How to Make a Tarot Card Bag: Step-By-Step Guide

How to Make a Tarot Card Bag

Making a Tarot Card Bag

If you are looking for a fun and unique way to store your Tarot card decks, making a Tarot card bag to keep them in is a great way to do so. Whether you have one deck or many, a Tarot card bag is a simple and cost-effective way to keep your cards safe.

You will need fabric, ribbons, beads, and a way to sew your bag. To start, you will cut your fabric to size and then sew the short ends and the long ends, leaving a hole at the top big enough to thread your ribbons. You can make a Tarot card in 12 easy steps with things you may already have at home.

If you want to be able to make a Tarot card bag, even if you have no sewing experience, it is much easier than you think. If you follow these 12 simple steps below on how you can make a Tarot bag, you will be able to make one for each of your Tarot decks with ease.

Choose a Fabric, Ribbons, and Beads

First, you need to gather the necessary materials. The fun ones are the fabric for the bag, the ribbon or thread to make the tie, and beads to add to your tie. Other than the size specifications you should have fun choosing with whatever color or pattern you want to use. Some people even opt to match their Tarot card bag with the style and colors of the deck they want to put in it.

The Fabric

You will need to find fabric large enough that it can fit the average deck of Tarot cards. The best size would be about 12-14 inches (31-36cm) lengthwise and 6 inches (16cm) wide, so if you don’t have fabric large enough at home, you may need to go out and buy some. However, you could also get creative here and make a patchwork design with pieces of fabric you have lying around.

You should also keep in mind the thicker the fabric, the more weight it can hold, so if you want to put crystals or gems in your bag, you will need a thicker fabric. You can also opt to double up on the fabric if you can’t find a thicker one, creating a two-layered Tarot bag.

The Ribbon or Thread

You will also need a long ribbon of any kind that is either 24 inches (62cm) in length so you can cut it in two, or have two ribbons that are both at least 12 inches (31cm) in length.

You can really use any type of ribbon or thread. But make sure it is thin enough that it can go through your beads and the holes you will make in the bag and that each is long enough to make your ties.

The Beads (Optional)

You will also need some beads to tie at the end of your ribbon or thread, but this is purely for decoration and is optional. For this, you can pick any beads you like, but just make sure your ribbon fits through them.

You can even use one of your favorite crystals as a bead by purchasing the Efivs Arts 24 Stone Beads Natural Gemstone Beads to increase and influence the energy that surrounds your Tarot cards.

Get a Needle/Sewing Machine and Thread

While you do not need a sewing machine to make your Tarot card bag look amazing, it is really helpful if you do as it will save you a lot of time and effort. Nonetheless, if you don’t have a sewing machine, a simple needle and thread will do the trick.

Before you begin sewing, make sure you know how to sew using your sewing machine or with a needle and thread, so the process goes smoothly. If you want to learn how to properly sew with a needle and thread, watch this video below:

Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, though, and as long as the stitch you sew holds the bag together, that’s all you will need.

Lay Your Fabric Out Lengthwise

Take your fabric and lay it out in front of you lengthwise, with the longest side being vertical to you.

You will want the side of the fabric that you want on the outside of the bag to be what is touching the table. It is best to start out with the fabric like this (inside out) to ensure you do not accidentally sew it the wrong way. If you don’t sew it inside out, the rough fabric edges and stitching will be easily seen on the outside of your bag.

Measure and Cut Your Fabric to Size

Next, you will want to grab the Tarot deck you plan to put in your Tarot bag and lay it on your fabric. Then proceed to fold the fabric right over the deck, so it is now covered completely. You can then take a pen to mark where you will need to cut or just eyeball it.

While you can follow the recommended size that we mentioned in step one, you will want to double-check that your deck fits on the folded fabric with about 1 inch (2.54cm) of space on both the sides as well as the bottom, with about 3 inches (8cm) of space from the top of the cards to the top of the bag.

You then will need to use scissors and cut the size of the bag you will be making, either according to the recommended measurements or based on measurements you have made using your own Tarot deck. Remember, the bigger, the better, so you are not squeezing your cards into the bag.

You also don’t have to worry about the edges being cut too rough as you won’t be seeing them, just make them as straight as possible, so you don’t end up with improper measurements.

Fold Down 1 Inch on Each Side

Once you have the fabric laying out lengthwise in front of you and cut to size, once again make sure that the side of the fabric that you want on the outside of the bag is face down.

You will then be starting with and focusing on the short sides (width) of the fabric. These sides will turn into the top of the bag, which is where the hole will be for the ribbon.

You will then fold in and pinch the side by about 1 inch (2.54cm) and repeat on both sides. This will be where your ribbon pulls through, so make sure your ribbon can comfortably fit in the fold that you make.

You can use pins here to hold the pinched sides in place before you move on to the next step where you will sew it.

Sew the Folded Sides

You can now sew these pinched sides shut, sewing at the end of the fold so that a hole is then created where the ribbon will eventually go through. You will want a seam allowance of about 5/8 of an inch (1.5cm).

Either by using your sewing machine or your needle and thread, sew a tight stitch at the bottom of the pinched edge from the bottom of the piece of fabric to the top.

