19 Best Tarot Books (Beginner to Expert) [Updated for 2021]

Best Tarot Books

Best Tarot Books

Whether you are new to reading Tarot or have been doing it for a while and would consider yourself to be an expert, there is never too much that you can learn. From learning the basics of what Tarot cards are all the way to diving deeper into your spiritual journey with the Tarot, there are books out there for you.

The best Tarot books for beginners should highlight and explain the basics of Tarot. On the other hand, the best intermediate and expert books should give you the chance to deepen your connection with your cards and become an expert Tarot reader.

If you are looking to learn either a little or a lot about reading the Tarot, there is a book on the list below that’s right for you. However, before you read on, keep in mind that you do not have to stick to only beginner books even if you are a beginner. As long as you have read Tarot and understand the basics, you will be able to grasp the intermediate and expert books as well.

The Best Beginner Tarot Books

Whether you have been reading Tarot for a little or have yet to do your first reading, these beginner books were made for you. Keep reading about each to see which book is best for you, depending on what aspect of the Tarot reading you want to learn more about.

Truly Easy Tarot: Simple Readings and Practical Teachings

The Truly Easy Tarot book by Mantis was made for the modern Tarot reader. As you begin your Tarot reading practice or even if you have already begun, this book provides simple and concise teachings for any experience level, including beginners.

This book provides you with all 78 Tarot card meanings and how the cards’ meanings and the positions they show up in work together. With this book alone, you will be able to start reading the Tarot in no time as it provides you with 20 different tarot card spreads that you can use on yourself or read for others.

All in all, the name of the book speaks volumes, as this book really makes reading the Tarot as easy as it can be.

Truly Easy Tarot provides you with the opportunity to practice both simple and complex spreads such as the Horseshoe and Celtic Cross. This book also gives you all the information you need on the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards and even gives you some background on the Tarot history.

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings is the complete guide book for learning the meanings of each Tarot card that is written by Brigit Esselmont, founder of Biddy Tarot.

This book is a comprehensive, easy to read guide that gives you the meanings of all 78 Tarot cards, both in the upright and reversed position. She also provides you with meanings and interpretations for different everyday situations, including relationships, finances, career, and well-being, so you are ready for anything.

In addition, you will also get journaling prompts and keyword charts that will help you more deeply understand and remember the meanings of each of the Tarot cards. Putting all you need to know when it comes to the meanings of the cards in one place.

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot Ever!!

While The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot Ever!! Is not new to 2020, Dusty White’s book remains a classic beginner’s guide to learning how to read Tarot easily and efficiently.

White’s book makes learning to read Tarot cards fun and easy by providing learning exercises that teach you how to understand the cards’ messages for you. As soon as you begin reading this book, you can begin reading your Tarot cards right away as it takes a unique approach, unlike other books, by allowing you to learn through experience.

Through many interesting exercises and games and a lot of hands-on practice, this book will teach you:

  • How to know what your cards are telling you
  • The various and complex meanings of each of your Tarot cards
  • How to use a Tarot spread for answers to specific questions
  • The most popular spreads to use and how and when you can utilize them
  • How to tune into what your intuition tells you about the cards

Unlike other Tarot books for beginners, this one really focuses on getting you to practice your way to becoming an expert Tarot reader.

Tarot: A New Handbook for the Apprentice

This recently published book, Tarot: A New Handbook for the Apprentice by Eileen Connolly, allows you to approach the Tarot from a new, improved, and modern viewpoint.

This new approach that this book offers to those starting out with the Tarot is one that will provide you with a method to explore and understand your inner thoughts to deepen and strengthen your intuition. She also shares insight on the relationships that exist between Tarot and astrology, the cabala, and numerology, which is rare to find in beginner books.

This interesting and unique book guides you through in-depth basic lessons and exercises, as well as procedures and esoteric philosophy fundamentals, so you are ready to fully understand the Tarot and its powers of divination with an open mind and spirit.

Tarot Made Easy: Learn How to Read and Interpret The Cards

If you are looking for detailed guidance on how to begin reading and interpreting Tarot cards, Tarot Made Easy by Kim Arnold is a great place to start.

