Unlocking the Secrets of Tarot and Numerology: How They Work Together

The study of energy, interconnectivity, and symbolism of numbers is known as Numerology. It is often described as mysterious. While the study of meaningful cards and how they predict the future is known as the Tarot.

These studies date back thousands of years and are connected in some ways. They are highly sorted after today to tell the future of an individual.

Learning how to read and understand the meaning of tarot cards can be difficult; there are 78 cards in the deck separated into two distinct categories, the Major and Minor Arcana. When you involve Numerology, it becomes easier to read the underlying mysteries. Incorporating Arcanas and their corresponding number can enhance your comprehension of the cards.

Connecting the two can ensure understanding of what the tarot cards are displaying in front of you, but there is a lot to it. This article will cover the basics of Tarot reading and how it corresponds with Numerology.

What are Tarot Cards?

As one of the many popular things to do in places like Las Vegas or New York City, Tarot Cards are a popular way to figure out your life journey and find your everyday lessons. As Hollywood has portrayed in many movies like Ghost, The Mortal Instruments, and the magician movie, Now You See Me, a woman in a big scarf hat and funny outfit telling you about your outlook and the proficiencies you’re going through and what it means for your future.

These cards are not for everyone; some believe they go against religion, but others rely on them to get through their month. It is good to have an open mind and see if these cards relate to what is going on in your life.

What is a Tarot Card Deck?

Tarot cards are a 78-card deck that, with each card, has its imagery, symbolism, and story. The deck is split into two, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Within the deck are 16 Tarot Court Cards that characterize 16 different personality characteristics that we may choose to feel at any given time.

The Minor has 40 numbered cards organized into four suits and ten cards that each signify numerous situations you would confront daily. And 22 Major cards denote life lessons and experience; these cards are for the long-term journey.

Tarot Cards are a story of our lives; they are considered the mirror to our souls, the key to inner wisdom. These cards can show every transcendent lesson we meet within the 78 cards. We turn to Tarot Cards to explain what meticulous lessons we need to master to live an encouraged, influential life. It is like holding a mirror up to yourself and asking to show your subconscious.

What is Numerology?

Have you ever seen repeating numbers in your life? Have you ever looked at the clock and seen the same sequence of numbers and wondered why? Well, this is the study of Numerology; how the numbers repeatedly show up in your life and what they could mean.

The most straightforward meaning of Numerology is the study of numbers in your life; you can expose information about the world and each individual using Numerology. It is considered a numbers-type language.

Numerology is the impression that the world is a system, and once broken down, we are left with essential elements: numbers. They can help us better understand the world and ourselves; we can break down the numbers into several expressive methods.

The History of Numerology

The history of Numerology started in Egypt and Babylon, where the earliest use was found. There is evidence that Numerology was used thousands of years ago by Rome, China, Greece, and Japan.

In modern-day, Numerology is credited to Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher. It is not known that he invented Numerology, but there is some evidence that he took it to a different level.

Numerology is complicated; it usually needs a master numerologist to specify comprehensive and precise readings. One of the most widespread ways to use Numerology is to find your Life Path Number, and you can also use it for things like expression, personality, and soul.

The idea is that the cosmos in your life is affected by your birthdate, birth name, and many other characteristics within an individual. This is way different than reading your horoscope every day in the newspaper. Numerology is more in-depth information about yourself. And when mixed with Tarot cards, you can find your life journey easily.

Numerology and Tarot: How They Work Together

How do you remember 78 tarot cards and their meanings? Unless you have been doing it for years and have loads of practice, it feels impossible, but Numerology and Tarot Card reading go hand and hand.

Numerology can help with learning all 78 tarot cards. It’s a lot to remember without its help! It can help understand the readings faster than looking up each meaning separately. If you can learn what numbers 1 through 10 mean, then you have a head start on reading tarot cards.

Many believers use tarot cards to describe fortune or the future based on a similar set of circumstances that happened in the past. Other believers use the readings for lessons meant only to cause self-reflection and will give a path upon which one must travel to accomplish goals. In either case, using numbers on a tarot deck can allow further examination of the cards drawn.


