Chaldean vs. Kabbalah Numerology: Which One Calls To You?

Chaldean vs. Kabbalah Numerology

Chaldean vs. Kabbalah Numerology

Numerology is the universal study of numbers broken down into three systems: Chaldean, Kabbalah, and Pythagorean. While modern-day numerology is credited to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, Chaldean and Kabbalah numerology contain more practical applications for everyday use, such as charting out your life path using your name and date of birth.

Chaldean numerology originated in ancient Babylon and uses a person’s name and birth date to decipher meaning. Kabbalah originated from the Hebrew culture and centers around only the birth name of the individual.

Some calculations in Numerology will require a master numerologist;  however, simple calculations can be used to determine your expression and personality similar to using Astrology. Chaldean and Kabbala numerology have been around for thousands of years and have evolved the more they are studied. In this guide we will break down these two methods and what sets them apart from one another.

  • What is Chaldean Numerology?
  • How to Apply Chaldean Numerology to your Life
  • What is Kabbalah Numerology?
  • How to Apply Kabbalah Numerology to your Life
  • Chaldean vs. Kabbalah Numerology
  • Is Numerology Effective?
  • Where to Find Master Numerologists
  • How Does Numerology Differ from Astrology?

Each system of numerology provides a numerological interpretation of your life using certain calculation methods.

What is Chaldean Numerology?

Chaldean Numerology is a numerological system rooted in ancient Babylon. Chaldean is unique from Kabbalah as it attaches the value of numbers to corresponding letters to allow you to decipher meaning. Chaldean is considered the most accurate of the three systems, but also the least popular because it is difficult to master, and the alphabet values are not systematically in order.

The Chaldean Numerology is based on five schools of thought:

  • The universe is built by vibrations
  • Everything has vibrations that also have different frequencies
  • Each frequency attracts its equal
  • Balanced and Unbalanced vibrations will attract their balanced or unbalanced equal
  • Everyone has a destiny, and it is unavoidable

The 5th principle has a variable; though the date of your birth cannot change, you have the power to change your name, which can alter part of your vibration. But this is one of the reasons all studies of numerology center around your date of birth – it is always the constant.

In addition to Chaldean Numerology being given alphabetic value, it also only uses the numbers 1-8 rather than 1-9. This is because the Chaldeans believed that the number 9 was sacred and holy (compared to 11 or 22 in basic Numerology) and is held on its own. A persons’ first name is broken down into its numerical value, and with that number you can determine what influences you and how you are perceived by others.

How to Calculate and Apply Chaldean Numerology

The first step in calculating with Chaldean Numerology is to break your name down into numbers. The Chaldeans created a chart to simplify this part of the process:

For the purpose of this exercise, let’s say that your name is Beth. You would calculate your names’ numerical value like this:

  • B = 2
  • E = 5
  • T = 4
  • H = 5
  • BETH = 16
  • Final calculation 1+6 = 7

You can also calculate your middle and last name numbers, then add those together until you reach a single digit. Unlike Kabbalah Numerology, Chaldeans believe that you must consider your single number (physical) as well as your compound or double number (metaphysical) to get a full picture of who you are. In our example, Beth added up to 16, so the meaning behind the number 16 would be examined as well as the number 7.

But this is not where Chaldean Numerology stops. Once you reach your number for your name, you will then use your date of birth to continue forward. Apart from what we learned in basic Numerology, date of birth in Chaldean Numerology does not refer to the month, day, or year of your birth, only the day that you were born.

If you were born on the 8th, you would also read the vibrations of the number 8 for you. Your day of birth is considered a constant in your numerological reading, so no matter what changes you go through in your life this will remain your baseline for who you are.

The number for your name and your date of birth corresponds to two different vibrations; your birth date dictates your highest self, who you are at your core. This can tell you what you should do, be, and achieve in your life. Your name number and birth date number dictate your human self, literally your body; are you living the life your higher self dictates?

Any conflict between these two ideas could result in unbalance or a feeling that you were meant to do or be somewhere else in your life and lacking that feeling of contentedness. You may feel that you a choice in this or can change it, but at the core of Chaldean Numerology, your life is driven by your fate. Any choices you make have already been predetermined per this system.

