Does Numerology Show You the Future? Find Out What You Can and Can’t Divine with Numerology

Does Numerology Show You the Future

Does Numerology Show You the Future

Numerology is centered around the idea of your date of birth, reflecting many aspects of your life. So, many wonder if it can precisely predict the future and future events. But what exactly can your birthdate tell you? There are a few different ways to look at this question.

Numerology can show you different elements of your future. Don’t expect to look into a crystal ball and see your future spouse or your salary in the year 2037. But you can expect to learn more about what paths maybe before you and your inclination to go down specific ways. Numerology shows you what your future could hold.

Numerology is a system that has stood the test of time. There are different interpretations and specific sets of beliefs within the realm of this ancient system, but it all comes down to an understanding of your birthdate and how that number gets broken down to explain your life’s path.

Seeing the Future with Numerology

All numbers carry unique energy and purpose. So when you link those energies to numbers as personal as your birthdate, they reveal a great deal of information about your life’s path and journey.

Using numerology dates back to ancient civilizations. Within each group, there are different systems that people would utilize. Some of the most well-known civilizations to have started using numerology were:

  • Greece
  • China
  • India
  • Babylon
  • Egypt

Greek numerology is typically the most used in Western society now, and therefore the most recognizable.

Your Life Path Number

When it comes to learning more about your future through numerology, learning your life path number is going to be the most important number. Your life path number is assigned to you through your birthdate.

The life path number shows your soul and personality. It helps show you what may come to be through those personality traits. Your life path will not show you exactly what will happen throughout your life, but it helps you understand which paths may end up appealing to you, or which decisions may lead you to a new path.

Your life path number is calculated through a simple formula comprised of your month, day, and year of your birth. You take the date as a whole and add each digit together until you have a single digit.

For example: if your birthday is January 7th, 1987.

1-7-1987 are the numbers you will use. First, turn the year into a single digit by adding each number together. 1+9+8+7=25. And 2+5=7.

Take that seven and add it to your month and day. 7+1+7=15. And finally, add the 1+5 to get your life path number of 6.

To understand what your life path number means, there are plenty of different interpretations on different levels of your life. But ITV offers a great, concise breakdown to get a general view of what the numbers each mean.

 The next step in understanding how to see into your future through numerology is discovering your destiny number.

Numerology Can Help Predict the Future

Your Destiny Number

The title doesn’t mislead you. Your destiny number is meant to lead you to your destiny and show you what you are destined for.

The life path helps show insight into the type of person you are, your personality, and how you approach things. But the destiny number will reveal more about aptitudes, skills, and allows you to better explore what you can and will accomplish in your life.

The destiny number can be extremely useful when making big decisions about career, education, and relationships.

Destiny numbers reveal not only specific traits but also potential. It uncovers where your truest potential lies. The great thing about destiny numbers is they can unlock a whole new side of you that you may not have tapped into yet.

Your destiny number is assigned to you from your name. This goes back to the Greek ideology once again, where letters receive a numerical value.

For example, if your name is Sam May Smith:

SAM (1+1+4=6)

MAY (4+1+7=12 and 1+2=3)

SMITH (1+4+9+2+8=24 and 2+6=6)

6+3+6=15 and 1+5=6

So, your destiny number is 6.

Understanding the Future Through Numerology

The knowledge of your life path number and your destiny number together can unlock all sorts of pathways into your future. The universe poses a challenging and ever-evolving landscape. There are ups and downs, ebbs, and flows. But using numerology can help show you when there may be an opportunity and how to plan for the future.

Within the numbers we are assigned through our birthdate and our full names, we can even understand where there may be good or bad luck within those interpretations. Everything you learn from your life path number, and your destiny number will point towards the highs and lows you will encounter in your life.

What Your Birthday Means in Numerology

Even the date of the month can signal quite a bit about your future and reveal new things about yourself. Each of the days of the month can reveal about your personality.

Similar to your destiny number, your birthdate number is a wealth of information when it comes to dictating decisions about your future. You will understand where your strengths lie and what paths you could be led down.

All of the numbers associated with your birth will enlighten you on different areas of your life. When you can tap into something so personal and meaningful that is tied directly to you, you’re able to see things down the road that you would have never known.

One of the most powerful things about numerology is its ability to show you things in the future that you may have even thought about but were hesitant to accept. Numerology gives us an unbiased view of our future lives and selves.

What is the Difference Between Numerology and Astrology?

When you’re learning how to understand your future through numerology, questions may arise about astrology as well. Astrology is based on celestial objects rather than numbers. Typically, when people think of seeing into their future, they may think more of their horoscope, which is based on astrology.

But numerology can be just as powerful in showing us what the future holds. There are specific ideologies and systems in both numerology and astrology that will unlock doors to see into your future.

Astrology shows us how celestial objects can affect our lives and events happening around us. Numerology uses numbers to predict circumstances based on what those numbers mean and their values.

So, while looking at your daily horoscope based on your birthday does have to do with numbers, since it is based on your birthdate – it doesn’t use the specific set of rules to understand what the numbers truly mean. Rather, it is based on the celestial movement during the time of your birth.

Seeing the Future with Numerology

Numerology is a fun, interesting, and intricate way to see into your future. Understanding what the numbers mean and how they may dictate certain areas of your life is where the beauty of numerology lies.

Your name and your birthdate are just about as personal as you can get. They signify the day you entered this universe, as well as the name you came into this universe with. Even if you go by a different name now, it goes back to the root of your beginning.

Those roots are what will show you the future through numbers that are truly personal to you and only you.