Through teachings about the craft of Tarot and by providing guidance on how you can complete readings on your own, you will be able to begin understanding the system of the Tarot with ease.

Within this book, you will receive guidance on various topics, including:

  • How you can choose the right Tarot card deck
  • The interpretations of both the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards
  • Multiple spreads and reading techniques that you can combine throughout readings
  • How you can go deeper into the messages of the cards through meditation

This short but sweet book is straight to the point, easy to understand, and serves as a great first read as you begin your journey with reading Tarot.

Intuitive Tarot: 31 Days to Learn to Read Tarot Cards and Develop Your Intuition

This is another beginner’s Tarot book by Brigit Esselmont, founder of Biddy Tarot. While her other book for beginners, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings, is a great reference for understanding each of the Tarot cards’ meanings, this book serves as a hands-on guidebook for learning how you can read the Tarot confidently and intuitively.

This is a practical and modern guide that will take you on a journey for 31 days, teaching you how to listen to your inner wisdom and properly read your Tarot cards. Through actionable and simple steps, this book will make learning to read Tarot cards intuitively seem easy.

In the 31-day guidebook, you will be taught many things, including how to:

  • Read Tarot cards confidently for both yourself and for others
  • Interpret Tarot cards simply and quickly
  • Find clarity in any situation
  • No longer have to remember all of the 78 Tarot card representations and meanings
  • Understand the secrets that make for impactful and fulfilling Tarot card readings
  • Begin to trust your intuitive hits more often

After reading this book and completing the daily activities, lessons, and mastering her seven steps to provide accurate and insightful readings, you will become more skilled in your craft than ever before.

Tarot Books

How to Read Tarot: A Modern Guide

How to Read Tarot: A Modern Guide by Jessica Wiggan is a straightforward guide to learning all you need to know about how to read the Tarot. Providing you with plenty of answers about different concepts that other books may not.

In this essential guide, you will be able to learn the modern interpretations of all the cards with reference guides that will help you out if you are brand new to reading Tarot and need something to guide you through readings.

This book encourages you to get started with reading Tarot right away, giving you tips on how to ground yourself, how to interpret cards in a pinch, and much more. By reading this book as your beginner’s guide, you will feel confident in understanding the meanings of the cards in both upright and reversed positions, as well as how to lay out different spreads properly.

With this easy-to-understand guide, you will be in the know about all things in the world of Tarot today.

Tarot Reversals for Beginners: Five Approaches to Reading Upside Down Cards

Tarot Reversals for Beginners by Leeza Robertson is not a comprehensive guide on how to read Tarot but a comprehensive guide on reading Tarot cards in reverse (upside-down cards). If you are new to Tarot, then you know that reading reversals are an essential part of giving meaningful and insightful readings, and this book makes it easy to learn.

Within this reversals guide, you will learn about all five areas of reversals, which include:

  • Blocks
  • Protection
  • Shadow
  • Mirror
  • Retrograde

If you have already invested in a beginner’s guide, this book is a great companion to ensure that you are confident and comfortable reading all kinds of Tarot cards.

Tarot Court Cards for Beginners: Bring Clarity to Your Readings

In addition to having the Tarot Reversals for Beginners book, the Tarot Court Cards for Beginners is the next book you will want to bring even more clarity to your readings.

The court cards of a Tarot deck can be fairly challenging for some beginners to read, and if you find that to be true, investing in this book to learn more about their meanings, they can add to the depth of your readings.

By exploring the court card symbols, legends, personalities, messages, and spiritual influences that these cards have, you will be more comfortable when these cards arise in a reading. You will also gain tips, techniques, and different ideas for spreads that you can use, so you no longer have to worry about how to interpret or understand the court cards.

Your Tarot Court: Read Any Deck With Confidence

Another great book for understanding and forming a deeper connection with the court cards is Your Tarot Court by Ethony Dawn.

Throughout this book, you will be introduced to each court card’s personality and archetype and learn how to read them like a professional. By giving you actionable and easy to follow techniques, spreads, and interpretations, you will find court cards to be less mysterious and more understandable.

