How to Use Reiki Symbol Stones: The Definitive Guide

How to Use Reiki Symbol Stones

How to Use Reiki Symbol Stones

When you begin to dive into the healing technique of Reiki, you will learn all about what it can do for you and others. You will also come across the Reiki sacred symbols and learn how to utilize these in your practice.

To use Reiki symbols stones, you can go through the same process to activate Reiki symbols. However, instead of drawing it with your hands, the symbol is already engraved on the stone. It can be used by setting an intention and placing it on the receiver or a photo of them.

If you want to learn more about using Reiki symbol stones to amplify your ability to heal yourself and others, this article provides you with a definitive guide on how to do just that. We will teach you how to understand the Reiki symbols and the power that they hold when engraved on stones.

Understand the Reiki Symbols

Reiki was originally developed in Japan as an alternative healing approach that helps heal the mind, body, and spirit. When you learn Reiki, you will learn about the different Reiki symbols, their unique purposes, and how you can incorporate them into your healing practice to amplify and enhance the healing that takes place.

Depending on where you learn about Reiki, there may be four traditional Usui symbols, and some people consider there to be five. In some cases, you may even come across more than 20 Reiki symbols outside of the Usui system; however, we will focus on the five most common.

The five most common Reiki symbols that are used are:

  • The Power Symbol. This symbol can be used to either increase or decrease power. It can change the direction of energy that flows through the body to promote better healing, purification, and cleansing or to allow one to focus their mind on something specific.
  • The Harmony Symbol. The symbol of harmony is a purification symbol that promotes emotional and mental healing. This can specifically help people get rid of addictions, overcome trauma, and even possibly depression as it is used to help bring the body back to a neutral state.
  • The Distance Symbol. This symbol is used to allow the healing powers of Reiki to move beyond both time and space. This allows the Reiki practitioner to tap into inner-child or past-life wounds and heal people virtually and/or without them = being in the same room.
  • The Master Symbol. This symbol is the representation of all that Reiki is. It is used during the beginning of Reiki training during the attunement process. This allows the practitioner to heal the future practitioners, as this symbol encompasses the energy within the power, harmony, and distance symbol. It is one of the most intricate to use.
  • The Completion Symbol. This symbol is used during the end of an attunement process that symbolizes the treatment is coming to a close—allowing the future practitioner to hold the skills and energy needed to use Reiki on others.

It is important to remember that the symbols alone do not have any power, but their real healing powers are uncovered through your ability to use them. That is why you should keep reading to understand how you can then use the Reiki symbols, both with and without the stones.

How to Use Reiki Symbol Stones

Learn to Use the Reiki Symbols

To use and learn about the Reiki symbols, you first must get proper Reiki training. During the attunement process that happens during your training, the practitioner transfers their healing abilities to you, which allows you to use it on others. Without this training, you will not be able to do Reiki at all.

The other benefit of training is that you will learn how to use the symbols to strengthen your healing powers as you progress. Even if you do not have any training, you can still learn how they work and how they are used.

First off, the Reiki symbols work in a transcendental way that changes how the Reiki energy is being channeled. They then are activated in a way that may be done differently depending on the practitioner, the different ways to activate them include:

  • Drawing them in the air with your hands.
  • Visualizing them, which is to focus on and picture them in your mind.
  • Say the name of the symbol out loud or in your head.
  • Use a symbol stone and focus on the symbol you see.

The Key to Using Reiki Symbols

While you can have proper training, know all about how the symbols work, and know-how to activate them, it is not going to work without intention.

To set an intention when you are trying to activate these symbols’ powers both with or without the symbol stones, you must focus your entire awareness on the symbol, imagine the symbol’s energy, and direct it in the way you wish it to go.

For example, if you want to use the distance symbol, you have to have a clear intention of where you want to channel the energy, so it flows the way you want it to.

Utilize the Healing Energy of Symbol Stones

Reiki symbol stones are specific stones that Reiki symbols are engraved onto just like these Loveliome 4 Pcs Black Obsidian Engraved Chakra Stones, which come with the four main traditional symbols on them.

By having the Reiki symbol placed onto a stone, the healing energies are then amplified and stored within the specific stone that was used. Also, stones such as black obsidian have their own specific healing properties and can add their own unique energy, protection, or vibration to the symbol stone.

The stones that the symbols are engraved onto are picked purposefully for the energy that they carry and can enhance the Reiki energy being channeled for healing. Some of the stones they use and their specific energy include:

  • Obsidian helps protect against physical and emotional negativity.
  • Rose Quartz is the love stone, as it helps restore harmony and trust. It can also help those who are processing grief.
  • Lapis Lazuli helps heal through purification, a decrease of stress, and also encourages self-awareness and clarity.

Using these stones is simple. Just as you would activate the Reiki symbols during a session, you will instead use a stone with the symbol you wish to activate. You begin by setting your intention for the symbol stone just as you would for any Reiki symbol, then you can utilize it in the following ways:

  • During a Reiki session, you can directly place it on the receiver to influence the Reiki energy.
  • The distance symbol stone can be placed on a photo of the person/animal you wish to send Reiki energy healing to if they are not physically near you.
  • Placed somewhere in your house or workspace to amplify and uplift the energy around you day-to-day.

Keep in mind that while the stones can hold energy for a couple of days, they will have to be reactivated through your Reiki healing powers now and again. To do this, you will hold the stone and go through the same process you do when activating a symbol without a stone by setting an intention.

Final Thoughts

The ability to enhance and amplify the healing powers of Reiki is an amazing way to make Reiki an even more powerful healing technique than it already is. By utilizing the combination of the symbols, the stones’ unique energy, and a clear, focused intention, this can be done with ease.