Fold the Fabric in Half Inside Out

Next, you will be folding the fabric in half, essentially bringing together the two short sides that you just have sewed the ribbon hole into. However, you want to do this so the fabric is inside out, meaning you want the side of the fabric that you want to be the outside of the bag, to be what is on the inside of your fold.

You will want to sew your bag inside out so that you can guarantee that you won’t be seeing any of the rough edges or the stitching.

If you are having trouble imagining this process, take a look at this video below to get a better idea:

Sew the Long Edges

Now you will be folding the long edges of the bag you are making together, bringing the stitched seams to touch.

Before you move forward, however, there are two very important things you need to make sure of so your bag comes out perfect:

  • Make sure it is inside out. Before you go to sew the long edges, make sure your fabric is inside out to ensure a seamless stitch when you flip the bag back right side out. You should be looking at the wrong side of the fabric while sewing.
  • Do not stitch passed your first stitches. You want to make sure that you stop sewing the long sides of your bag when you reach the first stitches you made on the short sides. If you go past this, you will be sewing the holes shut that you originally made for your ribbon.

As you begin to sew the sides together, keep the above things in mind.

With your folded bag, you will be sewing the long opposing sides together to make the sides of the bag. Try and get your stitch close to the edge, but not so close that it comes unraveled. If you measured the fabric correctly, you should have room of about 1 inch (2.54 cm) on each side so your seam doesn’t have to be too close to the edge.

Flip the Bag Right Side Out

You now have finished all the sewing and can flip your bag right side out, so the fabric you wanted to be seen is now revealed.

If you followed the steps properly, you should now have the shape of the bag ready to go, with holes at the top ready for your ribbon to be put through.

If you sewed with a needle and thread, take the time to make sure that all seams are as tightly stitched as possible. If needed, flip it back inside out and fix it as needed. You should also take this time to cut off the edges of the thread, so nothing is hanging off the bag.

Thread the Ribbons

To thread the ribbons:

  1. It is best to attach a safety pin to the end of it and then use that to thread it through each of the sewn holes. This should be fairly quick and easy as all you have to do is start on one side with one hole, and loop it all the way through, into the other hole, so it comes back out the side that it started on.
  2. Repeat this with the other hole and the other ribbon, so the ribbons are both looped through the opposite hole that it comes out of.
  3. Once you have it though, you can take the safety pin off of your thread or ribbon.

You should now have both ribbons going through both holes, but one of them comes out on one side while the other comes out on the opposite side.

Remember, your ribbon should be fairly long, so you have enough room to tie a knot at the end of each and tie some beads. It is best to trim them after, so you don’t end up with too short of a ribbon after the beads and knot have been done.

If you don’t want to tie any beads, just tie the two ends of the ribbons together in a double knot on each side, and when you pull tight, you will have created your Tarot card bag. You can then proceed to trim the ends of the ribbon to your desired length.

Knot the Beads at the End of the Ribbon

Keep in mind that this step is optional, and you can simply just knot the ends without adding a bead, but adding beads will definitely make your bag look a lot more personalized.

If you have decided to add beads, have a couple for each side ready to go. About 2 for each end of the ribbons is recommended, so 8 in total.

When you go to put the beads on, place them on the end of each of the ribbon ends, then proceed to tie a double knot with the two ends of the ribbon on each side.

When you go to pull tight, you will have completed your bag!

You can now go ahead and trim the ends of the ribbon that hang past your knot to your desired length, but keep in mind, if you cut it too short, then you may risk the knot coming undone.

Put Your Bag to Use

Now that you have your newly made Tarot bag, you can now keep your cards and whatever else you desire in it. You can also gift these bags if you know someone who would benefit from it. So, enjoy your homemade Tarot bag and remember to keep it in a safe place.

Different Ways to Use Your Tarot Card Bag

Once you have your bag, you probably are wondering what else you can use it for. The good news is, you can use it for whatever you want.

You can use it for the designated use, which is to keep your Tarot cards, specifically ones you don’t want to keep in the box. But you can also use it for the following things:

  • To keep crystals or gems
  • As a homemade gift bag
  • A place to keep your favorite Tarot card safe
  • To keep your essential oils in

The options are unlimited, so have fun with it and make as many as your heart desires!

Why You Should Use a Tarot Card Bag

If you are still sitting there wondering why you should make a Tarot card bag, the biggest reason is that it really is just a whole lot cuter than keeping it in its original box.

However, some other functional benefits include that if you don’t have a box, it can protect your cards from getting lost or damaged, as well as allow you to easily store your Tarot cards with a crystal by their side.

Overall, it is a cheap, fun, and unique way to store your Tarot cards!

Final Thoughts

Remember, before you begin, pick out a piece of fabric that is large enough, as well as thick enough. As you begin to sew, keep it inside out the whole time so you won’t be able to see your stitches or the rough edges of the fabric. Finally, pick out a unique ribbon or thread and some super cute beads that then go on to be the tie that can open or close the bag.

If you follow all of these steps, you will have created a unique, perfectly sewn Tarot card bag that you can keep your cards in for years to come.