13 Best Tarot Instagram Accounts (Updated 2021)

Best Tarot Instagram Accounts

Best Tarot Instagram Accounts

Most people spend a ton of time on social media. So it makes sense that many people are including Tarot and Oracle sites in their Instagram social media feed.

With thousands of social media profiles out there, it can be tricky picking ones to present you with useful information. Here are 13 of the best tarot Instagram accounts: 

  • @BiddyTarot
  • @themoontarot
  • @spiritdaughter
  • @Leila_Olive
  • @jessjcarlson
  • @Fablesden
  • @Kellyann_maddox
  • @Lionharts
  • @daniellenoel.art
  • @witchywisdoms
  • @bakaraw
  • @madeleineillustration

In this article, we will talk about why these are the best tarot Instagram accounts, updated 2020. We’ll also tell you what you can get from each profile. You’re sure to find one or multiple tarot experts to follow on your Instagram and other social media outlets.

Instagram Tarot Accounts

Each of the accounts we feature has a large following on Instagram, and many of them offer private readings if you’re looking for a new tarot expert. Each of them also has its brand of merchandise you can pick up to support your favorite readers.

You can also use these accounts to collect useful tips and advice for reading your tarot cards. If you’re a beginner, you’re sure to find these accounts useful. For experienced users, you’re sure to value the advanced features of each site.

Biddy Tarot (@biddytarot)

Biddy Tarot offers plenty of goodies for those interested in the occult and tarot decks. They post monthly tarot forecasts on Instagram. And promote excellent and useful blog posts for all things mystic related. Or you could use their monthly tarot planner for free.

You can join a growing and united community that loves to interact with each other. Get advice, learn about new opportunities, and keep up to date with current events.

You can also download a free reference guide to help you understand how to read your tarot cards with ease. If podcasts are your thing, Biddy Tarot hosts a daily Podshow that has frequent guest tarot visitors.

If you’re new to tarot cards, Biddy Tarot is an excellent resource to use to help you broaden your understanding of this craft.

The Moon Tarot (@TheMoonTarot)

The Moon Tarot, hosted by tarot practitioner and spiritual advisor, Grace Selene, is one of the best astrology IG accounts to follow.

This account shares three posts daily: daily affirmations, spiritual-quotes, and energy readings to her 727K followers. To date, this account has almost four thousand posts on Instagram.

In addition to an Instagram account, the Moon Tarot also has its own website, where you can order private readings. Check out the shop where you can purchase numerology reports, meditation guides, and rituals.

You can follow the blog, which Selene updates with helpful articles about mindfulness and astrological predictions.

Plus, sign up for The Moon Tarot’s daily newsletter, which provides you with a free tarot reading and channel guidance. These updates are also on her social media. You can also sign up for her weekly Energy forecast.

Spirit Daughter (@Spiritdaughter)

If you want to learn to live your best life, head to Instagram and click Follow for Spirit Daughter. With over 1.1 million followers and upwards of 1700 current posts, there’s something for everyone interested in Astrology.

You can keep up with the phases of the moon, read inspirational quotes, and horoscope seasons. As soon as you click on Spirit Daughter’s Instagram page, you see the current mood cycles, so you’ll always know when to prepare for full or new moons.

When you visit Spirit Daughter’s shop, you can find workbooks for your Zodiac sign and a wide array of gear you may need, like candles, calendars, cards, and crystals. Subscribe to her blog to keep up with crucial astrological information.

Spirit Daughter is the brainchild of Jill Wintersteen, and a former neuroscientist turned yoga and astrology instructor operating out of Venice, California.

Tarot Accounts

Leila + Olive (@Leila_olive)

Leila + Olive is a tarot card designer that features flowers in all their gorgeous, artistic tarot and oracle card designs. Additionally, Leila + Olive also offers a wide array of botanical talismans created by hand.

They are run by Nicole Rallis, who created the Pythia Botanica Oracle deck and the Tarot deck Ophidia Rosa. You get to enjoy posts full of beautiful flowers with vibrant popping colors and their card counterparts.

Rallis is a New York visual artist who designs divination tools infused with the enchantment of plant magic. There are currently 33.3 thousand followers on IG, with over 900 posts.

Head to the Leila + Olive website to pick up your own set of cards, learn more about how magic and botanicals go hand in hand, and subscribe to newsletters, delivered right to your email.

