What Are Reiki Candles?

What Are Reiki Candles

Reiki Candles

Whether it is gratitude, regret, or love, candles can help us express our emotions without words. Reiki is a Japanese technique used to provide healing by transferring the life energy (qi) from the practitioner to the receiver, and the question is, is it possible to combine these two things? The answer is yes!

Reiki candles are candles charged with the universal healing energy, known as Qi in traditional Chinese culture. You can use reiki candles to improve the quality of your life and attract love, health, peace, and more. Candles of different shapes and colors affect different aspects of your life.

Using reiki candles is not hard, but you should know the do’s and don’ts to benefit the most. Read on to learn everything you need to know about reiki and candle therapy.

Reiki and Candle Therapy

Reiki is an alternative therapy in which the practitioner heals the patient just by touching them. Universal energy is said to transfer into the receiver from the sender’s hands.

This energy resolves physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues within the receiver and provides healing.

Candles are beautiful instruments that can change your mood and energies if used correctly. People have been using candles for thousands of years in almost all cultures and religions.

We use them to express various emotions like celebration, calm, spirituality, mourning, love, etc. They create a meditative and peaceful atmosphere for us to relax and reflect in.

Here is the fun part. You can combine the healing powers of reiki and candle therapy. They complement each other and enhance your healing session.

Candles can be used for balancing the chakras, reiki, meditation, self-improvement, and many more things. You can also program your candles or charge them with reiki to provide healing to others.

How to Do Reiki With Candles

I know you are probably restless to understand how exactly you can use reiki and candle therapy together. So let us discuss everything you need to know about performing reiki with candles.

You will need different colored candles to do reiki for others or for yourself. We will talk about the significance of colors in the next section, but let us first discuss the process of candle reiki.

You may use a candle of any shape or size. But it is recommended that you use short four-to-six-inch candles as they are easier to handle than longer ten-to-twelve-inch candles.

It is also possible to use more than one candle. If you want to construct an energy grid around your table or mat, use white pillar candles

You can place them in various configurations, all of which provide different benefits. For example, you can create a triangle for inner conflict, square for compassion, circle for protection, and cross to balance chakras.

Reiki Candles

Another thing is that you should always anoint your candles before using them. Anointing means rubbing olive oil in an upward direction on the wick. It makes the candle’s color stronger so that the energies are more active and vibrant.

Suppose you have already been practicing reiki regularly. In that case, the candles will automatically tune into your intention, which means you do not need to do anything additional.

On the contrary, if you have been irregular with your reiki practice, you should program your candles and set your intention to reap the most benefits.

The practice itself is simple. Light the candles and do reiki normally.

Assuming you have chosen the perfect color for your candles, they will work to enhance the effects of your reiki session. Once the healing therapy completes, visualize yourself or the person you are healing surrounded by a white healing light before putting out the flame.

It is recommended to use a candle snuffer to put out the candle’s flame. This is because the energy of your breath may conflict with the power of the candle.

I like this simple Harapu Candle Snuffer as it gets the job done. It is also cheap but surprisingly sturdy.

The Significance of Colors in Candle Therapy

Choosing the right color is crucial when burning candles to receive healing. Different colors vibrate at different frequencies and affect your life differently.

Some colors help you manifest your desires, while others balance your chakras. Making use of these colors is essential to benefit the most from candle therapy.

Here, I have listed the most common candle colors and their uses. Set your intention and figure out what you want to achieve with your reiki candle. Then pick the perfect color and allow it to influence your life in positive ways.

  • Red-colored candles: They improve your strength, passion, love, sexuality, provide protection against psychic attacks, and balance and cleanse your root chakra.
  • Green-colored candles: They symbolize material gain, bring about wealth, prosperity, luck, fertility, confidence, balance, and cleanse your heart chakra.
  • Orange-colored candles: They symbolize and promote friendship, adaptability, vitality, success, and enthusiasm. These candles also balance and cleanse your navel chakra.
  • Yellow-colored candles: They improve communication, clairvoyance, meditation, and memory. These candles also promote happiness and cheerfulness by driving negative energies away.
  • Blue-colored candles: Use them for forgiveness, healing for children, meditation, inspiration, tranquility, and blessings. These candles also balance and cleanse your throat chakra.
  • Purple- or indigo-colored candles: They provide wisdom, spiritual protection, intuition, spiritual healing. These candles also balance and cleanse the third eye or brow chakra.
  • White-colored candles: They represent the unity of all colors and purify the body, cleans the space, remove negative energy, and promote spiritual growth.
  • Black-colored candles: They represent the stillness of the night and absorb negative energies, allow for more profound meditation, and bring peace and silence.
  • Brown-colored candles: Use them to attract financial success and prosperity, remove bad omens, and connect yourself to the earth. These candles also balance and cleanse your earth star chakra.
  • Gold-colored candles: They bring good luck, peace, and a deeper understanding of yourself and the world. These candles also symbolize universal fraternity.
  • Peach-colored candles: Use them to bring more kindness, truth, and sympathy into your life. These candles also balance and rejuvenate your being and help in making others’ wishes come true.
  • Silver-colored candles: They help you progress in life by bringing stability, clarity, peace, and persistence. These candles also ward off evil or harmful energies and balance and cleanse the soul star chakra.
  • Turquoise-colored candles: Use them to improve your self-awareness, mood, creativity, and meditation. These candles also unblock and clear a cluttered mind by developing a deeper understanding.
  • Lavender-colored candles: They help you burn negative karma from this life and past lives. These candles also help with dream interpretation and bring about healing and freedom.
  • Magenta-colored candles: They help you progress spiritually by providing spiritual healing and increasing your spiritual awareness. These candles also balance and cleanse your crown chakra.
  • Pink-colored candles: Use them for fulfillment, joy, emotional love, affection, and harmony. These candles also help you attract your soul mate and enhance sensual pleasure.

Final Thoughts

Reiki and candle therapy are two alternative therapies that can affect your life in various positive ways. We have discussed how these two healings benefit you individually and how you can use them together to complement each other and reap the most benefits.

Remember, you must carefully choose your candle’s color to determine what kind of energy it will release. Be clear about what type of healing or benefits you are looking for, and choose a candle accordingly. Choosing a candle for affection and attraction (pink) while doing reiki for warding off evil energies will not work too well.