Major and Minor Arcana Decks

Because Tarot cards are so arranged in a certain way, they are intended to show a life journey rather than answer short-term questions. The 22 cards of Major Arcana are numbered from 1 through 22.

In comparison, the 56 Minor Arcana cards are numbered 1 through 10 within each suit. Also, five cards per deck relate to each number 1 through 10. Given specific meanings as they relate to both the Major and Minor Arcana:

  • New Beginnings: the first step of a journey.
  • Partnership: a choice between two things is paths.
  • Growth or Progression: project or a relationship.
  • Foundations: structure, practicality, a quantity of success.
  • Instability: change and outlook.
  • Stability: companionship, helpers, and community.
  • Patience: with the journey or peace with waiting.
  • Progress: the anticipation of the ultimate achievement of the journey.
  • Completion: of the numerological series and journey.
  • Rebirth: beginning the process over again.

Numerology doesn’t stand alone within the Tarot; in all aspects, they work together to depict the individuals’ journey.

Major Arcana

Major Arcana are cards that signify lessons; they can also mean karmic inspirations and big conventional themes influencing your soul and life on its illumination journey. These cards have deep, dominating, even beautiful meanings. Tarot cards represent the structure of human awareness and hold the sources of life lessons passed down through the ages.

As Major Arcana is numbered from 1 through 22, the Fool being number 1, it is the main character in the deck or the story. It makes a journey with each card.

I am teaching meaning in life lessons along with the ways and concluding with the Worlds card. This is known as Fool’s Journey. It is a helpful way to understand all the meanings in the deck.

Major Arcana – The Card Meanings

  • (0) Fool: New Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, originality, adventure.

Most decks for the Major Arcana start with Zero. With zero being around, it forms a circle. It represents completeness and cycles. It is also empty, and that represents openness and nothingness. With zero being the beginning, it is also representing purity and innocence. Zeroes can easily get lost, meditating on the concept of zero.

  • (1) Magician: Power, desire, creation, manifestation, resourcefulness.

One is an individual; the magician has the power of the mind, attraction, and creativity. Where does the manifestation begin, well, at one? It is the first number to be defined, and the definition and formation have been given to open thought.

  • (2) High Priestess: Intuitive, unconscious, divine, feminine, scared knowledge.

One usually attracts another, and then there are two. The balance represents two. It is symbolized by the number two of the Major Arcana.

She balances opposites, the intuitive individual and the rational individual—the inner and outer and hidden and revealed. Unity also represents two. Two 1s are trying to understand each other, like two people trying to learn and figure each other out.

Think of it as combining two heads to develop ideas or launch a business. That is expiation, like two people coming together to create a baby, producing three.

  • (3) Empress: Femininity, nurturing, fertility, nature, beauty, abundance.

The Empress shows the fruits of the labor of two; abundance, fertility, and expiation. It could be represented by the wealth you’ve gained from sharing your work by blending One and Two. Wealth needs to be put to productive use; boundaries, protection, and structure are necessary.

  • (4) Emperor: Authority, structure, control, a father figure, establishment.

The guardian is the overseer who delegates boundaries to keep things in order. Now, two’s is four can create something stable. Like a house where two was a plank of wood, held up at both ends, like a table, sturdy on its legs.

  • (5) Hierophant: Spiritual, wisdom, tradition, conformity, morality, ethics.

Five is a shock wave; it challenges conflict—five challenges an individual to live up to a higher perspective, someone who doesn’t settle. Also, five represent the natural elements; air, fire, water, and earth.

  • (6) Lovers: Love, harmony, partnerships. Choices, values, alignment.

The number Six is characterized by communication and harmony; the lovers bring balance to each other’s lives. They help settle problems through mutual aid. It is considered a mystical number, a combination of the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

  • (7) Chariot: Direction, control, willpower, determination, success, action.

Desire awakens within seven, within us. It demonstrates that there is more to life and tells you to pursue your goals. Before changing dreams, an individual will venture deep into the subconscious mind to try and connect with their higher self.

  • (8) Strength: Strength, courage, compassion, focus, persuasion, and influence.

Eight represents infinity because of its shape. It reminds you that everything does come full circle. Eight is also associated with abundance and expansion, stability, and securing a foundation.