Jess Carlson (@jessjcarlson)

Jess Carlson is a tarot or oracle reader and teacher, as well as a witch, author, and blogger. Her Instagram page has 35.2 thousand followers, and she’s made over 3,314 posts to date.

As if that isn’t impressive enough, Carlson also designs her own line of tarot cards. If you want a reading from a qualified tarot reader, you might be impressed to know Carlson is a Certified Teacher. She’s also completed tons of other training to make her approved to read and help her clients.

Carlson delights her followers with witty posts, tarot readings, exciting tips and tricks, and fantastic product recommendations.

You can also check out Carlson’s website. There’s plenty to do, and it’s a great place to start if you’re new to magick. View Jess’s artwork, browse her shop, or join her staff. Be sure you stop by her Freebies section. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

She even has a blog full of useful information about all things magic. Curious about being a witch? Want to know if you could be one? She’s got answers to these and more, such as reviews, lifestyle categories, and tarots.

Fable’s Den (@Fablesden)

Fable’s Den is a whimsical, modern take on tarot cards. Fable’s Den, otherwise known as Kimberly M. Tsan, is a tarot reader, illustrator, deck designer, and rapper. She currently has over six thousand followers and 900+ posts.

You can use her Instagram to buy your own uniquely designed deck full of adorable creations such as pandas. Or be entertained by artistic tarot based comics.

If you’re a fan of contests and giveaways, you’ll undoubtedly want to follow Fable’s Den. She often shares giveaways for fans to participate in.

And you get to see inspirational Oracle cards designed by Fable’s Den. O view sign up information and schedules for live readings.

Her site offers funny unboxing videos, how to read tarot card lessons, and resources for how to create your own tarot or oracle decks.

Kelly Ann Maddox (@Kellyann_maddox)

Kelly Ann Maddox is a UK based tarot card reader that has been awarded for her skills. She’s a frequent visitor to the Biddy Tarot Podcast and loves to engage her followers with snapshots of her life.

With over 16.5 thousand followers and more than a thousand posts, Kelly Ann is quickly working up a large following.

Kelly Ann often shares interesting reads to embrace your spirituality and mindfulness. And she also posts inspirational quotes, tarot readings, and more.

You can also check Kelly-Ann out on her YouTube channel, which has over 43.3 thousand subscribers. She’s also on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud, so follow her across all channels.

You can schedule private readings on her website, follow her blog, get free gifts, or read Kelly’s bio to learn more about her work. Repeat clients get a 10% discount, so be sure you sign up for an account if you’ll be using her services more than once.

Her site also offers useful resources such as e-books, e-zines, self-development tools, counseling, or mentoring. If you’re looking for an experienced spiritual guide, Kelly Ann might be a good fit for you.

Lionharts (@Lionharts)

Lionharts is about all things tarot. From featuring different tarot decks to hosting monthly tarot challenges, this influencer knows how to work social media.

The monthly tarot challenges get a lot of participation, and it’s a lot of fun if you want to try new things and learn more about tarot readings.

You can learn about interesting books to add to your TBR pile, see tarot reading, learn about contests, and read informative posts and interview questions to use with your tarot decks.

Following the Lionharts link takes you to multiple resources you can use to learn more about your astrology. Get your birth chart calculator, learn about the different astrology signs, and use a life path calculator. You can even take a personality test or learn how to edge your deck.

Danielle Noel (@daniellenoel.art)

Danielle Noel is a visual artist from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She’s also a bestselling author. Among her many talents, Danielle is the creator of one of the most shared tarot decks on Instagram, Starchild Tarot.

She features her dynamic and moving artwork for this profile, including for her unique and creative tarot decks. She also shares videos and interesting reads. Plus, useful resources.

This isn’t the only account Danielle Noel has on Instagram. You can also follow her account Moonchild Tarot, which features oracle cards that are the sister cards to the tarots.

You can visit both of Noel’s websites too. One website is for her artwork, which you can view and buy. Plus, check out her recommended playlists.

Starchild Tarot is all about tarot cards. You can check out her freebies page, view her galleries, and go shopping to pick up your own gorgeous tarot deck, picture, or jewelry. Her subtle pastel shades and mystic scenes are sure to make you feel inspired during readings.