When you finish this book, you will feel more confident when it comes to reading the advice given from the court cards, as this book will teach you everything you need to know when understanding them.

The Best Intermediate Tarot Books

If you have been reading Tarot cards for some time now, and you are starting to wonder how you can deepen your relationship and connection to Tarot, then reading some intermediate Tarot books is the next step.

Modern Tarot: Connecting With Your Higher Self Through the Wisdom of the Cards

Modern Tarot by Michelle Tea uses this book to explain how Tarot in the modern day can be used as a tool to help you connect deeper with your higher self.

If you are looking to use the Tarot as a guide on a personal transformative journey of growth, Modern Tarot shares with you how the power of the Tarot can be there for you. Whether you are a skeptic or have steady beliefs already in place, Tea offers an insightful, upbeat, and humorous approach to using Tarot for the purpose of self-development.

While you do not have to know much about the Tarot to read this book, you will find new insights and hidden gems within this book as an experienced Tarot reader. With both wit and authentic insightful connections, Modern Tarot invites you to look deep within the Tarot and the spiritual experience it can provide you in an entertaining yet informative way.

Tarot Interactions: Become More Intuitive, Psychic & Skilled at Reading Cards

If you are looking to read your Tarot cards in a deeper and more meaningful way, Tarot Interactions by Deborah Lipp is a book that will give you the results you are looking for.

This book will show you how to provide insightful and powerful Tarot readings through a flowing story-like narrative. For more advanced readers, this book is the perfect read if you are looking to provide readings that connect the meanings of cards together like a story.

Tarot Interactions provides unique lessons about:

  • The patterns and layouts of the cards
  • Important card pairings to take note of
  • Language and storytelling to bring depth to a reading
  • Techniques for interacting and talking to querents
  • Developing or strengthening your psychic abilities

Through simple and effective exercises, you will be able to utilize pathworking, meditation, different Tarot experiments, and games in your favor so you can bring both your intuition and reading skills to the next level.

Tarot: No Questions Asked: Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading

No Questions Asked by Theresa Reed is a book encouraging you to tap into your sixth sense. If you feel as though your confidence and trust in your intuition lack in your readings, this book is a guide to help you master intuitive reading.

By helping you work inward through different exercises, this book will overall make you a better reader by allowing you to do a reading without asking the querent any questions prior, hence the name of the book.

No Questions Asked is broken up into two parts. The first is about learning to trust your personal interpretations of each card, while the second helps you develop your intuition.

By developing your intuition, you will become more comfortable with the sixth sense you have always known you have had, further allowing you to give unique and free-flowing readings to everyone you read.

Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Tarot Journey to Self Awareness (New Edition)

This classic book by Rachel Pollack has recently been brought back to life in the form of a new edition. While this book’s teachings were written years ago, it serves as the foundation for the “Tarot Renaissance” that is happening in the world today.

In this book, you will be guided through a succinct history of Tarot, an introduction to Tarot spreads, and plenty of references to mythology and esoteric traditions that advanced Tarot readers are sure to love.

There is also plenty of insight into the symbolism and ideas presented in the Tarot cards, providing you with a modern interpretation of the archetypes instead of the traditional esoteric symbolism. As this book is always referred to as “The Bible of Tarot,” it is a must-read as you continue on your journey to improve as a Tarot reader.

The Best Expert Tarot Books

As you become more advanced in your readings and become an expert in Tarot, you are going to want to dive deeper into the world of Tarot. Through these expert Tarot books, you will be able to not only sharpen your skills but evolve spiritually through a deepened connection you will develop with the Tarot.

Pathworking The Tarot: Spiritual Guidance & Practical Advice From the Cards

If you are looking to enhance your Tarot reading skills, increase your spirituality, and look deeper into the meanings behind each Tarot card, Pathworking The Tarot by Leeza Robertson is the perfect book for you.

Pathworking is the process of visualizing that you are within the world that is the Tarot and that you are interacting with each card on a personal and intimate level. Through the process of pathworking, you can enter on a journey into the inner world of the Tarot, and through the teachings of this book, you will be able to do just that.

