Are Tarot Reading Apps the Future of Fortune Telling?

With the world moving plenty of things to be computer-generated, it was only a matter of time before the power of divination began moving online, including Tarot readings. With plenty of apps claiming they can give you a Tarot reading as accurately as a person can, you may be stuck reading how true they are.

Tarot reading apps are a bit accurate. However, getting read by an intuitive, experienced Tarot reader will always result in more insightful and powerful readings. Nonetheless, selecting the cards on the app channels the same energy as it does when a person is selecting the cards.

If you are thinking of trying out a free or potentially paid Tarot reading app and are curious to know how accurate the reading it gives you is, read more below. This article will discuss how Tarot reading apps work, the accuracy of the reading that it provides, and what to keep in mind if you use a Tarot reading app.

How Do Tarot Reading Apps Work?

Just as a typical Tarot reader would begin the reading, you will be asked to think of a question you want the Tarot cards to answer. However, while an in-person Tarot reader would ask you to say the question aloud and focus on it, an app may ask you to type and input the question.

Nonetheless, this reading process remains the same for both in-person readings and those that are done online. The process then continues similarly, yet the outcome will differ significantly from what you would get from an in-person reading. The process of an app Tarot reading and its outcome are as follows.

The Card Shuffling

The cards will be shuffled to begin a Tarot reading. So, the cards will be shuffled virtually in the case of a virtual Tarot reading that happens through a Tarot reading app.

This happens from the app shuffling the cards and picking them for you or allowing you to virtually shuffle the cards and select your cards from the entire Tarot deck. In both cases, the shuffling is essentially the same as when a real person or Tarot reader is doing the shuffling.

This is because energy is channeled from you and then sent to the cards in both cases. So, when you select your cards on the app, the right cards are still chosen for you as they would be in person.

Some Tarot readers even use an app or online software to shuffle and choose cards for the person they are reading but rely on their intuition and card interpretations for the actual reading.

The Card Interpretation

Here is where the real difference between using a Tarot reading app and getting an in-person reading lies, and why it may make the reading less empowering than if a person reads it.

While the app will provide you with your reading based on the cards that were shuffled and selected, it is typically limited to either short descriptions of the card or longer paragraphs with more detail regarding the description for each card drawn for the reading.

A further description will be provided based on where the card was drawn. If it were a past, present, and future reading, it would describe what each card would represent and what each card means in that position.

However, the answer you get from the cards will then have to be interpreted and related to the question you asked by you, no matter the descriptions they give you. So, you may be confused if you don’t know how they relate.

While this can work perfectly fine if you are skilled in reading cards and interpreting the meanings, it can be difficult for others. This is not only because it is difficult to relate the importance of the cards to the questions you asked but also because these apps won’t go as far as reading the cards as a collective.

Tarot Apps

Should I Trust Tarot Reading Apps?

While you can trust Tarot reading apps to shuffle the cards properly and draw the right cards for you, the biggest downfall is the interpretation. So unless you have experience interpreting the Tarot cards as a collective, you will miss out on a meaningful Tarot reading.

Nonetheless, there are many free available resources that you can use to further the interpretation the cards give you. Either through books online or free informative websites.

Many Tarot readings are solid and robust, not just because of the individual cards drawn but also because of the insight formed from the presented cards. When it is in person and not from an app, the Tarot reader can use their intuition, experience, and personal connection to the cards to give you specific guidance and insight.

The Problem With Tarot Reading Apps

While technology has gotten very advanced, it does not have an intuition, so in the case of Tarot readings, they cannot be provided to their fullest extent when a computer is behind the reading.

With an app and not an intuitive and experienced Tarot reader, the story the Tarot cards are supposed to tell in reading is lost, and you are only left with individual descriptions of each card’s meaning. There is no clue how each card’s meaning relates to your questions.

The Good News About Tarot Reading Apps

Although the interpretation is lost in the reading, and the true power of a Tarot reading cannot be realized through an app, they can still be helpful if you are willing to develop your intuition. While this still won’t be as good as getting a Tarot reading done for you by an experienced Tarot reader, it can still provide you with some advice that pertains to your current situation.

Since Tarot cards on an app cannot be damaged, are most of the time free to obtain, and will give you an accurate shuffle and selection, you can still use them. However, you should remember that if you have never done a Tarot reading before, you will have to do some research on the cards as you are reading.

Nonetheless, even if you do not want to rely on your intuition or do any further research into Tarot cards’ meanings, you may end up with some tidbits of insight and information from the descriptions they give you.

Final Thoughts

While Tarot reading apps can be considered accurate in their own right, it is mainly because there is no difference between a real person shuffling and selecting your Tarot cards or having a computer-generated program do it for you.

As long as you channel your energy towards the virtual cards and focus intensely on an open-ended question that you want to be answered, the right cards will be chosen and selected for you. However, it is essential to remember that a Tarot reading from an app will not be as insightful or consequential as a person’s.

So, while using a Tarot reading app will give you the right cards you need to see and possibly a decent description surrounding your cards’ meanings, you should remember that a collective reading of all the cards is required for a truly insightful reading.

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