Numerology Kabbalh vs Chaldean


What is Kabbalah Numerology?

Kabbalah originated from the Hebrew culture and centers around only the birth name of the individual, not any dates. Kabbalah means “knowledge of the mind and soul” and focused around a person’s intellect rather than their physical body and experiences.

As it originated from a faith-based culture, it should be no surprise that the foundation of Kabbalah Numerology rests in the belief that God created the universe through the power of the Hebrew letters along with their numerical values. Practitioners of Kabbalah used its numerology to create “Gematria,” which allows people to interpret the bible using the same methodology.

There are 10 different energies that exist in Kabbalah to perform calculations:

  • Kether
  • Chokhmah
  • Binah
  • Chesed
  • Geburah
  • Taphareth
  • Netzach
  • Hod
  • Yesod
  • Makuth

Kabbalah has 22 vibrations ranging from 1-400. This system seeks out high levels of knowledge through high levels of self-awareness. Many people consider Kabbalah to be an inferior form of numerology due to its use of only the first and middle name with no consideration to the date of birth. However, Kabbalah gained public exposure when stars such as Madonna and Britney Spears began touting its practices.

How to Calculate and Apply Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah uses a similar table to Chaldean Numerology, but the values on the letters differ slightly:

To calculate your Kabbalah number, you will do the following:

  • Find the numerical value of your first name
    • B = 2
    • E = 5
    • T = 2
    • H = 8
    • BETH = 17
  • If you have a middle name, you will want to calculate that as well:
    • M = 4
    • A = 1
    • R = 9
    • I = 9
    • E = 5
    • MARIE = 28
  • You will then add together your first and last name numbers
    • 17 + 28 = 45
  • Once you have reached this number, you will divide it by 9
    • 45/9= 5
  • Finally, you will add 1 to this number, arriving at your Kabbalah number
    • 5 + 1 = 6

Each Kabbalah number has a unique energy or vibration that applies to your life:

  • 1 = Beginnings, Progress & Development, Leadership
  • 2 = Harmony, Cooperation, Connection
  • 3 = Creativity, Expression, Optimism
  • 4 = Practicality, Stagnation, Limitations
  • 5 = Creation, Fertility, Freedom & Change
  • 6 = Fulfillment, Family & Friendship, Caring
  • 7 = Spirit, Enlightenment, Magic & Mystery
  • 8 = Abundance, Success, Luck & Charisma
  • 9 = Completion, Humanitarianism, Service & Selflessness

In Kabbalah Numerology, the numbers are seen as lifepaths that serve as guidance for your journey in life. Knowing your lifepath number is believed to give you inner power and insight into who you are and what your true purpose is.

The Differences between Chaldean and Kabbalah

Now that we have a better understanding of Chaldean and Kabbalah Numerology, let’s take a look at the ways these methods compare to each other:

  • Spirituality: In both the Chaldean and Kabbalah practices, while they may be rooted in numbers, their over-arching philosophy is spiritually based. In Chaldean Numerology, everything in your life is determined by your destiny; even the choices that you make are pre-determined based on your name and your date of birth.

In Kabbalah Numerology, everything stems from God. God wrote the Bible and the Hebrew alphabet, which is what Kabbalah numerology uses to predict your intellectual being. Kabbalah Numerology believes that God left us secret messages through the use of numbers and letters, and it is up to us to decipher those messages about life and about ourselves.

  • Calculations: While both Chaldean and Kabbalah Numerology use your date of birth for calculations, Chaldean also takes into account your birth name. For this reason, Kabbalah Numerology is thought to be the “weaker” of the two numerology calculations because it only takes into account one element.

Both numerology systems use a table to assign number values to letters, but Chaldean Numerology chooses not to incorporate the number “9” because they believe it is holy and sacred. This changes the calculations slightly from Kabbalah, which incorporates the number 9.

  • Free Will: while both numerologies are rooted in spiritualism, Chaldean Numerology believes that everything in your life is your destiny; no matter what choices you make, everything is placing you on a pre-determined path that you have no control over.

