can ask, and how much you can ask is unlimited.

Below are different kinds of questions that you can ask the Tarot to answer. However, keep in mind that the Tarot is not a way to tell the future. It is a way for you to tap into your inner wisdom and intuition to access the advice you can use to make positive decisions in the future.

General Advice Questions

Some of the most common questions asked during readings are general advice based questions. These questions would be very open-ended and surrounding nothing specific. Some examples of this would be:

  • What should I expect in October?
  • What obstacles should I expect to come across soon?
  • How should I approach the new year of 2021?
  • What is my soul’s purpose?
  • What areas of my life should I be focusing on in the coming week?

Answering Questions

Situation-Specific Questions

You can also opt to ask more situation-specific questions. If you are looking for guidance surrounding a specific decision, you will have to make or a situation in your life, you need more insight.

While you should still keep the questions fairly open-ended, you will ask these questions as a way to receive guidance about what you should look into further or focus on regarding the situation. Here are some situation-specific questions you can ask:

  • What is blocking me from finding a new job?
  • What is blocking me from finding a new relationship?
  • What can I do to attract the right partner for me?
  • What signs should I expect while looking for my soulmate?
  • What do I need to know?

These questions are more detailed and focused while remaining open-ended enough that useful advice can come up in the cards.

Yes or No Questions

While many Tarot readers suggest not asking close-ended yes or no questions, you still can if you want a quick answer. The only problem with this is that there is no opportunity given for you to dig deeper into a situation and explore the different ways you can approach it.

It can also leave you very disappointed if the answer is a no, while you wanted a yes. Asking deeper questions is better because, as mentioned before, Tarot is not a fortune teller. It simply is a way to help you go after your goals and manifest your dreams. So, if the Tarot cards tell you you cannot go after a dream, you won’t know what to do next.

Nonetheless, it is still very possible to ask the Tarot a yes or no question. To do this, you will ask the question while shuffling, whether the card you pull is upright or reversed will give you your answer.

Upright cards represent a “yes,” while reversed (upside-down) cards represent a “no.”

How to Ask Good Questions

While you are thinking of what question you want to ask, there are some general rules you will want to follow to make sure you are asking a powerful question. Below are three guidelines you can follow when writing your questions:

Keep Them Open Ended

While you can truly ask any question you want, open-ended questions that allow interesting insights to come through are the best-case scenarios.

The question should not be answered with a simple “yes” or “no,” to ensure it is open-ended. Instead, it can be answered in a way that leaves you feeling as if you understand how to move forward and feeling empowered regarding your situation.

These questions typically will start with “what,” “how,” or “why.”

Get to the Point

When you ask a question, you want to ask what you want to know. If you stick to the general question, “What is my soulmate like?” You may gain insights, but the real question that should be asked is, “What can I do to attract the right partner for me?”

By opting for the second question, you are getting to the heart of the question and leaving yourself or your client feeling more empowered regarding how they move forward in their search for love.

Ask for Follow Up Questions

If you or who you are reading is still confused about the situation in question, asking a follow-up question is always welcome. The limit to how many questions you ask is unlimited, as long as you are willing to keep drawing cards. Nonetheless, you should stick to a few at a time so you can then take the advice and implement it in your life.

Some follow up questions you can ask to gain more clarity could be:

  • How can I uncover my soul’s purpose?
  • What will bring me closer to my goals?
  • What is standing in the way of me reaching my goals?
  • How is the way I am living leading me towards my goals?
  • What work do I need to do to reach my goals or align with my soul’s purpose?

Final Thoughts

When it comes to reading Tarot cards, asking the cards to answer a question is the only way to gain insight into your current situation. By asking an open-ended question, you will allow powerful insights and advice to come through the cards to utilize the answers you get to find clarity and answers for your given situation.

As you begin your journey reading Tarot cards for yourself or others, you can begin to answer some of the burning questions that you have always needed some extra guidance on. By using Tarot cards to seek advice, they will eventually become your secret tool for living the life you always knew you could.