Digging more profound with the number Eight, Two repeated four times, is the power of unity and polarity four times over. That becomes the power of stability, protection, and sturdiness.

  • (9) Hermit: Soul searching, solitude, spiritual, enlightenment, guidance.

Nine has excellent significance; things are almost perfect or almost complete. Nine is three, three times, which has magic and meaning of expansion, growth three times over.

Being the 9th card, the hermit brings an individual on a power journey to a transformation. It is the journey of finding the power within and advancing spirituality and ideologically. It is not about loneliness but the ability of the individual to follow a unique path forward.

  • (10) Wheel of Fortune: Chance, destiny and fate, karma, turning points, life cycles.

The combination of One and Zero reminds us that anything is possible.

During your reading, if you prominently have Major cards, then you are experiencing life-changing events that will have long-term effects. It would be best if you kept your attention on these essential lessons to process further in your spirituality and personal quest.

If the cards are reversed, it may mean that you are not paying close enough attention to what is changing in your life. First, you need to master the lesson before moving forward.

Minor Arcana Cards

Now, to incorporate 56 minor cards, these reflect the daily trials and tribulations we experience. Just because this card is named ‘minor’ doesn’t mean that these cards won’t have significance in meaning.

These cards relate to what’s happening in your everyday life and suggest understanding how your present situation affects you. It shows what steps need to be taken to manifest your goals.

The Minor Arcana cards usually have a temporary influence. They symbolize energy moving through your life right now, which can easily be altered contingent on your actions.

The Four Suits within the Minor Arcana:

  • Wands: your energy of provocation and urge. The Wands cards often appear in Tarot readings about life purpose, spirituality, and new Ideas.
  • Swords: your thoughts, words, and actions. They often appear in the Tarot readings about communicating your ideas and decisions and asserting your power.
  • Pentacles: your finances, work, and material possessions. They often display themselves in Tarot readings about career and finical growth.
  • Cups: your feelings, emotions, intuition, and creativity. They often display in Tarot readings about relationships and emotional connections with yourself and others.

Numerology and Minor Arcana

Ace: Power of One

In the Minor cards, an Ace is considered One. They can also read new beginnings, which gives them a Zero quality. Aces give off the energy of pure representation of the suit and indicate the start of manifestation.

Two: The Power of Polarity

Choices and balances represent Two. It also represents union and unity: an example is Two of Wands, which indicates polarized options or ambivalence.

Three: The Power of Expansion

Three stands for expansion and progress, and the Three of Pentacles card displays development or specialization in your career. The Three of Cups show family expiation or love life. This combines with joy and celebration of others.

Four: The Power of Stability and Complacency

Four stands for emotional stability could easily lead to complacency. This represents the Four of Cups, and the Four of Wands shows ground energy and confidence even for the activated power of Wands.

Five: The Power of Challenge

Five represents disruption and chaos that will eventually lead to growth. The Five of Pentacles shows events disrupting your health or financial standing, maybe both. This can also display a career change.

Six: The Power of Balance

Six represents coming to harmony with help from others. The Six of Swords shows resolution and balance created by moving on with the support of others. Also, it can mean balance and renewal in love life or family.

Seven: Mystical Power, Plateau, Good Fortune

The Seven of Cups show illusions that are expressively appealing and may come to mass. It also indicates wishful thinking.

Eight: Infinity, Coming Full Circle

The Eight of Pentacles card shows improvement and progress, but you have not fully achieved your goals. It also indicates an abundance of growth toward an individual’s goals.

Nine: The Power of Manifestation

If Nine displays itself, it’s showing you manifestation or near perfection. Maybe there is a goal that is close to completion.

The Nine of Wands show almost completed tasks. The Nine of Pentacles shows you accomplishing or building something virtually at perfection.

Ten: The Power of One and Zero

One and Zero show manifestation, creativity, openness, and new beginnings. The Ten of Swords doesn’t always look pleasant, but it does represent a transition from something that wasn’t working.

Or that you are making improvements. The Ten of Cups will show the reason to celebrate new beginnings with family and loved ones.

When you are reading a prominently reading Minor card, this may be a sign that you are dealing with many day-to-day issues. These will not have long-lasting influences on your life.

