Can Reiki Be Done Virtually? (How Distance Reiki Works)

Can Reiki Be Done Virtually

Distance (or Virtual) Reiki

If you have come across the healing technique of Reiki and are looking to learn how to do it or receive Reiki for yourself, you may be wondering if this is something that can be done or learned in a completely virtual way.

Reiki can be done virtually and also in-person. Since it utilizes the powers of the universal life force energy that surrounds us in our lives, it is able to transcend both time and space. The best part is, doing or learning Reiki online does not make it less effective.

Having a Reiki session done can be a wonderfully healing process and being able to do it from the comfort of your home makes it even better. If you are wondering how Reiki works, how it can be done or learned virtually, how this is possible, and exactly how effective it is, you will want to keep reading below.

What Is Reiki?

The Japanese technique of Reiki is an alternative kind of therapy that consists of a simple process that utilizes universal life force energy to channel physical, mental, and emotional healing. Through a Reiki practitioner and their ability to use an open mind as well as channel energy from their crown chakra through into their head and their heart, they can help you heal many aspects of your life.

Overall, the healing technique of Reiki is a process that utilizes the universal life force energy that is all around us in a way that is sent through the practitioner’s hands and brings healing to the receiver’s mind, body and spirit.

This natural, safe, and simple practice can technically be done by just about anyone. However, in order to properly learn Reiki and be able to perform it effectively, you must go to an experienced Reiki practitioner or a Reiki master. This is mostly with regard to the fact that to be able to possess the skills you need, you need to go through an attunement process, which can only be done in a class alongside a practitioner.

What Is Attunement?

The attunement process that is done in the first level of learning Reiki is to have the Reiki practitioner pass on the Reiki energy they possess to you. This is done to raise your vibration and allow you to release anything that may be blocking you from properly practicing Reiki on others.

Without this attunement process, it is claimed that you are going to be unable to use the healing powers of Reiki on yourself or others.

How Can You Use Reiki?

If you are skilled in the healing technique of Reiki or are thinking of getting into it, one of the coolest things about it is that it can be used both on yourself and on others. There are multiple things that the healing of Reiki can be used for and these include:

  • Relieving physical pain in the body
  • Helping to process the feelings of grief
  • Uplifting and boosting the energy and mood of the receiver
  • Increasing motivation in any situation
  • Aiding in the healing of trauma

It should be noted, though, that Reiki is not meant to be used as an alternative to medical advice and should be used more as something you can do on top of medical advice.

If you are interested in learning more about using Reiki on yourself or others and how it works, watch this video below to find out more:

Can You Do Reiki Online?

Reiki that is done virtually is actually not as uncommon as you think and it is typically referred to as Long-Distance Reiki or Distance Reiki. For this to work, the practitioner uses one of the sacred symbols of Reiki, which are drawn with their hands in mid-air to invoke the Reiki energy and be able to direct it across time and space in a virtual manner.

When this distance symbol is invoked (and any good practitioner should be aware of it), it can be used to allow the healing powers of Reiki to be sent to the person despite where they are in the world.

This is effective because of the core belief of the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which claims that all of us are connected and that all of us are made of energy that is ultimately part of a bigger whole. When the distance symbol is used and this law is invoked, the Reiki practitioner is able to connect with the energy field of the person receiving the healing.

How It Can Be Done Virtually

When this is done online, the Reiki practitioner is better able to connect with your energy field if they are able to see you. Nonetheless, this can also be done by having them look at a picture of you.

Through this, and their ability to connect with your energy field after invoking the distance symbol, they are able to send Reiki energy your way simply through the fact that they are directing all of their energy and thoughts towards you.

While this may seem a little impossible, you are more likely to understand this if you have ever had a Reiki session done for you. This is because, in this session, you will realize that they never even need to touch you, and it is all done through them connecting with the life force energy around them and channeling it towards you.

Is It Just As Effective?

Yes! While it does depend a great deal on the Reiki practitioner’s experience, it will be just as effective as it is in person. Since Reiki has many benefits and is able to be used beyond the laws of the material world that are time and space, the distance between the practitioner and the receiver does not matter.

Since Reiki is all about life force energy, it allows Reiki to go beyond the physical laws and be sent exactly to the client. As long as the practitioner is able to connect with you in a way that allows them to focus on you and send their thoughts and energy your way, it will work just as well.

Can I Learn How to Do Reiki Online?

Just as you can have a Reiki session completed for you online, you can just as well learn how to become a Reiki practitioner online and earn your Reiki Master certification. There are plenty of courses online that you can take that will allow you to go through all 3 to 4 levels to become a Reiki master yourself.

While you can use books such as the Reiki Training Manual to aid in this process, it is still best to find a class online that allows you to still go through the necessary attunement process.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are having Reiki done to heal you either physically, mentally, or emotionally or wish to learn how to use the healing powers of Reiki on others, you are more than able to learn it virtually.

Since the technique of Reiki is all about using spiritually guided life force energy, it is not bound to time and space and you can have just as an effective session whether it is being done online or in-person. Overall, the distance doesn’t matter.

Although, you should always keep in mind to check how skilled the person you are either receiving Reiki from or learning it from as you want to make sure you are getting what you paid for.