The Best Tarot Spreads for Friendship

The Best Tarot Spreads for Friendship

The Best Friendship Tarot Spreads

If you want to learn more about your friendships and gain useful advice, try a friendship spread. These will help you understand your relationships so you can make them better than ever before.

The best tarot spreads for friendship are the Friendship Check-In Spread, “Is It Time to Move On?” Spread, Polyamorous Tarot Spread, and the Me, You, and Us Spread. Each spread informs you of a different aspect of your friendship, providing you with the guidance you need to maintain your bonds.

Read on to learn about four of the best spreads for friendship.

Friendship Check-In Spread

This spread permits you to check up on your friendships to make sure things are going smoothly. If your relationships have been feeling off lately, this is a great way to see what’s been going on so you can remedy the problem.

For the Friendship Checkup Spread, you’ll need four cards. Place two of them on top and two of them below to form a square.

Below we will go over what each card represents:

  • The first card tells you what you gain from your friendships. This card lets you know how your friends have benefited your life.
  • The second card informs you of what your friends have benefited from the relationship. This may include the ways your friendship has encouraged, supported, or changed your friends for the better.
  • The third card tells you how trustworthy your friends are. Can your friends keep a secret? Do they talk about you behind your back? Let’s find out.
  • The fourth card tells you how long your relationships will be able to last. This reading will let you know whether your connections are sustainable or if they have a short fuse that is ready to blow.

Friendship Spreads

“Is It Time To Move On?” Spread

If you are in a friendship that isn’t wholly benefiting you, you may be wondering if it’s time to let them go. This tarot spread is the perfect way for you to recognize what you are getting out of the relationship and if it’s something you should try to salvage.

For this spread, you’ll need five cards. You can lay them out in a straight line going from left to right or in an “X” formation.

To start your reading, shuffle your cards and lay them out. Then, use the meanings listed below to interpret which each card is telling you:

  • The first card informs you of what you receive from your friendships. This includes how they have benefited you.
  • The second card tells you how the relationships have caused you harm. No friendship is perfect. However, some have caused more damage than others.
  • The third card represents the problem(s) you are currently dealing with in your friendships. It may inform you of the central issue in your relationships or a smaller problem that is less obvious but still negatively impacting your connections.
  • The fourth card tells you some ways you can try to remedy this problem. It will give you ideas for specific actions you can take to help you mend the bond between you and your friends.
  • The fifth card tells you how successful you’ll be at fixing the relationship. Some friendships are very treatable with a little bit of work. Others, however, cannot be saved and need to be released.

Polyamorous Tarot Spread

While this spread is often used by people in polyamorous relationships (as the name suggests), it can also help you take a more in-depth look at your friendships.

There are two versions of this spread that have the same ten-card layout. To learn more about the Polyamorous Tarot Spread and get a visual of its arrangement, check out this article created by Beth from Autostraddle.

Version One

This version is entirely focused on you and what you are contributing to your friendship. It also takes a look at what you require from the relationship. It also gives you a suggestion of a place you can go to get away when your friendships start to feel overly draining.

Now, let’s take a look at the steps you’ll need to take to perform this reading:

  1. Your first reading will be two cards, one crossed over the bottom portion of the other. The first card you pick up indicates who you are in your friendships. The second card is a challenge you are currently facing with your friends or something you’ve been holding onto that you can’t seem to let go of.
  2. Next, you’ll look at three cards laid out in a row. These represent the qualities and skills that you are bringing to the table.
  3. Your third set will consist of two cards, one positioned partially on top of the other. The first card you look at will be a problem your friendships may face. The second will be a potential resolution to that problem.
  4. Repeat the same set-up from step three. These cards have the same meaning as the last set. The first is a problem, the second a possible solution.
  5. Read your last card. This card represents a safe space where you can go if your friendships become too much and you need some time away. This is a place that is wholly yours. However, you can share it with others if you choose to.

Version Two

While still mainly focused on you, the second version also involves your friends and how they affect your bond. Some of the cards’ meanings will be the same as in the first version.

Follow the steps below to perform this version of the Polyamorous Tarot Spread:

  1. Start by reading two cards, one crossed over the bottom portion of the other. The first card represents you and who you are in your friendships. The second card is a challenge you face with your friends or something you are carrying in your heart that brings you down.
  2. Layout the same number of cards as friends you want to include in the reading. For example, if you wish to involve two of your friends, lay out two cards. Each card you layout represents one of your friends and how they are impacting you and your relationship.
  3. Read two cards. The first represents a possible issue you may face with your friends. The second is a possible resolution to this issue.
  4. Repeat the last step. You’ll use the same number of cards that have the same meanings as in step three.
  5. Read the final card. This card represents a safe, happy location where you and your friends can go together when things get challenging or when you want to celebrate the good times.

Me, You, and Us Spread

If you need to take a more in-depth look at your friendships, this is an excellent spread for you. It permits you to examine the relationship between yourself and one of your friends.

To do this spread, you’ll form three columns with a total of 10 cards. The first column should have three cards. This section is all about you and your opinions on your friendships. The third column should also have three cards which will inform you of your friends’ views. The second column, which should be placed in the middle of the other two, will have four cards. This section represents your relationship as a whole.

Follow the steps below to perform this reading:

  1. Reveal the first column. The card at the top of the column represents how you view yourself, the middle card represents how you view your friend, and the bottom card tells you how you perceive the relationship as a whole.
  2. Uncover the third column. The top card tells you how your friends view themselves. The second card reveals how they view you. The third card informs you about how they perceive your relationship.
  3. Display the second (middle) column. The top card lets you know the strengths in your friendships. The second card informs you of the weaknesses. The third card tells you if your relationships are going in a positive or negative direction. Lastly, the final card tells you what your friendships are missing. This will inform you about what you need to do to help them succeed.

Final Thoughts

Some of the best tarot spreads for friendship are the:

  • Friendship Check-In Spread
  • “Is It Time to Move On?” Spread
  • Polyamorous Tarot Spread
  • Me, You, and Us Spread

Each of these readings gives you an in-depth look at certain aspects of your friendships to help you maintain your bond, keeping your relationships healthy, happy, and strong.