Kabbalah numerology does believe in free will; this system uses numerology as a guide to advise you on who you are or who you could be; you still have the choice as to which version of yourself is going to make you the happiest.

  • Vibrations: vibrations in numerology refer to the symbolic meaning behind the numbers used to create your “life path.” In Kabbalah Numerology, there are 22 vibrations to help define your personality; in Chaldean, there are 52 vibrations.

 At first glance, you may assume that because Chaldean Numerology has more vibrations then it would be the superior system for calculating your numerology, similar to the belief that because Chaldean also uses your birth name, it’s the stronger of the two. This assumption is not accurate.

Both systems of numerology have been proven to be accurate over the thousands of years of their existence. Both systems have the ability to talk to you about your personality, your life path, and your aspirations.

What really sets apart Chaldean and Kabbalah numerology is the person being analyzed; when you are looking to decide which method is the best for you to choose, it has to come down to which method you connect with. Both systems will give you accurate readings, but it’s the system that leads you in the best direction for your life that you should choose.

Both Chaldean and Kabbalah Numerologies have been proven to work. But can these systems based on letters and numbers really be as effective as people claim?

Is Numerology Effective?

According to Pythagoras, everything can be explained through numbers and supported with mathematics. Provided your calculations are correct and free of error, numerology can tell you a lot about yourself and who you are destined to be. But even based in mathematics, is numerology effective?

We then have two other outside forces at play when we think about numerology and its power over our life: free-will and our environment.

  • Free-will: Numerology vibrations are a roadmap for your life, but by no means are they a call to action. There is nothing that says you have to be the person your numerology says you should be.

A person may use their free will to chase after outside pursuits contrary to what their numerology may tell them they are interested in. For example, if your Life Path number tells you that you will find joy in cooking, but you have a desire to travel, you are not forced to stay in the kitchen and cook. You have the ability to pursue a wide range of interests.

  • Environment: a person’s environment may prevent them from fulfilling their numerology vibrations. Environmental influences could include any of the following:
    • Society – social expectations change almost daily, especially with the rise of social media. Expectations on you are now even higher when it comes to what you should look like, how much money you should make, what jobs you should be pursuing, etc. Following your own passions can become difficult with these levels of pressure.
    • Romantic Partners – as you move through your life and make connections with other people, you may find that learning more about them can alter or change your previously held ideas about the world and your life and cause you to change with them. You could also find yourself on the downside of this if you are dating someone who demands that you think or act the way they deem appropriate, and you are not able to stick up for your beliefs.
    • Parental and Peer Pressure – it is inescapable that our parents will try to influence us in life, whether that is what careers we pursue, where we should live, or what we should believe in. Peers are different in that they may try to influence our hobbies and interests, our political beliefs, or who we date. Both influences can muddle our own beliefs in who we are and make it more challenging to pursue them.
    • Financial and Social Welfare – as a 5, my vibrations encourage me to travel and have new experiences, but my bank account tells me otherwise. In many situations our financial status can either help or hinder our life pursuits and may also affect our ability to find successful careers depending on where we live.
    • Economy or Business Environment – as we have seen from 2019 to today in 2020, it is possible for our environment to go from a thriving economic boom to putting us back in the days of depression and fighting for supplies. We can do our very best to prepare our life for success and rise in a thriving economy, but when that economy falls, we are at the mercy of its recovery.
    • Personal Health – as you delve deeper in to your Life Path you may find that you are more prone to mental illnesses, such as anxiety or depression, or based on your family history you could suffer from more serious illnesses such as cancer or heart disease. Your personal health can have a huge affect on your ability to pursue certain interests or even prevent your ability to be the best version of yourself.
    • Demand, Opportunities, and Competition – no matter how hard you may work towards something, you will always find there are outside forces working against you. You may go to college and get your MBA only to find out that when you reach the job market that a degree is no longer relevant. Or what would previously take you days or weeks to find a new job could now take you months because the market is flooded with people who have been laid off.

Does numerology work? In short, yes it does. The mathematics behind Chaldean and Kabbalah Numerology has been proven accurate, and their teachings are still active today. But is numerology the best way for you to determine your life and your goals? Not entirely.