Witchywisdoms (@witchywisdoms)

Shawn Engel is a professional tarot reader, and a witch turned businesswoman. She’s made an enormous success in her magic business by using social media, and she’s eager to help others learn to do the same.

Her Instagram page is full of insightful posts, edgy artwork, and tarot readings. You’re sure to feel inspired and enlightened with her posts, which are currently just over two thousand.

She has 28,000 people following her on Instagram and over 50,000 total throughout all her social media channels. In addition to her Instagram page, she also has a presence on Twitter and TikTok.

Visit her website to learn her secrets to success, read helpful ideas to get your own business started, become a client, or book a tarot card reading. You can also visit her shop to pick up your own merchandise.

She’s also been published in Cosmopolitan, Chicago Review Press, and Sterling. She also runs The Boss Mystic Podcast Network.

Bakara Wintner (@bakaraw)

Bakara Wintner or bakaraw as she’s known on social media, is the author of WTF is Tarot?: … & How Do I Do It? But she’s also the owner of Everyday Magic and a tarot deck designer, known for her collaboration on The Wayhome Tarot Deck, along with tarot designer Autumn Whitehurst.

Bakaraw’s Instagram feed is full of photos of her everyday life, her pooch Zadie, and early releases of her upcoming work. She has 1,640 posts for her nineteen thousand followers.

Her Everyday Magic feed is full of daily reminders to join live chats, updates about new products, and helpful tips. There are 1,880 posts with 48.7 thousand followers.

You can follow her YouTube channel and listen to her podcast visits with the Biddy Tarot. Or head over to her website to do some shopping and browsing. There’s a lot to see!

Madeleine Illustration (@madeleineillustration)

If you love tarots and cats, you’re sure to find a forever home on the Instagram feed of Madeleine Belanger, who designed the tarot deck The Considerate Cat Tarot.

Madeleine delights her 15.6 thousand followers with over a thousand photos of her tarot deck designs, everyday life, and many cat rescues. You can easily filter through the different kitties she has pictures of, and there’s quite a few to choose from.

Each cat illustration in the tarot decks is based on a real rescue cat and their fantastic story to find them forever homes. But they still keep the basic Tarot imagery.

You can visit the shop to get your own pins, photos, bags, and tarot decks on her website. And 5% of all proceeds from the tarot decks go to support VOKRA, a no-kill volunteer shelter.

Madeleine is also busy working on a Considerate Cat Oracle deck. You can follow the progress and submit your own rescue story.

The Daily Tarot

The Daily Tarot is your go-to Instagram profile for daily single tarot card readings. Each day, they draw a card and provide an informative explanation of the meaning. If you’re new to tarot cards, this page is a great way to understand card meanings.

In addition to a single scheduled post every day, The Daily Tarot also does random single card reads. Make sure to follow their page so you don’t miss out on the random reads.

Many of the page’s followers interact by sharing their experiences about the card’s meaning with others.

Follow The Daily Tarot so you can get daily updates for inspiration, guidance, and pitfalls you may encounter each day. Comment on the posts with your own interpretations or experiences to join a following of 38.2 thousand like-minded tarot loving followers.

There are currently 1,703 posts to peruse and new updates each day. There are also weekly readings that help you learn about energies and how to relate them to your life.

The Daily Tarot also features multiple types of 78 card tarot decks so you can learn about different ones. After each card is read, it is set to the side, so you get a new card each day, without repeats.

You can even join contests where you can attempt to win the new featured tarot decks. If you visit The Daily Tarot website, you can sign up for a membership as a Tier I, II, or III.

The Tier 1 Tip Jar costs $1 a month and helps support current and future daily lessons. This deal is to offer support for The Daily Tarot’s free posts. It’s more of a donation than a subscription for services.

Tier II costs $3 a month and gives you a two-card reading at the beginning of the week. With this deal, you have voting power and get members-only updates.

And Tier III for $5 gives you access to three random two-card tarot readings a week. These are usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, allowing you to know how to plan your week.

You can also access products earlier than the public. And participate in polls and contests to win new tarot decks.

Final Thoughts

Subscribing to tarot Instagram accounts allows you to get predictions and card readings from experienced tarot card readers, such as these tarot Instagram accounts. Following these accounts can infuse your day with positive vibes. You can learn about new tarot decks and get tips and suggestions on how to use them. Happy following!