With the three pathworking styles introduced in this book, the easy to understand techniques, and the hands-on lessons provided, you will feel inspired to go deeper into your practice.

At the end of your pathworking journey, you will be more connected to your cards and find spiritual enlightenment through the new outlook you now have for each card.

Tarot Healer: Using the Cards to Deepen Your Chakra Healing Work

Another great book for Tarot reading experts by Leeza Robertson is Tarot Healer, as it gives you the opportunity to utilize your Tarot cards for healing your body.

Through the exploration of our chakras and analysis of our thoughts, feelings, and actions in combination with hands-on exercise, meditations, guided readings, and different Tarot spreads, you can use the powers of the Tarot and chakra healing techniques together to feel more spiritually aligned.

Tarot Healer will be the guide you need to combine the chakra energy healing techniques and the power of the Tarot so you can renew your well-being. As you read this book and learn all about the seven chakras, how to clear your energy blocks, and fully utilize your own energy, you will experience powerful physical and emotional healing.

Advanced Tarot Secrets: Secrets From the Best Tarot Readers in the World

As an expert Tarot reader, Advanced Tarot Secrets by Dusty White gives you the opportunity to get 3-5 times more insight from Tarot spreads than you ever have before.

Through step-by-step guides, Advanced Tarot Secrets will show you how to use advanced techniques and industry secrets to become one of the top Tarot readers in the world. Within this book, you will learn many high-level techniques.

Here are the high-level techniques you can learn within this book:

  • Spread techniques including pre-spreadwork
  • Identify spread accuracy
  • How to see patterns within your spreads
  • To find new spreads within old spreads
  • How cards interact with each other

With this new knowledge, you will learn the expert skills of the trade, allowing you to not only become a better Tarot reader but one that can charge for readings as the professionals do. As a bonus, you will also become more intuitive as you practice new exercises and Tarot games that will teach you some amazing new tools such as:

  • How to find lost items or people
  • How you can manifest anything you want in life
  • How to read the past and future
  • How to solve problems and brainstorm
  • How to overcome writer’s block
  • How to master storytelling when you read Tarot

After you read this book, you will no longer be playing in the small game when it comes to reading Tarot as your accuracy, intuition, and expert techniques will make you a master Tarot reader.

Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot For Personal Growth

Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen is a book that will help you utilize the Tarot for uncovering your subconscious beliefs, knowledge, and creativity.

This book is the ultimate guide for utilizing the Tarot to help with your own personal development, so if you are looking about how to dig deeper into the systems of the Tarot and how you can benefit from it, the Holistic Tarot is for you.

As a more advanced Tarot card reader, this book will amaze you with the theoretical discussions and advice for reading Tarot that this book provides you. With over 500 different illustrations and plenty of different spreads to learn about, this book is a must-have for any Tarot reader.

Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday Readers

Tarot Correspondences by T. Susan Chang is a book that invites Tarot readers to explore the correspondences that already exist between the cards in every Tarot card deck.

Within this book, she examines the four main systems of correspondences:

  • The Elements
  • Astrology
  • Numbers
  • Kabbalah

Throughout this book, comprehensive correspondences for each of the cards will be provided as you learn about the images, associations, and myths that have made the Tarot so prevalent today.

This book serves as a must-have resource as you will learn many methods, discover meditation exercises, unique interpretation techniques, and how you can utilize these correspondences. With the help of these resources, you are sure to improve the strength of your practice and deepen the journey you are on with your Tarot cards.

Final Thoughts

For every Tarot reader, there is always more that can be learned, and as you continue on your journey of bringing the spiritual power of Tarot to others, these books can make you a better Tarot reader overall.

By reading as many Tarot books as you can, you will be able to deepen your connection to your Tarot cards, gain further insight on how to read cards, learn different spread techniques, and how you can strengthen your intuition. Best of all, you will be able to make your Tarot reading hobby into a money-making career the better you get.

As you journey from being a beginner Tarot reader to an expert, use these books to guide you as you become a highly skilled and intuitive Tarot reader.