Numerology was created as a tool to give a person a better understanding of their characteristics, what drives them, and essentially who they are as a person. Numerology was never meant to act as an absolute guide or predictor and in no way is something you have to abide by. It is merely a way that you can pursue self-improvement and awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.

Where to Find Master Numerologists

While you can do basic numerology calculations on your own, for a more in depth understanding of your life path number you may want to consider bringing in a professional. Based on what you have read today, you may decide to pursue masters of Chaldean, Kabbalah, or basic Numerology; no matter which system you are interested in, there is a great option out there for you:

  • Master Numerologist Felicia Bender
    • With a Ph.D. in Theater, Felicia Bender has been dubbed “the Practical Numerologist” and has dedicated her life to counseling others in the art of using numerology to better understand their lives.
    • On her site Dr. Bender offers articles, courses, workshops, and even the opportunity to book a 1:1 session. You can also visit her shop to purchase her books on numerology, master number guides or personal numerology reports.
  • Chaldean Mathematician Joanne Justis
    • With degrees in Miracle Mastery Programs as well as a background of Marketing, Communications, and Operations, Joanne Justis has used her background in Chaldean numerology and algorithms to create software that can help you achieve insight to yourself with extreme accuracy.
    • If you visit her site, you can find charts and readings in 10 different areas of your life, live events where you can meet Joanne, and links to her two books to help you dive in to your Chaldean Numerology.
  • The Kabbalah Center
    • As Kabbalah is rooted in the Jewish faith, you will not find one particular expert in the field you can go to but rather an entire network of teachers and resources if you wish to join the Kabbalah movement.
    • The Kabbalah Center offers over 5,000 videos, articles, and classes to help you learn about the history of Kabbalah, how to apply it to your life and how to change your perspective on areas such as relationships, career, and health that can enhance your point of view on the world.
    • The Kabbalah offers a monthly membership to their resources that you can access through any smart device, or you can choose to schedule a consultation with a Kabbalah teacher.

It should be no surprise at all that there are several apps that can not only help you determine your numbers in Chaldean or Kabbalah Numerology but can also offer you insight to your number and additional resources if you wish to dive deeper. These apps are the highest rated for both Apple and Android devices:

  • Complete Numerology Analysis: this app will help you find your life path number, destiny number, and soul number. It will also tell you about hidden talents, your love life, career path, and your health and wealth paths.
  • World Numerology: an all in one app, it offers the largest collection of personal readings anywhere. It will tell you about your personality, your talents, the way others perceive you, and why you choose to do what you do.
  • Astrospeak: this app gives you the tools to assess your numerology, astrology, and your horoscope all in one place. It also boasts over 100 consultants on board and expert numerologists that can give you daily, weekly or monthly readings for free.
  • World Numerology Collection: this app implements the teachings of Master Numerologist Hanz Decoz to provide readings in every area of your life: what affects your daily decisions, how you perceive the world around you, and your personality traits. You can choose to do daily forecasts or monthly.

No matter which way you choose to learn about numerology, whether it be on your own or through the tools that experts can provide you, numerology can potentially become a great roadmap to your future and provide some guidance you may otherwise have been missing.

How Does Numerology Differ from Astrology?

As we have now learned, Numerology is the system of assigning numerical value to the letters of your name or utilizing your date of birth to determine your life path number. This life path number is what can provide us insight into who we are as a person and what we are destined to do.

Astrology is a system that uses the date and time of your birth to assign you one of 12 astrological signs that determine your personality characteristics. Sound familiar? This is because Numerology and Astrology can and do work in tandem with one another in a field of study called “Astro-numerology.”

Astro-numerology is considered the perfect integration between the science of the Heavens and the Science of Numbers. Both areas of study are rooted in numbers, but astrology also takes into account planetary alignments at the time of your birth for added insight. By combining these two practices you can delve even deeper into who you are to gain a more complete picture of your future.

Final Thoughts

Whether your path takes you towards Chaldean or Kabbalah Numerology, both systems will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of why you are you and what will drive you in the future. You may find you resonate with much of the information you discover, or you could find yourself saying “that’s not me.” Either way, using numbers to determine your life path number is a system you can count on.

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