This is passing issues and presenting you with the ability to learn from them. You want to look at the Major cards for lifelong term influence.

Master Numbers

Those who religiously study Numerology speak about the “Master Numbers.” Other study numerology uses double-digit numbers reduced to single digits. For example, if you have the number 21, cut it to 2+1=3. Yet Master Numbers are not reduced.

Because of their spiritual significance, they have a special designation. Master Numbers are, for example, 23, 11, it can go up to 99.

Examples of Master Numbers and Their Meaning

Master Number 11:

Eleven is the heightened personal potential or heightened intuition. It can also represent creativity and sensitivity and activate the nervous system. Eleven can also represent strong leadership.

Master Number 22:

As a Master builder number, there is excellent protentional for success. The Master Number is about high power and potential, being grounded, and having ethical boundaries. This can relate to the Emperor.

Master Number 33:

This number is the Master Teacher; it shows excellent protentional for spiritual growth. The energy it gives to Lovers can provide the ability to set aside their ego and devote themselves to the service of others.

Master Numbers Relating to Tarot

The numbers above show a profound change in energy. The Tarot gives extraordinary, mysterious power to the cards associated with them.

Master Number 11:

The Major card is Justice; this adds significates to the card. Eleven is two Ones—power of an individual and manifestation with double emphasis.

Also, Two can be created. So, it speaks to polarity and balance.

Eleven is a Master Number, so it heightens intuition, spirituality, and even mysterious supernatural connection. Sometimes, eleven denotes an influential teacher who must first go through their painful lessons.

Other Types of Tarot Decks

The most common and well-known parts of a Tarot deck are the Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (56) collectively; it makes up the 78-card deck. But there are different types of Tarot decks used for specific purposes.

Oracle Decks:

These decks have recently gained popularity because they are less regulated than the Major and Minor Arcana. Anyone can produce an Oracle Deck and assign it to a specific determination. These decks are to showcase images.

Oracle Decks are unlimited for short-term kinds of questions that involve some inner consideration and soul examining.


  • What should I focus on this month?
  • I’m stuck between choices.
  • How do I figure out my purpose?

Tarot cards are meant for long-term questions that speak to your life journey.


  • How should I prepare for the New Year?
  • What do I think about before quitting my job?
  • What am I doing with my life?

Life Path Numbers

The Major Arcana can reveal numbers that connect to the numerological Life Journey Number. Your Life Path Number can be discovered by reducing the numbers of the day, month, and year you were born to a single digit. The birth card is the Major Arcana card that corresponds to your Life Path numbers: 0-10.

To figure calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birth date together:

Here is an example of a Life Path Calculation: if an individual is born on 07-08-1992, you will reduce those numbers to 0+7=7, 0+8=8, and 1+9+9+2=2+1= 3. 1992 adds up to 21, so cut it, we add 2+1=3; if you wanted to keep it a Master Number, it would stay as 21. But for example purposes, we reduced it. Then add each equaled number together, 7+8+3= 9. The Life Path number is 9.

The ninth Major Arcana is The Hermit Card. The card shows an older man atop a mountain with a lantern containing a six-pointed star and a staff. The torch is the Lamp of Truth; it is a guide for the unknowing, his patriarch’s staff helps him navigate narrow paths as he seeks enlightenment, and his cloak is a form of discretion.

The interpretation of the Hermit card:

  • Prudence
  • Circumspection
  • Treason
  • Dissimulation

Try it out; many websites can calculate it for you. It is imposing.

Final Thoughts

All Tarot cards and Numerology are opinionated. The reading you receive is looking into your subconscious to show you what lessons or experiences of the inner self.

This can be used if you need an understanding of what is happening in your life. It is fascinating to see what cards come up in your readings and what lessons and experiences cause those cards to appear.

When Numerology and Tarot cards are used together, you get a better meaning from reading the cards, which allows you to dive deep into your soul a little more. Well-known as tourist fun, these readings are highly influenceable and will enable you to dig deeper into what you want out of life.

Ultimately, Numerology does not encompass everything a tarot reading is meant to accomplish. However, the association between the two is clear.

The numerological analysis and tarot reading can work hand in hand to provide a complete picture of an individual’s traits, goals, abilities, and characteristics and the challenges they may face.

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